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Louise Trottier Moine

Louise Trottier Moine

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Saskatchewan Metis author and Residential School survivor Louise Moine is profiled.
Saskatchewan Metis author and Residential School survivor Louise Moine is profiled.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Jul 18, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Louise Delina Trottier Moine.
(1904-2006)Metis author, pioneer and residential school survivor Louise Moine née Trottier was ornon the prairie as her !a"il# travelled north !ro" $wi!t %urrent& Most o! her silin's were orn at Lac elletier near $wi!t %urrent& n 191*, at seven #ears o! a'e, Louise entered+esidential $chool at Leret in the u.ppelle /alle#, as a speaer o! Michi! or as shecalled it al!-3reed %ree5 later she also spoe n'lish and 7rench& The !a"il# later settled at /al Marie, $asatchewan where she "et and "arried /ictor ierre Moine in1982& /ictor ierre had co"e to %anada !ro" 7rance& The couple had three children,dau'hters ac:uie (+ichards), ;loria (Tone) and son ;ail&Louise was the dau'hter o! atrice douard Trottier (& 1<6<) and .talie +oseTillie
=hit!ord& The# "arried in 1<98 at $wi!t %urrent, $asatchewan& Louises paternal'randparents were ean 3aptiste Trottier orn 1<41 at $t& 7rancois >avier and +oseMc;illis
, the dau'hter o! .le?andre ero"e Mc;illis and Mar'uerite 3ottineau& ean3aptiste was the son o! 3a@ile Trottier 
 (& 1<19) and Madeleine 7a'nant&
Trottier, ean 3aptiste5 addressA $wi!t %urrent5 ornA 1<44 at $t& 7rancois >avier5 !atherA 3asileTrottier (Métis)5 "otherA Madeleine 7a'nant (Métis)5 "arriedA 1<64 at $t& 7rancois >avier to +oseMc;illis5 children livin'A Marie +ose, atrice, +osalie, ean Marie, .thalie +ose, 3aptiste, Brsuleand .ndré5 children deceasedA no na"es5 scrip !or C160&005 Mc;illis, +ose5 addressA $wi!t %urrent, $as5 ornA 1<46 at $t& 7rancois >avier5 !atherA ero"e Mc;illis (Métis)5 "otherA Mar'uerite 3ottineau (Métis)5 "arriedA 1<64 at $t& 7rancois >avier to ean 3aptiste Trottier5 children livin'A Marie +ose, .thalie +ose, atrice, ean 3aptiste, +osalie, Brsule, ean Marie and .ndre5 children deceasedA 2, oth died unna"ed5 scrip !or C160&005 clai" no& 12&
Tillie =hit!ord, her "other, was orn on March 28, 1<66 at $t& 7rancoise >avier, thedau'hter o! a"es i""# 7rancois =hit!ord
 ( 1<2*) and Mar'uerite 7a'nant, thedau'hter o! ean 3aptiste 7a'nant and osephte Monet dite 3elhu"eur&atrice Trottier died .pril 19, 1989, in ontei?, $asatchewan
Tillie died on Dece"er 26, 1981 in ontei?, $asatchewan&
 +oses rother .n'us Mc;illis (& 1<8*) too part in the 3attle o! the ;rand %oteau in 1<E1& This was acon!rontation etween a Metis u!!alo huntin' part# !ro" $t& 7ranFois >avier, led # ean 3aptiste 7alconand the %ut ead (aasa) Gantonai (hantonwanna) Daota, led # %hie! Medicine ($acred) 3ear, onul# 1E to 16, 1<E1& is cousins, =illia" and %uthert Mc;illis were also part o! this ri'ade&
 3a@ile Trottier, the son o! .ndre Trottier and Mar'uerite $t& Denis dit a:uette, was the rother o! .ndreTrottier 
(& 1<16)& 3e!ore the# were "arried, .ndre and his wi!e to e, saelle 7alcon, oth !ou'ht inthe 3attle o! the ;rand %oteau in 1<E1& The# are oth na"ed in the stor# o! the 3attle o! the ;rand %oteautold on Ma# 28, 198< to 7ather icton # 7ranFois >avier 7alcon, the son o! 1<E1 hunt leader, saelles rother, ean 3aptiste 7alcon&
