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The Name of Trust.

The Name of Trust.

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" And they that know Thy Name (will put their trust in
Thee" Ps. ix. 10.


" And they that know Thy Name (will put their trust in
Thee" Ps. ix. 10.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 21, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE AME OF TRUST. BY REV. JOH MASO EALE, D.D." And they that know Thy ame (will put their trust in Thee" Ps. ix. 10. TO-DAY comes in well to tell us why we work, and for Whom. And the text says well- nigh all that can be said on the question. "They that know Thy ame will put their trust in Thee." The question then is, what the knowing that ame means. Knowing involves acquaintance with its history in itself study o^ its power as regards others experience of its strength in ourselves : and the last is worth the two others put together. ow see how it was first given. To two Saints, by an Angel : but in what different circumstances ! To S. Mary, when filled with a joy which no other created being ever knew, or could know; the joy of the message that the SO of the FATHER, begotten before all worlds, would be her Son, born in time ; these were the words, " Thou shalt call His ame JESUS." To * Preached at S. Margaret s. Evening. Festival of the ame of JESUS. Sunday, 1859. 158 THE AME OF TRUST. [S*R. S. Joseph : racked with miserable doubts, tried with the hardest of all afflictions : the hesitation whether to condemn one whom we have taken to our heart of hearts, and venerated with all our soul ; the words again were, " Thou shalt call
His ame JESUS." So then, in the extreme of triumph, and in the extreme of desolation, this ame was first heard : no unmeaning sign that from then till now the case would be the same ; no joy so great which this ame will not in crease, no sorrow so heavy that it will not lighten. But then go back further, and see where it was given before this. See how the ame Jesus led the children of Israel out to their first battle. Who went out to fight with Amalek ? ot Moses, but Joshua. Who was it, that when all others, having sought GOD, had grown weary, and had left the Tabernacle, who alone remained within ? " evertheless, Joshua, a young man, servant to Moses, de parted not out of the Tabernacle." Who was it that first crossed the Jordan, when they went to spy out the land ? Again, Joshua. Who, that when all the people fell away, and mur mured that they had been led out into the wilderness to die there, remained faithful among the unfaithful, with his, " Let us go up V.] THE AME OF TRUST. 159 at once against the land, for we be well able to take it ? " And so as we go through the history : Jesus it was that led the people, when the forty years of their wanderings were past, through Jordan : at whose word the walls of Jericho fell down ; who drew not back the spear that was in his hand till Ai was utterly de stroyed. And again, a thousand years later, Jesus, the son of Josedech, was the High Priest that stood before the LORD, with Satan at his right hand to resist him ; that had the filthy
garments in which he was clothed type of the sins of the human race that our LORD took upon Himself stripped off: when a fair mitre, namely the Crown of Thorns, was set upon His Head, and Himself clothed with the garments of beauty and immortality. So you see something of knowing the ame as it was in the old times : and what, since the Spotless Lamb has been offered on the Altar of the Cross, has it been to His followers ? Of S. Ignatius it is written that, when he had been torn to pieces by the lions, the ame of JESUS was found written in his heart. A legend only, I know : but thus much it teaches, that none of you can fight with the lions of spiritual enemies, unless you have that ame written there, not, as S. Paul says, "With fleshly letters l6o THE AME OF TRUST. [San. of the pen, but with the Spirit of the Living GOD." A hundred times do we hear of its being the last word uttered on the rack, or in the flames, or on the sick bed : do we find it worked into banners, carved as the chief and conclud ing ornament of the great church or the Altar : * as it should be in you, the true Temple, on you, the Living Altar of the HOLY GHOST. You know, too, how above all other Doctors of the i Church, S. Bernard seemed raised to this very : end, that he should beyond others magnify this | ame : how, without repeating himself, he I poured forth sermon after sermon, all trans-  j figured, as it were, by the love and the fulness iof that ame to which they were dedicated. | You know how hymn after hymn has been cast into the treasury of the Church, all celebrating

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