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How God is Glorified in the Body,

How God is Glorified in the Body,

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Published by glennpease

Ye are not your own ; for ye are bought with a price : therefore
glorify God in your body I CORINTHIANS, vi. 19, 20.

Ye are not your own ; for ye are bought with a price : therefore
glorify God in your body I CORINTHIANS, vi. 19, 20.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 21, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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HOW GOD IS GLORIFIED I THE BODY, BY THE REV. MILES JACKSOYe are not your own ; for ye are bought with a price : therefore glorify God in your body I CORITHIAS, vi. 19, 20. I some former discourses we have shewn that men all naturally act upon a principle the reverse of that which is contained in the text, and that God has a right on that principle to demand our services, on the ground both of our creation and redemp tion. I doubt not that many readily admit in theory these claims of God, however they may refuse them in practice. But it is ne cessary not only to assert the right of God to our services, but to describe those ser vices themselves ; not only to argue in favour of glorifying God in our bodies, and in our spirits, which are God s; but to shew how he is to be glorified in both. General instruction is good, but particular instruc tion is better. The former may sometimes be evaded, when the latter would be felt. General instruction would be quite suffi cient, were men always anxious to learn. 161 But too often they are more desirous of ex cluding conviction, than receiving it. When a man is deeply interested, a single word is enough to excite suspicion, promote en
quiry, and secure application. But too many are seldom in earnest, except to go on, un disturbed, in the way they have chosen for themselves. They love darkness rather than light : for light makes manifest things hostile to their peace. If, then, any of my hearers have been convinced of the necessity of glorifying God in their bodies, and in their spirits ; and yet are not convinced of the necessity of very materially changing their lives, it may be useful to press still more upon their conscience a principle, which, in all its con sequences, is opposed to the spirit of their mind, and to the tenor of their practice. It would be well, if a man could be exhi bited to himself in his own native depravity and deceitfulness ; and if, while he is ap proving of a principle which completely subverts rebellion, he could be made to see that he is himself a rebel. And perhaps this may be done by shewing him what God requires of him, in a variety of parti culars ; and how much the reverse of it, in all these particulars he is : and it is neces sary thus to enter into detail, not only that the careless sinner may be awakened, but also that the enquiring believer may be directed. 162 Real Christians are prepared to glorify God ; for they are new creatures, and tem ples of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit has enlightened, and, in a measure, sancti fied them already ; and dwells in them for
the purpose of sanctifying them wholly. And, it is under the influence of that Holy Spirit, working in them both to will and to do, that they are to glorify God their Sa viour. Without this renovating influence, it matters not how clearly men understand, nor how fully they admit, God s right to their devoted services : their knowledge must be mere speculation ; and truths, and precepts, and promises, and exhortations may be multiplied without end, and yet leave them as unholy as they find them. We do not expect to prevail with men by force of argument. To convince the judg ment, is sometimes easy, when to reach the heart is impossible. Yea, and to excite the feelings, and move the passions, and rouse the conscience, is sometimes quite practi cable, when the effect is momentary and unproductive. It is an unction from the Holy One alone, which can really and permanently subdue us. And if we are not so subdued, it is of little consequence how much we are agitated by the fear of wrath, or softened by the hope of mercy. othing short of an habitual preference of God and his will can avail us. There must be within us an actual hatred of sin, and a 163 real love of holiness steadily operating, in dependently of all animal excitement. When we contend for zeal, it is not the zeal of mere natural feeling; and when for warmth, it is not the warmth of enthu siasm. It is the zeal and the warmth of principle, which may be found in the coldest

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