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In This Issue

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Published by clint2727

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Published by: clint2727 on Dec 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The OA Udate
In This Issue
The OA Update 
is published by QuestCorp Media Group, Inc., 885 E. Collins Blvd., Ste. 102, Richardson, TX 75081. Phone (972) 447-0910 or (888) 860-2442, fax (972) 447-0911, www.qcmedia.com.QuestCorp specializes in creating and publishing corporate magazines for businesses.
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.Aoidig OeruseIjuries i Youg Athletes
A little prevention can keep kidsplaying for life
An increasing number o children areocusing on one sport and training year-round or it. While they and their parentsmay eel that this concentration is neces-sary to be competitive, it leaves little timeor important rest and recovery.
.Stretchig ad Flexibility
Practice is the key to making strides
Making signicant increases in fex-ibility will bring marked improvement inperormance. Larger ranges o motion(ROM) will allow or longer periods oapplied orce, improvement in technique,increases in biomechanical advantages,and reduction in joint strain.
.Caral Tuel Sydroe
Relief is available
Carpal tunnel syndrome is oten the resulto a combination o actors that increasethe pressure in the carpal tunnel. Contrib-uting actors may include: hypothyroidism,rheumatoid arthritis, work-related repeti-tive use, use o vibratory tools, or the de-velopment o a cyst or tumor in the carpaltunnel. In many cases, no specic causecan be identied.
.A High ActiityHi Relaceet
Resurfacing procedure may be thetreatment patients are looking for
Fity years ago the miracle o totalhip replacement was that it allowedpatients with severe arthritis to walk,sometimes or a decade or more be-ore needing another surgery. Today,hip replacement is one o the mostsuccessul operations perormed.
.Gae O!
Getting ready for hockey
Whether you play competitively in aleague or enjoy pick-up games on the lo-cal pond, these simple exercises will helpyou regain your skate shape aster. Firstand oremost, hockey is about balance.
. OA i motio:What’s new?
. Tools ad Techology: It’s Electric!
.nere Blocks
Exploring new frontiers in themanagement of postoperative pain
Pioneering anesthesia departmentsacross the country have begunutilizing nerve blocks as a part o amultimodal treatment o postoperativepain. Injections o local anestheticsaround key nerves that supply painbers to the legs and arms can blockor a period the pain that ollowssurgery.

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