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Published by: outdash2 on Jul 22, 2014
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Bitul B’rov
Shiur 1- Packet 1 - Sep. 7 (W) YD 1091) Rov heter, 2) miut issur a! ") the issur ca#t $e
 to $e mutar. %here are t&o t'pes o ta#aroves- a) ach $#ach (ph'sica' mi*e! to+ether) a!  $) 'uvesh $#'uvesh (ph'sica' separate). t !oes#t matter &here the pieces o meat are, as o+ as the' create a saek (eve i m' three homes- u!er the um$rea o m' saek).
Acharei Rabim Lehatot
akor or itu #rov/
Shemot (23,2)
 charei Ra$im ehatot%he pashut pshat is that 'ou shou!#t oo& the maorit' to !o &ro+, $ut the Rishoim u!ersta! the posuk to mea that 'ou D3 oo& the ra$im.
Chullin 11a (!)"
 uses the pasuk or 4
a#lenan busar ruba
5-  i! meat i the street &here there are 9 kosher $utchers a! oe tre $utcher a! it#s mutar. %his is !ieret rom $itu $#rov &hich is a mi*ture.
- 6hui 9$ (p")- sa's that &e use charei 8ara$im ehatot to teach that &e oo& the maorit'. Rashi is a chi!!ush to use this possuk to !ea &ith $itu $#rov.
Ruba $’issa kamun
- the 9 $utcher shops a! 1 tre, a the shops are e*tat, so  ca sa' the piece is see $asar rov a! is mutar.
Ruba $’lessa kamun
- someoe kis aother perso a! the 5D asks &hether the  perso kie! &as a treah i the pace &here he &as kie!. %his is u!+e! $ase! upo the
statistical rov
 o most peope $c most peope !o#t have treot.
Rav Chaim
(P) a!
R’ Shimon Shku
- e*pai ho& Rashi ca use this posuk. 5D is the source o $oth !iim a! there are t&o steps i the 5D process- 1) !etermie the p#sak- 2/1, 2) $ut sti &e ee! a 5D o " a! &e o' have 2, so o& it must $e that &e use rov to sa' that it#s as i a " a+ree to this rui+.%hese t&o processes are automatica' itercoecte! i the process o 5D- the u!+es vote &hich is 1) a:ea $usar ru$a a! the 2) the' use rov a! the " ar+ui+ u!+es are cosi!ere! " cocurri+ u!+es $c the maorit' o u!+es (the 2) s&ao& up the miorit'(the 1) to make it ike it is uaimous. ;%os. i 5<.=
"" This Rashi is an e%lanation &or the man' emaras that assumes that bitul rov alies b' taaroves
*ne erson eatin the Bitul B’rov+) Rosh
 6hui (p>) ? 'ou ca eat a " pieces o the taaroves to+ether $c the "
 piece o meat is 4cha+e! to muttar5- ;is-hapech eheos hetter=.
 i 5 (p7)- $' %aka <ohe $' maser $ehaima (ater the aima &as coute! the the aima umpe! $ack i a! o& the' are a patur). %oseos asks there- &h' !oes#t $ate $#rov@ app' (the Rosh#s !eiitio o $ate $#rov) a! there shou! sti $e achiuv to cout the rest. %he S5 Auotes the Rosh- it is ucear &hat the Rosh &ou! sa' here.
.’var Abraham"
 is a possi$e as&er or the Rosh/ the D5 ma!e a amous commet re+ar!i+ Seira that the reaso &h' &e !o#t cout each !a' o seirah as a saek 'om is  $c a cout must $e $#va!aus. ' takah kohe as &e, each aima &i ot $e va!ai the 10
R’ Shimon Schku" Shaare /osher
(p10-11)- $ase! upo the Rosh the issur &as ehpach #heos heter. RS5S et that ehpach #heos o' appies $' a case o $itu $#rov  $ut ot $' a:ea $usar ru$a &here he sa's that a
 averah b’shoe
&as !oe
%he act that 'ou use! rov !oes#t u!ermie the act that 'ou !i! a averah a! 'ou ee! kapparah. ;ut !oes#t the %orah sa' that it is mutarB- %he oo! ca $e assur, $ut muttar to eat=
++) Rashba
 (p12) ar+ues &ith the Rosh- 'ou ca eat each piece $' itse, $ut
 a o them to+ether. You ca a&a's sa' that the other piece &as kosher.
i e!ek 8a-ais
- ar+ues &ith the Rash$a#s svara $c #maskaah 4he ate the piece o tre,5 so &hat t'pe o +ame is this@ 8e is ot happ' &ith the otio that a  perso ca sa' that 4this is ot the tre piece5 a! the eat a three o the pieces.
