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july18.2014 b

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Published by pribhor2

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Published by: pribhor2 on Jul 21, 2014
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The NBI needs to be at par with modern technology
A lady-lawmaker today declared that the reorganization and modernization of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), for the agency to efficiently carry its lawenforcement mandate, is an urgent call of the time.!he country"s #remier investigating agency should $e at #ar with the fasttechnological advances in our daily lives,% &e#. Ann '. ofer insists.he is author of B *++ entitled An Act reorganizing and modernizing the National Bureau of Investigation, #roviding funds therefor, and for other #ur#oses,% andreferred for a##ro#riate action to the ouse ommittee on ustice./nder the #ro#osed NBI &eorganization and 0odernization Act%, themodernization #rogram is geared towards the ac1uisition of state-of-the-art investigativeand intelligence e1ui#ment and the esta$lishment of forensic and scientific la$oratories,and the corres#onding #rovisions for the continuing training of its #ersonnel.!he investigative and non-investigative staff of the agency shall $e increased andtheir #ositions u#graded to ade1uately meet the increasing demands of an e2#anded andmodernized detective work,% the $ill #rovides.3ikewise, the NBI shall also esta$lish a &egional 4ffice in every region and su$-office in every #rovince, to $e headed $y a &egional 5irector and ead /nit, res#ectively.6ield offices in ongressional 5istricts shall likewise $e esta$lished7maintained $y the5irector as the need arises.!echnological advances, ofer noted, has #rovided greater efficiency andconvenience to man"s daily activities like communication, trans#ortation, leisure, andtransaction with $oth government and non-government agencies alike./nfortunately, with the modernization of these as#ects of our lives, the commissionof crime has not $een left $ehind. In some cases, crimes have $ecome more so#histicatedand modern than the law enforcement ca#a$ilities of our institutions, the lady-lawmaker lamented.It is in this light that the modernization of the NBI to s1uarely meet the demands of these changing times should $e #ursued,% she said./nder B *++, the NBI will $e e2#anded, reorganized, and modernized to $ecomeu# to date with the #resent, and to $e fle2i$le for further changes in the future, with theend in view of solving more crimes and $ringing those res#onsi$le $efore the $ars of 
NR # 3531BJULY 18, 2014

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