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Magnetic Snap Handbag Tutorial

Magnetic Snap Handbag Tutorial

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Published by roadyjane5399

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Published by: roadyjane5399 on Dec 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Magnetic Snap Handbag Tutorial
All my secrets, right here. Oh, alright. So this style of handbag is pretty basic. I didn't invent it. It's acommon pattern type, but these are the steps I take to make this bag. I thought it would be the easiest bag for a good tutorial.This is the Karen style bag. First off, please excuse my ugly ironing board. Every time water drips onit, it turns brown.TIPS: Set your iron to high steam (except for the interfacing -- many of those need a dry iron to stick).Don't worry if every bit of fabric isn't perfectly cut. It doesn't really matter.This is the bag we're making. There are a lot of photos on here:1. Assemble all of your pieces.I'm not going to go into measurements. Here are the basic shapes. You'll see how they fit together as wego.Outer pieces and outer straps
PocketsLiningOuter bottom contrast and bottom of straps2. Iron heavy, fusible interfacing onto wrong sides of outer pieces and top of straps.3. Pin right sides of straps together. I have the pink fabric for the top of the straps and the black for the bottom. Interfacing is ironed to top of strap. Here is one strap shown from the top, one from the other side.4. Pin and sew top outer piece to bottom outer piece by placing right sides together:PinnedSewing Now, iron the seam flat from the inside and then topstitch from the outside. This gives it a nicer, more
 professional look:Pressed, both sides shown
TopstitchingOuter pieces.5. Prepare pockets:Fold over upper edge and press. Then fold again and press. Top stitch top seam of pockets. The smaller one is going to be a pocket with a flap and the big one will be a divided pocket. The flap (top left) issewn on three sides (it's two pieces, right sides together).Folding tops and pressingTopstitching pocket topsSewing around three sides of flap6. Prepare straps:Sew each strap on both sides. I find it better to sew on the side with the interfacing because it feedsmore evenly. Sometimes if you sew on the other side, it will bunch up.Then attach a safety pin (I put it on the interfaced side because there's less chance of it ripping throughthe end of the fabric when you've got it only halfway turned) and turn the strap inside out byscrunching up along the pin inside and then pushing the scrunched part to the bottom and turning it in.Do this just a little at a time or else you end up with a big wad at the bottom that won't turn.

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