+++) Tose&os Ri$
 (p1C)- has a thir! opiio. 8e sa's that oe perso ca#t eat a three  pieces, $ut at east t&o peope must eat them, so &e !o#t sa' that a' perso ate the issur  $#va!aus (see Ra#ah). 8e thereore !isa+rees &ith the Rash$a.
roo&s &or Tose&os Ri$
 ("1$)- 2 +roups o &itesses testi' a$out a certai situatio a! each set !irect'cotra!icts the acts state! $' the other +roup (a#!im macheshim). We ko& i this case that oe +roup is 'i+, $ut 5D !oes#t ko& &hich +roup is 'i+. ) What !oes 5D !o i uture !i torah $c $oth +roups are saek pasu, !oes this u!ermie their che:kas kashrutB) 1) some sa'- that 'ou ca et a perso rom +roup  or +roup  testi', $ut ot to+ether 2) some- 'ou ca#t et either testi' to remove moe' that someoe has a cha:akah o.
B) esachim 1a
 (p1>)- 2 streets- oe is tahor a! oe is tameh a! $oth are i reshus ha-ra$im.  oe perso +oes !o& oe o the streets a! aother perso +oes !o& the other street (oe o$vious' $ei+ tameh) i $oth come to ask the Ra$$i i the' are tahor at2
same time
 the he ca#t sa' the' are $oth tahor, $ut i the' come oe ater the e*t the he ca te them $oth that the' are#t tameh rom a saek.
Tose&ot Ri$
 sa's that i a perso ate a three pieces these +emaras prove that this perso is va!a' eati+ the issur a! thereore the %orah ca#t $e permitti+ this sceario. 8e thereore ar+ues &ith the Rash$a- a! ees this is m#!eoritta.
+++B) Tose&ot
 6hui 100a (!#h eriah)- sa's that !ieret peope shou! eat the "  pieces a! seems that this is o' m#!era$aa.
- seems to sa' that it is a chumrah a! the chiuv or t&o peope to eat the pieces is o' m#!era$aa.
aramah" takin out one iece &or the kohen-ishna Arlah
- (p19-21) sa's 'ou ee! to take oe o them a&a' as the 4assur piece5 to +ive to the kohe.
 (p22)- the reaso to remove oe o the ruits o the mutar ta#aroves is ot  $ecause $itu reAuires the 4
attribution to something else
.5 ' terumah, the oo! $eo+s to the kohe a! the' !eserve their moe' a! 'ou ca#t !o $itu o the moe' o someoe ese, so 'ou must repa' the kohe. ut,
b' a taaroves o& issur there 4oul$
 nee$ ha’aramah+5) Rashi
- 5E 7Fa- sa's that &e ca $e ma#arim $' thi+s other tha terumah a! he reAuires this $' $itu.
-aharam -’Rutenbur"
 &ou! thro& oe o the pieces a&a', $ut that &as $ecause he &as a t#:a!!ik. Rea' he !i!#t have to !o that, $ut he ha! e*tra perishut.
(p2F>)- sa's he !oes#t ko& &here haramah &ou! app' $e'o! a case o +e:e hashevet (rom the kohe).
""Sha’areh .urah
-(p2C) 'ou !o#t ee! to $e machmir a! thro& oe piece a&a',
like Tosefot/ S’mag, but not the Rashi.
 109 (p27-29)- Auotes Rash$a, %oseotS#ma+.
 sa's !o %oseot a! Auotes the aharam (echumrah).
+s this machlokes 6Rosh7Rashba8 on a $eoritta or $erabanan level91) ri -ea$im
 (p1")- Rash$a a+rees &ith the Rosh m#!eoritta a! this is o' a machokes m#!era$aa.
This is the ashut shat in the machlokes
Tose&os Ri$
Ra’ah (
 perhaps)=- et that the Rash$a ma!e his statemet o a !eoritta eve."

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