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Caliper Quick Quiz for Entrepreneurs

Caliper Quick Quiz for Entrepreneurs

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Published by Fortune
Caliper Quick Quiz for Entrepreneurs
Caliper Quick Quiz for Entrepreneurs

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Published by: Fortune on Jul 21, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Caliper Quick Quiz for Entrepreneurs
 Each of the following ten items is composed of two statements that reflect behaviors/tasks that a franchise owner may have to perform at some point on the job. Take out a sheet of paper and number it 1
 10. For each item, choose the (a) or (b) behavior/task in which you perceive yourself to be a stronger performer, and write that letter next to the corresponding
number on your paper. After you’ve completed all ten items, determine your score using the
Scoring Key at the end of the quiz.
Developing and communicating a compelling vision that inspires commitment and enthusiasm from others. b.
Leveraging formal authority in order to accomplish goals. 2.
Creating ‘work 
arounds’ when systems and procedures prevent work from
getting done b.
Persuading others and/or selling services/goods/concepts in which I truly believe. 3.
Using resources cost-effectively. b.
Making an extra effort to deliver results or finish a task 4.
Planning my own time and scheduling activities to ensure achievement of top priorities b.
Involving team/work group members in planning and setting priorities. 5.
Recognizing new ideas and trends that can be translated into a viable business. b.
Recognizing and using the corporate culture, language, etc. in influencing key decision makers. 6.
Delegating with clarity to managers, empowering them with authority to make necessary decisions.
demonstrating resilience when facing obstacles, setbacks, and resistance 7.
Concentrating on a topic or problem until it is resolved b.
Translating goals into meaningful action plans. 8.
Challenging assumptions and perceived wisdom in solving problems b.
Having the courage to stand alone when necessary. 9.
Approaching obstacles, barriers, and challenges as opportunities to demonstrate own capabilities and ability to achieve. b.
Serving as the subject matter expert in an area of responsibility 10.
Analyzes market trends and monitors business environment to determine current and future opportunities and threats b.
Promotes the constructive resolution of conflicts within team.
Give yourself one point for each ‘A’ response in items 1, 4, 5, 7
Give yourself one point for each ‘B’ response in items 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10
 Total points: .
Potentially Strong Job-Fit for Entrepreneur (8 to 10 points)
The preferences you have indicated are highly consistent with many of the critical tasks and performance expectations for many entrepreneur roles. Your preferences suggest potentially higher motivation for this type of work, when compared to other professional opportunities.
Potentially Moderate Job-Fit for Manager (4 to 7 points)

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