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The Assault on Gaza a Historic Crime

The Assault on Gaza a Historic Crime

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Jul 21, 2014
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21 July 2014
 At least 100 Palestinians were killed Sunday as Israel escalated its savage land, sea and air attack on Gaza. In a single neighborhood on the east side of Gaza ity, She!aiya, Israeli bo"bs and artillery shells killed at least #$ %eo%le and wounded nearly &00 others. A"ong the dead were 1' wo"en, 1( children and four elderly %eo%le. )he cor%ses of wo"en and children lined the streets of She!aiya as %eo%le fled on foot and in overloaded vehicles.)he *nited +ations agency for Palestinian refugees, *+-A, said "ore than #&,000 %eo%le had sought sanctuary in the ( shelters it has set u% in Gaza. /)he nu"ber hastri%led in the last three days, *+-A said, /reflecting the intensity of the conflict and the inordinate threats the fighting is %osing to civilians.os%itals in Gaza were overwhel"ed by the wounded and other civilians seeking sanctuary fro" the relentless bo"bard"ent. Su%%lies of bandages and basic "edicines were running out. In large %arts of the besieged territory, water and electricity were cut off.)he Israeli "ilitary defended its use of flechette shells against the Palestinian %o%ulation, saying it was %er"itted under the laws of war. 2lechette shells s%ray out thousands of tiny "etal darts with shar%ened ti%s, designed to shred hu"an flesh.u"an ights -atch, a *S3based organization generally allied to the A"erican %olitical establish"ent, released a re%ort indicting Israel for deliberately targeting civilian facilities. /Israeli air attacks in Gaza investigated by u"an ights -atch have
been targeting a%%arent civilian structures and killing civilians in violation of the laws of war, the re%ort stated.)he Israeli state is carrying out "ass "urder in Gaza. Its troo%s, tanks, war %lanes and gunboats are %er%etrating a "assacre of defenseless Palestinians tra%%ed inside a tiny, i"%overished and densely %o%ulated territory. +o one really knows how "any have been killed in the two weeks of Israeli bo"bing and shelling. 4ut Palestinian hos%ital officials as of "id3day Sunday %ut the figure at (&#, with "ore than &,000 wounded. )he dead include "ore than 100 children.If this is not a war cri"e, then what is5)he lies given out by Israeli Pri"e 6inister +etanyahu to !ustify this atrocity are beneath conte"%t. Peo%le are told not to believe what they are seeing with their own eyes in news re%orts and videos, des%ite the grossly distorted, %ro3Israeli coverage %rovided by "ost of the cor%orate3controlled "edia. Israeli officials have the te"erity to clai" that their actions are a defensive res%onse to aggression fro" a"as. 4ut thefacts s%eak for the"selves7 the civilian death toll is heading ra%idly toward 1,000 on the Palestinian side, while only two Israeli civilians have died as a result of a"as8 crude rockets.)he "easures taken by a"as are the defensive res%onse of an isolated and besieged %eo%le to a savage onslaught, the cul"ination of decades of unrelenting andever3escalating Israeli violence. +early fifty years after the Si9 :ay -ar and seizure of the occu%ied territories, the ;ionist regi"e has utterly failed to crush the resistance of the Palestinian "asses. )he current %aro9ys" of violence is an e9%ression of des%eration rather than confidence in the future. 2or all its cynicis" and brutality, the Israeli govern"ent gives the i"%ression of a regi"e that has lost its bearings.In its long and bloody history, Israel in the %ast four days has crossed a funda"ental line. Its actions in Gaza are those of a society in a state of %olitical and "oral disintegration<the result of the dead end of ;ionis".
It is now clear that the "urder two weeks ago of 1#3year3old 6uha""ad =hdeir in >ast ?erusale" by ?ewish fascists, who %oured gasoline down the youth8s throat and set hi" on fire, was only the %recursor to a far broader cri"e, carried out by the highest authorities of the Israeli state.6ore and "ore, Israel is looked u%on around the world as a %ariah state run by a co"bination of fascists and lunatics. @utrage against it is "ounting a"ong working %eo%le and youth internationally.Israel could not carry out such a naked cri"e without the su%%ort, %olitical and "aterial, of the i"%erialist %owers and ca%italist govern"ents around the world. )he world is witnessing a globally orchestrated war cri"e, carried out with the enthusiastic and o%en su%%ort of the international ca%italist class.2irst and fore"ost is the *nited States, which has su%%lied Israel with the bulk of the wea%ons it is using to "urder Palestinians. ast -ednesday, on the eve of Israel8s ground invasion, President 4arack @ba"a a%%eared before the %ress in the -hite ouse and gave Israel his full su%%ort for the i"%ending bloodbath.@ba"a did not even bother to "outh the usual clichBs about /restraint and /li"iting casualties. Instead, he re%eated verbati" the lying Israeli line, declaring, /)here8s no country on earth that can be e9%ected to live under a daily barrage of rockets. )his was said as Israeli "issiles and bo"bs were killing Palestinians every hour.e then bla"ed a"as for /%rolonging the conflict by refusing to acce%t a %hony ceasefire that was, in fact, a de"and for ab!ect surrender "ade for the %ur%ose of creating a %rete9t for launching a ground war.Interviewed Sunday on A4 )elevision8s /)his -eek %rogra", *S Secretary of State ?ohn =erry was asked to res%ond to the state"ent by Palestinian s%okeswo"an anan Ashrawi that what was ha%%ening in Gaza was a /"assacre and /war cri"e. =erry dis"issed the charge as /a"as rhetoric and added cynically, /-ar is ugly and bad things are going to ha%%en.

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