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Proposed Zoning Districts

Proposed Zoning Districts

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Published by dailylocal
Summary of Valley Township's zones. This list defines what's permitted in each proposed zone.
Summary of Valley Township's zones. This list defines what's permitted in each proposed zone.

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Published by: dailylocal on Jul 18, 2014
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Valley Township – Permitted Land Uses by Zoning Districts
* Proposed new uses and deletions are in
C Zone:
Conservation Zone
Preserve areas characterized by sensitive environmental features, not well suited to intensive development, yet providing valuable passive recreational opportunities. Permitted Uses – Passive recreation and parks, preservation and conservation of natural and/or historical structures, agricultural, horticultural and forestry, public uses and public utilities structures, single-family detached dwellings
and seasonal residences
, no-impact home-based business pecial !"ception Uses – #lubhouses for private clubs, home occupations, non-commercial keeping of livestock, two-family conversions, bed and breakfast #onditional Uses – #luster developments, campgrounds, indoor recreation facilities, golf courses, active recreation, communications towers and antenna,
alternative energy production
R-1 Zone
 ccommodates Detached !esidential Uses
Permitted Uses – $gricultural, horticultural, forestry, single-family detached dwellings, passive recreation and parks, public uses and public utility structures, churches and related uses, no-impact home-based business pecial !"ception Uses – %amily day care facilities, private schools &e"cluding vocational, mechanical or trade schools', two-family conversions, home occupations #onditional Uses – #luster developments, active recreation, golf courses, indoor recreation facilities, limited cluster development
R-2 Zone
ccommodates medium to high density residential needs
Permitted Uses – $gricultural, horticultural, and forestry, single-family detached dwellings, twin dwellings, townhouses, multiple-family dwellings, passive recreation and parks, public uses, no impact home-based business pecial !"ception Uses – (oarding houses, nursing rest or retirement homes, home occupation, family day care, two-family conversions, private schools #onditional Uses – )obile home parks, medical residential campus, cluster developments, active recreation, golf courses, indoor recreation facilities
NC Zone:
"eighborhood Commercial Zone
HC Zone:
$ighway Commercial Zone
*arger scale and/or highway oriented retail, service and entertainment businesses. Permitted Uses – +ffices, banks, restaurants, retail sales, hotels, motels, automobile, boats, farm machinery and trailer sales including service or repair facilities as an accessory use, theaters and auditoriums, shops for contractors &plumbing, heating, $#, electrical, roofing, etc. and
' public uses, dry cleaners, laundries, laundromats, churches and related uses,
recycling collection &acilities
 pecial !"ception Uses – $musement arcades, automobile filling stations, auto service and repair, car washes, commercial day care, flea markets, funeral homes, home improvement and supplies,
, mini-warehouses,
rest' and retirement homes' private schools
 #onditional Uses – $dult-related facilities, indoor recreation, drive-thru and/or fast food, health and recreation clubs, nightclubs, shopping centers,
light manu&acturing
RC Zone:
!egional Commercial Zone
uitable locations for businesses that rely on a regional market Permitted Uses – +ffices, banks, restaurants and taverns &not drive-thru or fast food', retail sales, theaters and auditoriums,
&ast(&ood restaurants within an enclosed shopping center or mall
, auto parts stores and auto services if accessory to a department or variety store #onditional Uses –
&ast(&ood restaurants within an enclosed shopping center or mall'
 shopping centers and malls, drive-thru and fast food restaurants, hotels including dining facilities, home improvement and building stores, health and recreation clubs, indoor recreation facilities, suburban center mi"ed-use development,
CO Zone:
Commercial )&&ice Zone

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