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A Hrc S-21 l.1 as Issued En

A Hrc S-21 l.1 as Issued En

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Published by Denis Fitzgerald
Draft UN Human Rights Council resolution that establishes an independent international commission of inquiry to investigate violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law in the occupied Palestinian territories.
Draft UN Human Rights Council resolution that establishes an independent international commission of inquiry to investigate violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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Published by: Denis Fitzgerald on Jul 23, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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United Nations
General Assembly
Distr.: Limited23 July 21!"ri#inal: $n#lis%
Human Rights Council
Twenty-first special session
23 July 21!&$.1!-'1! ($)
 &on behalf of the Group of Arab States'
 ,aistan &on behalf of the .rganiation of (slamic Cooperation'
 Sau)i Arabia
 State of ,alestine0
 eneuela &oli+arian Republic of'3 )raft resolution
S-21/4%nsuring respect for international law in the .ccupie) ,alestinian Territory0 inclu)ing %ast 5erusalem
The Human Rights Council 
 ,y t%e uroses and riniles o t%e C%arter o t%e United Nations and t%eUni0ersal Delaration o Human Ri#%ts*
 &eneral Assem,ly resolution /21 o 1 ar% 2 and Human Ri#%tsCounil resolutions /1 and /2 o 14 June 25*
 t%e ri#%t to sel-determination o t%e 6alestinian eole and t%einadmissi,ility o t%e a7uisition o land ,y t%e use o ore* as ens%rined in t%e C%arter*
 t%e alia,ility o international %uman ri#%ts la8 and international%umanitarian la8* in artiular t%e &ene0a Con0ention relati0e to t%e 6rotetion o Ci0ilian6ersons in 9ime o ar* o 12 Au#ust 1'!'*
 to t%e "uied 6alestinian 9erritory*inludin# $ast Jerusalem*
 t%at all Hi#% Contratin# 6arties to t%e ;ourt% &ene0a Con0ention
 areunder t%e o,li#ation to reset and ensure reset or t%e o,li#ations arisin# rom t%e saidCon0ention in relation to t%e "uied 6alestinian 9erritory* inludin# $ast Jerusalem* andreairmin# t%eir o,li#ations under artiles 1!* 1!5 and 1!4 8it% re#ard to enal santions*#ra0e ,rea%es and resonsi,ilities o t%e Hi#% Contratin# 6arties*
Gravely concerned 
 at t%e la< o imlementation o t%e reommendations ontainedin t%e reort o t%e United Nations ;at-;indin# ission on t%e &a=a Conlit o 2'*
 andon0ined t%at la< o aounta,ility or 0iolations o international la8 reinores a ultureo imunity* leadin# to a reurrene o 0iolations and seriously endan#erin# t%emaintenane o international eae*
 t%at ' July 21! mar<ed t%e tent% anni0ersary o t%e adotion o t%e ad0isoryoinion ,y t%e >nternational Court o Justie on t%e le#al onse7uenes o t%e onstrutiono a 8all in t%e "uied 6alestinian 9erritory and t%at no ro#ress %as ,een made on itsimlementation* and airmin# t%e ur#ent need to reset and ensure reset ointernational %umanitarian la8 and international %uman ri#%ts la8 in t%is re#ard*
 Firmly convinced 
 t%at ?ustie and reset or t%e rule o la8 are t%e indisensa,le ,ases or eae* and stressin# t%at re0ailin# lon#-standin# and systemi imunity or international la8 0iolations %as reated a ?ustie risis in t%e "uied 6alestinian 9erritoryt%at 8arrants ation* inludin# aounta,ility or international rimes*
 t%e systemati ailure ,y >srael to arry out #enuine in0esti#ations in animartial* indeendent* romt and eeti0e 8ay* as re7uired ,y international la8* on0iolene and oenes arried out a#ainst 6alestinians ,y t%e ouyin# ores and settlersand to esta,lis% ?udiial aounta,ility o0er its military ations in t%e "uied 6alestinian9erritory* inludin# $ast Jerusalem*