 i""#s nephews =illia" 7rancis =hit!ord r& and his rother lie were oth active in the 1<<E+esistance and !ou'ht at the attle o! %ut Hni!e ill&
lie =hit!ord was orn on 7eruar# E, 1<62 at $t& 7ranFois>avier, the son o! =illia" 7rancis =hit!ord and Louise DesIarlais& e "arried an unna"ed ndian wo"an& lie was3and "e"er J 184 in the 3attle!ord $tra''lers 3and, a "i?ed 'roup o! %reeK$aulteau? and Metis& e and his rother =illia" were oth active in the 1<<E +esistance and !ou'ht at the attle o! %ut Hni!e ill& =hit!ord was arrested onMa# 2*, 1<<E, tried # ud'e +ouleau and sentenced to si? #ears in the penitentiar#, on une 29, 1<<E&
=hit!ord, a"es5 heir to his deceased dau'hter, saelle5 =hit!ord5 addressA =illow 3unch5 ornAul#, 1<** etween ?oro and5 stevan5 diedA 4 da#s old5 !atherA a"es =hit!ord (Métis anddeponent)5 "otherA Mar'uerite 7a#ant (Métis)5 scrip cert&A !or" 7, no& 1<0<5 clai" no& 1288& =hit!ord, a"es5 heir to her deceased son, =illia" =hit!ord5 addressA =illow 3unch5 ornActoer, 1<*2 at Moose Mountain5 diedA 1<*4 at $t& 7rancois >avier5 !atherA a"es =hit!ord(Métis and deponent)5 "otherA Mar'uerite 7a#ant (Métis)5 scrip cert&A !or" D, no 1205 clai" no&<9&
Louise Moine was the !irst Michi! to write an unvarnished account o! her e?periences inresidential school5 her !irst oo,
 My Life in Residential School 
, pulished in 19*E # theiovincial Lirar# o! $asatchewan, is re:uired readin' !or an#one wantin' to docu"entthe e?perience o! Metis people in residential schools& The "anuscript !or this oo which won the autoio'raph# cate'or# in a ative =riters %ontestheld # therovincial rder o! the Dau'hters o! the "pire& $hortl# therea!ter in the sa"e contestshe entered
 Remembering Will Have to Do
& +ecentl# the ;ariel Du"ont nstitute, withthe assistance o! her dau'hters ac:uie +ichards and ;loria Tone, has pulished aretrospective o! Louise Moines li!e and pulished wor,
 Remembering Will Have to Do:The Life and Times of Louise (Trottier) Moine
 ($asatoonA ;ariel Du"ont nstitute,2018&)ulicationsAMoine, Louise (contriutor)&
Wagon Trails long the White Mud!
 /al Marie,$asatchewanA /al Marie o"e"aers %lu, 19*1&Moine, Louise&
 My Life in Residential School 
& +e'inaA ulic Lirar# o! $asatchewan,19*E&Moine, Louise& The =a# t =asN Then,
 "e# $reed Maga%ine
, Dece"er 19*6A 10-11&Moine, Louise& ur eopleA Louise Moine,
 "e# $reed Maga%ine
, .pril 19**A 11&Moine, Louise&
 Remembering Will Have to Do
& $asatoonA $asatchewan ndian %ultural%olle'e, 19*9&Louise Moine (née Trottier) writes eauti!ull# aout Métis !a"il# li!e a!ter the turno! the centur# in rural $asatchewan (at /al Marie near Lac elletier)& The oo has"an# pen and in drawin's& t has parallel te?t in n'lish and in %ree s#llaics&Moines autoio'raph# con!ir"s the presence o! Michi! lan'ua'e speaers at /alMarie, $asatchewan where she 'rew up& .s a descendant o! ndian, 7rench and $cotsancestr#, "# li!e was "ore or less 'uided # a "i?ture o! these three nationalities& $ince"# parents were oth Métis, it was onl# natural that "# ndian lood predo"inated& ur !irst lan'ua'e was a "i?ture o! %ree and 7rench (unpa'ed)&Moine, Louise& +e"e"erin' =ill ave to Do
 "e# $reed Maga%ine
, ctoer 19<<A

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