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Published by glennpease

God is love. 1 JOHN, iv. 16.

God is love. 1 JOHN, iv. 16.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 21, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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GOD IS LOVE. BY THE REV. MILES JACKSOGod is love. 1 JOH, iv. 16. IF men and angels took counsel together, for the purpose of conceiving a thought, and of announcing a truth, which might cause heaven and earth to resound with holy gratulations and triumphant praise ; the depths of human misery, and the exal tation of celestial happiness, could suggest nothing equal to the sentiment which is contained in this short and simple declara tion, God is love. Amidst all the difficul ties of human ignorance, and all the vicis situdes of human experience, there is a peace and a joy inspired in the soul of every believer by this heavenly revelation of the character of God. If Christians could believe it more fully, and feel it more ten derly, the very mountains and the hills would break forth before them into singing, and all the trees of the field would clap their hands. 277 o dispensation can be any other than a cause of joy and rejoicing, if God who ap points it, is love. o act of disobedience, however prompted by temptation, and how ever productive of apparent advantage, can be any other than most unreasonable, since he can require nothing but/ what is for our benefit; and forbid nothing but what is to
our prejudice. o opposition could exist, no submission could be wanting toward God, in the soul of him who remembered, and was duly influenced by the recollection, that God is love. Could we suffer this one truth to dwell in our hearts, and take full possession of our minds, it would give us even a foretaste of eternal bliss. It is a truth which is illustrated by every thing which the eye beholds, the ear hears, or the understanding conceives. God is a self- existent eternal being, the fountain and perfection of happiness, whose honour, and glory, and felicity, have no connection with circumstances and casualties of any kind, and are incapable of encrease or diminution from them. The creation of rational and irrational beings, was not wanted to complete his bliss. o devotion, no adoration, no obe dience, can affect his felicity. And nothing but love could move him to create countless myriads of beings capable of happiness, and provide means of obtaining it. Surely, the whole earth is full of his goodness ; and 278 the sources of felicity with which it abounds are inexhaustible. Well might angels shout for joy when the earth was created, and when themselves were called into being, on so high a scale of existence ! How God, consistently with the declara tion in the text, could suffer angels and men to fall from the state in which he made
them, and thus bring misery and ruin upon themselves, we know not how to ex plain. This is a depth which no finite mind can fathom ; and by every attempt at explanation, the limited faculties of man are demonstrated, almost as much, as by infidel objections : for explanations on the one hand, and objections on the other, are equally unsuited to a creature so ignorant. It is enough for us to know and to be able to prove, by arguments the most conclusive, that the Bible is a revelation from God, and that the Bible declares, God is love, and therefore that this declaration must be true, whatever difficulty we may find in re conciling it with the existence of sin and misery. To speculate upon so mysterious a subject as this, only manifests the igno rance and vanity of man. Doubtless what has taken place, is perfectly compatible with the declaration, God is love, or else it would not have been found in a system of religion, which has the fall of man as its foundation. 279 One thing however is probable, viz. That the scheme of redemption by which sinful man is delivered, is a scheme which affords a more wonderful display of love, than the prevention of sin would have done. What obstacles stand in the way of man s reco very ! The evil of sin must be displayed ; the reasonableness and excellency of the divine law, of which sin is a transgression, must be demonstrated ; justice must be exercised ; and the foundations of God s

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