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ChordPulse Lite 2.2(Free)

ChordPulse Lite 2.2(Free)

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Published by pearsch
ChordPulse Lite! 2.2
ChordPulse Lite! 2.2

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: pearsch on Jul 18, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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17JUL2014, edited by PEARSCH, IAeSR. v1.1
CHORDPULSE 2.2 MANUALProgram by Lazlo Oroszi
Practice and co!o"e #it$ t$i" %ree a&to acco!anient "o%t#are. Set &! a c$ord !ro're""ion, "e(ect a &"ic "ty(e and !re"" !(ay. C$ordP&("e #i(( !(ay yo&r a&toatic acco!anient #it$ dr&", ba"" and c$ord" t$at yo& #i(( en)oy !(ayin' a(on' #it$.
Do!load o"#io!s$
* C$ordP&("e P(ayer +%ree#are * C$ordP&("e Lite +%ree#are * C$ordP&("e
ChordPulse Li#e Des%ri"#io!
C$ordP&("e Lite
indo#" 2000/P/i"ta/7/ and 3oi((a -ire%o5, 6oo'(e C$roe and Internet E5!(orerPractice and co!o"e #it$ t$i" %ree a&to acco!anient "o%t#are. Set &! a c$ord !ro're""ion,"e(ect a &"ic "ty(e and !re"" !(ay. C$ordP&("e Lite #i(( !(ay yo&r a&toatic acco!anient #it$dr&", ba"" and c$ord" t$at yo& #i(( en)oy !(ayin' a(on' #it$. In contra"t to ! bac8in' trac8",idi 9(e" or !(ay a(on' C:", $ere yo& can c&"toie yo&r bac8in' trac8" to 9t yo&r need". ;o&can c$an'e c$ord", &"ic "ty(e, te!o and 8ey in an in"tant. C$ordP&("e Lite i" an a&toacco!anient !ro'ra t$at can be a"tered in "econd". ;o& can )a a(on' #it$ a co!(etea&toatic arran'eent, a dr& ac$ine #it$ ba"" or a etronoe #it$ c$ord". C$ordP&("e Lite i" 'reat %or &"ic trainin', voca( trainin', !racticin', (earnin', "o(oin',i!rovi"ation and co!o"ition. It<=>*" a $andy "on'#ritin' too(? yo& can try o&t &"ica( idea"very @&ic8(y. C$ordP&("e Lite %eat&re" 24 &"ic "ty(e" +!o!, roc8, dance, ba((ad, )a, "#in',"$&e, Latin, #a(t B 2 etronoe "ty(e", 4/4 and /4 tie "i'nat&re",  ba"ic c$ord ty!e"+a)or, inor, a&'ented, diini"$ed, doinant "event$, "(a"$ c$ord", c&"toiab(e c$ordinver"ion", D c$ord !a'e" to "tr&ct&re yo&r c$ord !ro're""ion", t$ree re!eat ode" and aninde!endent (oo! re'ion. $e "o&nd (eve(" o% t$e dr&", ba"" and c$ord "ection" o% t$eacco!anient can be contro((ed inde!endent(y. Ad)&"t t$e "o&nd i5 to yo&r ta"te", or t&rndo#n trac8" co!(ete(y, t$ereby creatin' "!ace %or yo&r (ive in"tr&ent.  &rn do#n <=4*C$ord"<=4* and 'et a dr& ac$ine #it$ ba"". &rn do#n <=4*:r&"<=4*and 'et a ba"" and c$ord" on(y acco!anient, "o yo& can !ractice a" a dr&er. Fr "i!(y&"e t$e de%a&(t vo(&e i5 and !(ay a(on' or "in' a(on' #it$ t$e %&(( bac8in' band. Pic8 &! yo&r
aco&"tic or e(ectric '&itar, ba"" '&itar, ban)o, tr&!et, G&te, "a5o!$one, 9dd(e, b(&e" $ar!, and )a a(on' #it$ yo&r c&"to bac8in' trac8". $i" %ree#are idi a&toatic arran'er #i(( #or8 #it$any 6enera( 3idi co!atib(e "o%t#are or $ard#are idi device. Let C$ordP&("e Lite rai"e yo&r!&("e.
U"loaded o! May 2'( 2)** by Lazlo
 $i" video deon"trate" $o# ea"y it i" to #or8 #it$ "(a"$ c$ord" &"in' C$ordP&("e &"icarran'in' "o%t#are. A "i!(e !iano &"ic "ty(e i" &"ed %or better c(arity. A "(a"$ c$ord +or "(a"$ed c$ord i" a c$ord #it$ e!$a"i" on a ba"" note ot$er t$an t$e root noteo% t$e c$ord. S(a"$ c$ord" are &"ed #$en t$e "!eci9c ba"" note i" i!ortant. In !o!&(ar &"ic a"(a"$ c$ord i" indicated by t$e addition o% a "(a"$ and t$e (etter o% t$e ba"" a%ter t$e root note.-or e5a!(e, t$e ter 6/ ean" t$e 6 a)or c$ord #it$  a" t$e ba"" note. C$ordP&("e &"e" a$orionta( (ine to notate a "(a"$ c$ord +#it$ t$e ba"" note be(o# t$e (ine.C$ordP&("e (et" yo& e5!erient #it$ "(a"$ c$ord" in a rea((y ea"y and &"ica( #ay. :o&b(ec(ic8on a c$ord to o!en t$e c$ord edit bo5. C(ic8 t$e ba"" c(e% b&tton to de9ne a "(a"$ c$ord. $e&"ica( note b&tton" #i(( be "!(it. C(ic8in' on a &"ica( note "et" t$e c$ord root, c(ic8in' on t$earea be(o# "et" t$e ba"" note. A "econd c(ic8 on t$e "ae ba"" note "e(ector rai"e" t$e ba"" byan octave +indicated by an arro#. $e "o%t#are (et" yo& "!eci%y t$e c$ord inver"ion +Binver"ion" and t$e ba"" note inde!endent(y. In t$i" e5a!(e, vario&" "(a"$ c$ord" (i8e -/C, -/A, -/:, and C/E are "e(ected and !(ayed #it$ a!iano bac8in' &"ic "ty(e. U"in' t$i" &"ic arran'er "o%t#are yo& can e5!(ore "(a"$ c$ord" invario&" !iano or '&itar ba"ed &"ic "ty(e", %ro roc8 to !o!, %ro )a to Latin.
