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The Glorious Rest.

The Glorious Rest.

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Isaiah xi. 10.

His rest shall be glorious ; (or as in the margin,


Isaiah xi. 10.

His rest shall be glorious ; (or as in the margin,

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 19, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE GLORIOUS REST. BY REV. WILLIAM HOWELS,THE SUBSTACE OF A SERMO O Isaiah xi. 10. His rest shall be glorious ; (or as in the margin, glory.) The Saviour is the rest of his people now and for ever. The apostle says, in his Epistle to the He- brews, (ch. iv. 3,) " We which have believed, do enter into rest ;" that is, the peace of God which is to be found only in Christ Jesus : it is absolutely and infinitely impossible that it should be found any where else. See the dreadful state of man as a sinner — like Cain, a fugitive and vagabond upon the earth.' His deformity can never be fully seen : ministers, when they endeavour to portray it, are charged with libelling their fellow-creatures; but it is impossible to libel man : if all that ministers THE GLORIOUS REST. 485 have ever said of man, from the first who as- cended the pulpit, to the present time, were col- lected together, it would not present a full- length portrait of man as a fallen creature. Every creature who is a sinner against God is a wanderer from God, whether angel or man. Sin
is the same in all — all " seeking- rest, and finding- none." In the book of Job, (ch. i. 7 ; ii. 2,) we read, that the Lord asked Satan, Whence comest thou ? and he answered, " from going to and fro" — a restless being, because a sinner: and with this the character of man corresponds precisely ; and but for the refuge provided by God, his state would have been as miserable and desperate throughout eternity as that of Satan himself. In what is man engaged ? In going to and fro, journeying perpetually, sailing to the east and to the west, seeking rest in one creature after another. This is his constant employment ; but he never can seek it successfully, till he finds it in Christ Jesus. Man, then, is a wanderer from God : but a covenant God has provided a rest in his Son. There are three things to be considered, in re- gard to this rest : I. How the Saviour is the rest of his PEOPLE. II. Why he is their rest ; and, III. HOW HE BECOMES THEIR REST, OW AD FOR EVER. 48f) SERMO XXVII. 1. How the Saviour is the rest of his PEOPLE. He possesses all that man requires, and more cannot be said ; for such are the wants of man as
a sinner, that none but God can satisfy them — nothing less than all he is will suffice. In con- sidering him as the rest of his people, 1. The first idea is that of safety. — There can be no rest where there is no security. I appeal to you, if any of you could rest on your beds if you feared the presence of thieves and assassins ? The very idea of rest implies safety. 2. In him is provision for all their wants — this is the next thing : for before man can be at rest, he must have a provision of those things which are necessary for his support. 3. These things, once found in him, are never lost — perpetuity and eternity of enjoyment are theirs. 1. The Saviour delivers and protects from every foe ; first, from sin, and consequently from every other. If we experience deliverance from the guilt, the power, and the love of sin, we shall know no enemy : we shall soon look back from the shores of eternity, and, like the Israelites of old, see all enemies for ever slain. Captivity to sin includes captivity to all enemies ; and de- liverance from the captivity of sin, includes all other deliverance. The Saviour delivers from the guilt, the power, THE GLORIOUS REST. 487 and the love of sin, by his own blood. Hear what is said of such as are delivered ; and mark  — there can be no deliverance from one, if not from all : great and glorious as he is, Jehovah

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