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Case Study on Greatest Doctor and an Iconic Role Model in Medical and Health Care Sector

Case Study on Greatest Doctor and an Iconic Role Model in Medical and Health Care Sector

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Case study on greatest doctor and an iconic role model in medical and health care sector
Case study on greatest doctor and an iconic role model in medical and health care sector

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Published by: KNOWLEDGE CREATORS on Jul 23, 2014
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Humbly submitted to humanity by:
Trilok Kumar Jain  jain.tk@gmail.com 9414430763 Every profession has its role models. Every profession has iconic personalities to guide that profession. There are stories of great persons in every field. These stories should be part of curriculum of the professional courses, so that the students can imbibe the ideals of great persons and learn those values from their study days. Medical profession is one of the noblest professions. The doctors are like living gods, as they enable a person to re-live his life and fight out the diseases. The soothing words of doctors are the real assurances for any person and his verdict is the verdict more powerful than that of Yam raj (the god of death). I myself an not fortunate to be a part of this great profession, but fortunately, I present a case study of a great doctor here with a sincere request to adopt this case study in all medical courses for study by the students. If the students of medical profession can follow Dr. Vijay Bothra, they will be able to create the doctors our society needs.
An incident with a stranger in the train to Bikaner
"If you have not seen Dr. Vijay Bothra, you have missed something great... you have missed the living god.... the person who was really an incarnation of the God....the person simply un-comparable to any living person on this Earth.... you have simply lost the opportunity..." before he could finish, another person intercepted "Dr. Vijay Bothra was not from this Earth, he was from another planet. He had come as representative of God.."-- He kept saying. Another person tried to interrupt by saying "You know, Dr. Bothra sahib was the only Doctor who would not charge a single penny from patients, he would give medicines also free...." before he could finish, another person interrupted him and said "Do you know that when Dr. Bothra ji was transferred from Bikaner, the whole of Bikaner protested against it and it was a public outcry and the Chief Minister had to order for his re-instatement to Bikaner due to public protests..." before he could finish, another person intercepted "there is only one true Doctor - Dr. Vijay Bothra, he is really the Doctor we need.." before he could finish, another person intercepted "Vijay ji arranged largest eye donations, and through his Ratan Netra Jyoti Sansthan, largest people have benefitted from medical facilities... he was the real Ratan of Bharat..."Others intercepted with similar remarks. A slight question about Dr. Vijay Bothra was enough to spark an explosion of remarks. This scene happened with me in a train. I was travelling in Kota Hanumangarh Express, which also halts at Bikaner. I was browsing my articles on the internet. A stranger sitting nearby had curiosity and read my articles. When he read my article on Dr. Vijay Bothra, he curiously asked me "Who is Dr. Vijay Bothra". I remarked, you ask any person in Bikaner, and he would tell you. The person
 convinced (because he had never been to Bikaner), so he asked a few persons sitting and gossiping nearby. He was baffled due to un-anticipated flood of remarks about Dr. Vijay Bothra and more because of his own lack of knowledge. I would request you also to read my article on Dr. Vijay Bothra, just 
First and the only priority: Patients
Dr. Vijay Bothra was a different person. He
 follow other persons of our times. He never charged from his patients, even if patients asked him to visit their homes during odd hours. He would leave all urgent work when it was the matter of a patient and it may be any patient. He would not leave his office till all the patients are taken care of. He would forgo his breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all essential activities, when it was the matter of taking care of patients.
Dr. Bothra's Three As: Available, Accessible, Approachable to everyone
It is now almost a year since Dr. Vijay Bothra left us. He has created a vacuum, which will always remain un-fulfilled. Mere remembrance of Dr. Bothra fills you with amazing memories of an ever charming, ever motivating and always a B+ positive person. He was truly a person with rare contagious and infectious smile. Bikaner, with a population of 5 lakh had one messiah (God), and this person was always accessible, available and approachable to every one without any discrimination of caste or otherwise. A shabby pauper would dare not enter a private hospital and would be thrown out of Government Hospital, but even he would proudly enter the drawing room of Dr. Vijay Bothra with remarks "Doctor Bothra is my own doctor and he will cure me". Dr. Vijay Bothra had some rare qualities as a good human being. He understood psychology and thinking of every person. He would speak in such a tone and such a mesmerizing voice, that due to his care and compassion any wound would get cured. I had seen that many patients would get satisfaction only after talking to Dr. Bothra. Bikaner (located in Rajasthan in India) has a large population which has migrated out of Rajasthan. Whenever these persons would get any medical problem, they would telephonically consult Dr. Vijay Bothra and would get immense satisfaction when Dr. Bothra would tell them "You will recover soon". Bikaner, the heart of the Thar Desert offers extremes of weather conditions coupled with scarcities. Both summer and winter are extreme, and it makes life difficult. The villages are located at distances and it is difficult to move between them due to lack of infrastructure and transportation facilities. All these villages had only one hope - Dr. Vijay Bothra. Whenever the people in these villages would plan to organise a medical camp, they would request Dr. Bothra to come and organise a medical camp. Thus for the people of the entire Bikaner region, the only hope was Dr. Vijay Bothra (surprisingly in this material world, Dr. Bothra would always be available to offer his free services to any person who would approach).
Dr. Bothra: A great Team Builder for the cause of Medical Care
Dr. Vijay Bothra was a great team builder also. He was able to create a very powerful team of philanthropists, doctors, nurses, support staff, thus it was like a fun for him to organise grand medical camps with highest level of care and compassion. Probably due to Dr. Bothra's compassionate care and concerns, all his team members exhibited the rare compassion and care, which would help the patients to recover fast. At the call of Dr. Vijay Bothra any person would be willing to do anything, just because over a period of time, Dr. Bothra had practised the humane values of care, compassion, and concern. I had a personal experience which I would like to share (it is just an example and many people
have faced similar experiences with Dr. Bothra ji). When my father had fallen ill, he expressed his desire not to be taken to hospital. I approached Dr. Bothra ji and it was like complete hospital ready in my own home in a few minutes. I was able to collect all the required resources and equipments just at a phone-call of Dr. Bothra ji. Just a call from Dr. Bothra enabled me to get all the support staff. Beyond this, the level of care, compassion and dedication bestowed by these persons was also amazing.
A true role model for generations of Doctors
Dr. Vijay Bothra always aspired to provide best care and compassion to the patients. He dedicated his life to the cause of health care. He is the true legendary in this profession. He shared his dreams about future with me, and all his dreams were just health care. He told me once that after retirement, we will request people to set up a community hospital with best facilities and care with free treatment facilities for people. Let us live his dreams. Let us follow him. Let us prepare our future doctors on the path of Dr. Vijay Bothra. I dedicate this poem to Dr. Vijay Bothra: -
Ooh, Aah, Aha.... Disease, distress, despairs... The other side of life When the pain is growing When agony is gripping When the would is aching When the life is escaping When the future is dwindling When the hope is evaporating When the breath is diminishing When the death is approaching Yet, there is a spark, shining There is a future smiling Hold on, Hold on, Hold on... Call on, Call on, Call on... The God, who is amidst us, The Doctor, who is to help us, Shed all fears, go ahead, and march ahead, Conquer darkness with touch of the Doctor Re-create dreams with the assurance by the Doctor Let's challenge - the Yam with our God - the Doctor
I earnestly request you all to spread the case study in all Medical Colleges of the world, so that the doctors of tomorrow come with dreams of following Dr. Vijay Bothra as a role model. Let us help our civilization in its resurrection. Some news clippings

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