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mihai's assignement

mihai's assignement

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Published by: api-3710904 on Dec 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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26th of November, 2008
Mihai Sticea
Assignment #2
Teacher: Daniel Stefik
Vanier College, 2008

This journal contains six types of visual communication taken from different
media that exist in today\u2019s society. The main goal is to analyze the how those images try
to send a message to their audience, what is the message and what are the purposes
behind this message. In other words, what does the image tells you, and how should you
react after being exposed to it? Of course, the interpretation of each image varies from a
person to another, depending on numerous \u201cvariable\u201d such as the person\u2019s background,
its impressions on the subject presented and many others.
The following work represents my interpretation on the presented images.

Entry # 1

This piece of art is called: City nights by Megan Duncanson. It can also be called
Colors of Lights. It is a combination of two things: what we see around these days
and of course, the artist\u2019s imagination. Bright, rich colors and abstract composition
draws us in for a long- lasting enriching experience .This image states a commercial
hub \u201cdowntown\u201d where you can find skyscrapers, offices, restaurants, clubs, residents

(apartments), shopping malls, places for entertainment and much more. The work is
stating the \u201cnight life\u201d and how beautiful it can be. The color red can describe many
different feelings like: danger, alert, attention and evilness and in this picture
revolving around the "Downtown" region, the color red in the sky shows that many
bad things can happen in downtown. It can get really dangerous since there is so much
going on in downtowns in nighttime; drug dealing, being one of the deadly addictions
nowadays. It indicates how drugs have been so common between us and destroying
our lives. Sex, clubbing, drinking and dancing are all part of it. On the contrary, the
blue sky is all about peace, happiness and freedom away from downtown. The
audience for this art can be the police and the justice system because they should
know what problems the city has and how they can be fixed and most importantly it
can also be pointed to the youngsters so that they can stay away from evil places and
prevent themselves from doing wrong things. Implication: the understanding is right.
It makes us understand about all the bad things and the good things happening in this
world and also what terrible things can happen. It warns us on where we should be and
where we shouldn\u2019t be. Knowing our rights and ours wrongs. Ethically this elegant
piece of art would pertain to reality and morality, showing clear examples of life and
freedom. Politically it shows the problems in the city and the importance of an action
that should be taken against it. We should to start improving ourselves at what we are
lacking behind by taking higher security measures. In conclusion, this beautiful
artwork shows the peace, love, happiness, sadness and evil of our world today.

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