U"loaded o! +eb ,( 2)*) by Lazlo
C$ordP&("e i" a&to acco!anient "o%t#are, a c$ord !ro're""ion creator, a too( to b&i(d yo&ro#n bac8in' trac8" to !ractice, i!rovi"e and co!o"e &"ic. C$an'e c$ord", &"ic "ty(e", te!o, and 8ey in a %e# c(ic8". I!rove a" an in"tr&ent !(ayer or"in'er #$i(e $avin' %&n, )a a(on' #it$ over >0 acco!anient "ty(e".Practice "ca(e", "o(o", riK", or #$o(e "on'", !ractice at vario&" te!o" in 4/4 or /4 tie"i'nat&re", in diKerent 8ey "i'nat&re", i!rove yo&r tiin'. C$ordP&("e i" 'reat %or &"ictrainin', voca( trainin', "o(oin', i!rovi"ation" and "on'#ritin'. ;o& can create c&"to !(aya(on' trac8" in in&te".  e"t yo&r %anta"y by !(ayin' a(on' #it$ diKerent &"ic "ty(e" +roc8, !o!, b(&e", )a and c$ord!ro're""ion". o atter #$at yo&r in"tr&ent +e(ectric '&itar, aco&"tic '&itar, ba"" '&itar, ban)o,"a5o!$one, and 9dd(e )ain' #it$ C$ordP&("e i" )&"t 'reat.C$ordP&("e i" an "i!(e arran'er "o%t#are, a &"ic trainer, voca( trainer, a dr& ac$ine #it$ba"", a etronoe #it$ c$ord", and ore.  $i" a&toatic acco!anient !ro'ra #or8" #it$ any 6enera( 3idi $ard#are and "o%t#are"ynt$e"ier, inc(&din' t$e b&i(tin virt&a( "ynt$ avai(ab(e on a(( indo#" P, indo#" i"ta andindo#" 7 co!&ter".  ;o& can do#n(oad a %ree, 14day, %&((y %&nctiona( tria( or C$ordP&("e Lite, a %ree edition o% C$ordP&("e %ro?###.C$ordP&("e.co
P(ea"e te(( e #$at yo& t$in8 abo&t t$e !ro'raM
ChordPulse - a%/i!g 0ra%/s So1#are
In order to deve(o! y '&itar i!rovi"ation "8i((", I #a" (oo8in' %or a "o%t#are a!!(ication ab(e to"et &! a bac8in' trac8 #it$ "oe c$ord", a r$yt$ "ection, (et t$e r&nnin' in (oo! and !(ay y'&itar over. :&rin' a "earc$ on t$e internet, I "t&b(ed on aain' &"ic "o%t#are, C$ordP&("e. I%o&nd C$ordP&("e very &"e%&(, and t$en I 'oin' to de"cribe it, $o!in' it #i(( be &"e%&( a("o %oryo&.$at i" e5act(y C$ordP&("eN a"ica((y C$ordP&("e i" a virt&a( bac8in' band, b&t a("o a "on'#ritin' too(. $e !ro'ra (et" &"ician" create c&"to )a trac8" ea"i(y and @&ic8(y %or &"ic !ractice or"on'#ritin' !&r!o"e". ;o& can c$oo"e a c$ord !ro're""ion, "e(ect a &"ic "ty(e +!o!, roc8, b(&e", )a, re''ae, etc. and!re"" !(ay. $e !ro'ra #i(( a&toatica((y !(ay a %&(( acco!anient #it$ dr&", ba"", andc$ord" t$at yo& #i(( en)oy !(ayin' a(on' #it$. ;o& can a("o &"e t$e !ro'ra a" a dr& ac$ine#it$ ba"" or a etronoe #it$ c$ord". It !o""ib(e to try o&t &"ica( idea" very @&ic8(y bye5!erientin' #it$ $aronie", &"ic "ty(e", te!o", and "on' "tr&ct&re" in a rea((y int&itive#ay.In t$e !a"t I &"ed to !(ay over i&tab(e ! bac8in' trac8"* #it$ C$ordP&("e I di"covered ane# #or(d? I can c$an'e c$ord", &"ic "ty(e, te!o and 8ey in an in"tant. $e "o&nd (eve(" o% t$e dr&", ba"" and c$ord "ection" o% t$e acco!anient can be contro((edinde!endent(y. ;o& can ad)&"t t$e "o&nd i5 to yo&r ta"te", or t&rn do#n trac8" co!(ete(y,t$ereby creatin' "!ace %or yo&r (ive in"tr&ent. &rn do#n OC$ord"O and 'et a dr& ac$ine#it$ ba"". &rn do#n O:r&"O and 'et a ba"" and c$ord" on(y acco!anient. Fr "i!(y &"e t$ede%a&(t "ettin'" and !(ay a(on' #it$ a %&(( bac8in' band.I rea((y en)oyed C$ordP&("e and I #i(( &"e it a (ot, no# I dont $ave to #ait %or y band #$i(e t$ey are at t$e !&b drin8in' beerMM

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