+Non-mem,er State o t%e Human Ri#%ts Counil.
United Nations*
Treaty Series
* 0ol. 5* No. '53.
 t%e o,li#ations o >srael as t%e ouyin# 6o8er to ensure t%e 8elareand saety o t%e 6alestinian i0ilian oulation under its ouation in t%e est @an<*inludin# $ast Jerusalem* and in t%e &a=a Stri* and notin# >sraels 8ilul a,diation andre?etion o its o,li#ations in t%is re#ard*
 t%at t%e deli,erate tar#etin# o i0ilians and ot%er roteted ersons and t%e eretration o systemati* la#rant and 8idesread 0iolations o alia,le international%umanitarian la8 and international %uman ri#%ts la8 in situations o armed onlitonstitute #ra0e ,rea%es and a t%reat to international eae and seurity*
 t%e massi0e >sraeli military oerations in t%e "uied 6alestinian9erritory* inludin# $ast Jerusalem* sine 13 June 21!* 8%i% %a0e in0ol0eddisroortionate and indisriminate atta<s and resulted in #ra0e 0iolations o t%e %umanri#%ts o t%e 6alestinian i0ilian oulation* inludin# t%rou#% t%e most reent >sraelimilitary assault on t%e ouied &a=a Stri* t%e latest in a series o military a##ressions ,y>srael* and ations o mass losures* mass arrest and t%e <illin# o i0ilians in t%e ouiedest @an<*
 E!pressing grave concern
 at t%e ritial %umanitarian situation in t%e &a=a Stri*inludin# in artiular t%e ored dislaement o tens o t%ousands o 6alestinian i0ilians*t%e risis in aess to ade7uate 8ater and sanitation ser0ies aetin# nearly 1 million eole* and t%e eBtensi0e dama#e to eletriity inrastruture resultin# in 4 er ent o t%e oulation reei0in# eletriity only our %ours a day* and underlinin# t%e imortane o  ro0idin# emer#eny %umanitarian assistane to t%em and ot%er 0itims*
 t%e esta,lis%ment o t%e 6alestinian national onsensus &o0ernment on 2July 21! as an imortant ste to8ards 6alestinian reoniliation* 8%i% is ruial or a%ie0in# a t8o-State solution ,ased on t%e re-1'5 ,orders and lastin# eae* andem%asi=in# t%at t%e situation o t%e ouied &a=a Stri is unsustaina,le as lon# as itremains #eo#ra%ially* olitially and eonomially searated rom t%e est @an<*1.
Strongly condemns
 t%e ailure o >srael* t%e ouyin# 6o8er* to end its rolon#ed ouation o t%e "uied 6alestinian 9erritory* inludin# $ast Jerusalem* inaordane 8it% international la8 and rele0ant United Nations resolutions2.
in the strongest terms
 t%e 8idesread* systemati and #ross0iolations o international %uman ri#%ts and undamental reedoms arisin# rom t%e >sraelimilitary oerations arried out in t%e "uied 6alestinian 9erritory sine 13 June 21!* artiularly t%e latest >srael military assault in t%e ouied &a=a Stri* ,y air* land and sea*8%i% %as in0ol0ed disroortionate and indisriminate atta<s* inludin# aerial ,om,ardment o i0ilian areas* t%e tar#etin# o i0ilians and i0ilian roerties in olleti0e unis%ment ontrary to international la8* and ot%er ations* inludin# t%e tar#etin# o medial and %umanitarian ersonnel* t%at may amount to international rimes* diretlyresultin# in t%e <illin# o more t%an  6alestinians* most o t%em i0ilians and more t%an1 o 8%om are %ildren* t%e in?ury o more t%an 3* eole and t%e 8anton destrutiono %omes* 0ital inrastruture and u,li roerties 3.
 all 0iolene a#ainst i0ilians 8%ere0er it ours* inludin# t%e<illin# o t8o >sraeli i0ilians as a result o ro<et ire* and ur#es all arties onerned toreset t%eir o,li#ations under international %umanitarian la8 and international %umanri#%ts la8 !.
Calls for 
 an immediate essation o >sraeli military assaults t%rou#%out t%e"uied 6alestinian 9erritory* inludin# $ast Jerusalem* and an end to atta<s a#ainst alli0ilians* inludin# >sraeli i0ilians

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