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A Charge to Soldiers

A Charge to Soldiers

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"Thy Kingdom Come."— St. Matthew, VI:10

"Thy Kingdom Come."— St. Matthew, VI:10

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 18, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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A CHARGE TO SOLDIERSBy EREST M. STIRES "Thy Kingdom Come."— St. Matthew, VI:10 IT is not an unusual sigM these days to see a great regiment, recruited to war strength, standing under arms, awaiting the order of the commanding of- ficer. It is interesting to listen for the word of command and observe its effect. In the perfect silence we feel the power of these men,— the strong body, the alert mind, the flaming spirit, all consecrated t( - high cause. Suddenly the stillness is broken; "Forward," shouts the comman- der, and down the long line from company to company the word is passed by sub- ordinate officers till every man is ready for the completed order which quickly comes,— "March." Like a single, living, gigantic body the host moves forward, in perfect obedience to its laws, and we re- flect that two lines of one of our stimu- lating hymns, "Like a mighty army Moves the Church of God." veS of tiie Brotherhood of St. Andrew. 151 The High Call
is less a statement of fact than the ex- pression of a firm resolve. Here is another regiment of enlisted soldiers; their discipline and training, their patriotism and aspiration, are founded upon that which has been proven by human experience to be true and neces- sary. For some years you have been with Christ in the school of prayer and life. From the closet to the street, from the field to the hill-side, you have prayed and thought and climbed with the King. For always you have climbed, until to-day you stand with Him upon a mountain top of vision and aspiration. As you stand here, ready and prepared, you know that He alone can give the word of command. He alone can give a charge to His enlisted soldiers. I do not even presume to be an officer who knows the King's mind and hears the King's voice, but I may aspire to be only a trumpet used for a moment to transmit a high call. Pray that the trumpet give no uncertain sound, that it attempt no excellency of its own, that it may reveal the King as the one who sounds the charge, and that they who know Him may recognize His voice. While we wait for the word of command let us look out upon the world; let us sur- 152 A Charge to Soldiers
vey the field, and understand our time. Upon our mountain-top we are sur- rounded by tlie kingdoms of the world and the glory of them, but for the mo- ment we see them not, while we behold only the beauty and power of the King- dom, in obedience to which all human souls are to find their deepest joy and their highest efficiency. Quickly the thought of the world's tragedy in- trudes and tempts us to wonder whether our vision of an immortal King, and an eternal, ever-increasing kingdom of righteousness is but the baseless fabric of a dream. So the enemy follows us to an exceeding high mountain; let us deal with him there as did our King. We will not put away disturbing thoughts or avoid the foe in this solemn hour. True, it is the very climax of spiri- tual peace and courage, but we are not asking the King to permit us to remain here in quiet and safety, if such were pos- sible. We know that at the foot of our mountain are evil spirits which we can conquer only by prayer and fasting. We know that those who feel the King's cleansing touch are bidden to return first to their own house, and show what great things He hath done for them. Therefore, 153 The High Call

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