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Published by api-26863674

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Published by: api-26863674 on Dec 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRLog.Org - Global Press Release Distribution
JoomlaEZ.com's Joomla Template Skeleton brings professional features to brand new Joomla
By JoomlaEZ.com
Dated: Mar 17, 2009

JoomlaEZ.com's Joomla Template Skeleton is not just a pure folders/files structure but a complete professional web 2.0 template for Joomla! 1.5. With this base Joomla template, creating unique attractive design for Joomla! 1.5 is easier and faster.

JoomlaEZ.com's Joomla Template Skeleton, or JEZ Skeleton for short, is not just a pure folders / files
structure but a complete professional template for Joomla! 1.5 which you can base on to create unique
Joomla 1.5 template easier and faster. Powered by modern web 2.0 layout, style and typographic rules, with
JEZ Skeleton, you can present content in any way you want. Even you create Joomla template for personal
blog, social networking or corporate website, with JEZ Skeleton, you just need to care about graphic
element creativity to make your website stand out from the crowd.

Why? Because JEZ Skeleton is already done the other works for you: using grid-based tableless layouts,
using semantic markups only, optimizing HTML markup structure for both reader and search engine
friendly, choosing rounded corners technique that supports graphic with special effects via PNG-24 alpha
channel, creating professional typography, flexible and fully customizable, etc. Everything is under your
control via template parameters in Joomla administration panel or, for faster testing purpose, right in
frontend by enabling the build-in dev-mode of JEZ Skeleton.

To ensure you just need to care about graphic design when creating any individual Joomla template, JEZ
Skeleton is equipped with following key features:
1. General

- Cross-devices, cross-browsers compatible.
- W3C validated XHTML and CSS codes.
- Use only semantic markups.
- HTML markups structure is optimized for both reader and search engine friendly.
- Flexible CSS framework for styling anything the professional way.
- Professional typographic design with convenient vertical rhythm.
- Has dev-mode to quickly test parameters, e.g. turn on / off certain positions or effects, of the template in
development right in frontend by passing appropriated variables via URL.
- Dev panel: frontend UI for testing template parameters when build-in dev -mode is enabled.

2. Layouts

- 100% tableless design.
- Select from either fixed (px unit based) or elastic (em unit based) grid-based layout.
- Ability to create individual styling for entire page, not just component output, by defining page class
suffix in appropriated menu item's system parameter tab.
- 6 fully customizable general wrappers such as header, body, footer, etc.
- 6 wrapper formats to implement from simple graphic to special rounded corners using alpha channel
graphic for general wrappers.
- 18 fully customizable module positions.

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PRLog.Org - Global Press Release Distribution

- 4 advanced module chromes to implement from simple graphic to special rounded corners using alpha
channel graphic for Joomla modules output.
- Ability to turn on / off or switching wrapper format / module chrome for any individual position
on-the-fly without breaking overall layout.
- Styles for creating tableless layout predefined.
- Express individual module styling: advanced module chromes have applied smart technique for easily
create individual style for any module at any position without the need of applying module class suffix.

3. Typography

- All semantic markup tags is styled to separated from others.
- 3 button styles.
- 7 list styles.
- 12 styles for paragraph text.
- 14 text colors predefined.
- 3 styles predefined for message box.
- Text links iconized.
- Express individual menu item styling: menu module's view has been overriden for link title support and
easily create individual style for any menu item of any menu module at any position.

4. Effects

- Fully customizable drop-down / fly-out menu effects.
- Implement switching effect for advanced search section on search component output.
- More advanced effect implemented for switching OpenID login on both login module and component
- Reflection effect implemented for images.
- Ability to convert any link to open in modal window.

5. Behavior

- Automatically apply PNG-24 fix for all or certain selected images in Internet Explorer 6.
- Automatically add hover / focus support for form elements which are lacked support in Internet Explorer
- Automatically add extra margin to all images to keep the typography's convenient vertical rhythm.
- Pre-packed with the famous Silk icons set.

We would like to invite you taking a look at JEZ Skeleton live demo site ( http://
demo.joomlaez.com/pro-joomla-template-skeleton ) or visit JEZ Skeleton official site ( http://

joomlaez.com/templates/jez-skeleton.html ) for more detailed information.
About JoomlaEZ.com:
JoomlaEZ.com ( http:// joomlaez.com/ ) is a new team formed in 2009 by experienced Asian Joomla

JoomlaEZ.com's goal is developing Joomla templates and Joomla extensions which brings Joomla users,
even newbies, an easy way to implement Joomla for individual need.
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