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James Monkman (b. 1793)

James Monkman (b. 1793)

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James and Mary Monkman, profile of their Metis children and grandchildren.
James and Mary Monkman, profile of their Metis children and grandchildren.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Jul 23, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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James Monkman.
(b. 1793)James married Mary (Cree) at Severn House. They lived at Severn House !i" Trout#ake and $sland #ake be%ore movin" to the &ed &iver Settlement in 1'1. Their Metishildren all born in northeastern Manitoba *ere+ Harriet James (b.. 1',7) -nne any(b.. 1',7) Jose/h (b. 1'1,) and 0rnest (b. 1'11). Their son Jose/h (ld Joe) Monkman*as also an H!C em/loyee and *orked %rom 1'2 to 1'2' as a Middleman. Children born at St. John4s *ere5 Mary (b. 1'1) Jane (b. 1'66) and John (b. . 1'63). JamesMonkman died 17 -u"ust 1'2 a"e 91+ and is buried at St. eter8s Churh. The Metis hildren and "randhildren o% James and Mary Monkman have been Metisharvesters /redominantly %ishers on #ake inni/e" and east o% #ake inni/e" %or *ellover 1,, years.The "reat:"reat:"reat "randson o% James and Mary Monkman is liver Monkman Jr. (b.193'). liver beame an eleted ;ie:resident ($nterlake 199:6,,3) %or the ManitobaMetis <ederation. $n 6,,3 liver retired %rom Metis /olitis a%ter servin" the Metis /eo/le %or 32 years.James Monkman4s H!C Servie reord51793 Seaman on rine o% ales to =ork <atory. 1793 6 Se/t. >le%t as seaman on board the !ri" !eaver>. 1793:179 Sailor Severn =ork distrit 179':1'11 !ri"8s Mate Severn =ork distrit 1'16 -ssistant Trader Severn House =ork distrit 1'13:1'12 -ssistant Trader =ork distrit. 1'12:1'1 -ssistant Trader $sland #ake =ork distrit. 1'1 6 -/ril to &ed &iver Settlement.1'1:1'63 ame a//ears on the H!C books.Son Jose/h Monkman (b. 1'1,) married $sabella Setter the dau"hter o% -ndre* Setter 
and Mar"aret ?e""y@ S/ene (b.1'13)
$n 1'71
 Ald Joe4 beame the ostmaster atthe 0a"le4s est ost %%ie
in the St eters &eserve. This ost %%ie *as later kno*n as
 -ndre* Setter *as also an H!C em/loyee51',,:1',3 #abourer bounty %or travellin" inland =ork.1',3:1', #abourer bounty in 1',2 %or travellin" inland =ork 1',:1',9 #abourer =ork. 1',9:1'13 #abourer =ork 1'13:1'1' #abourer 1'12:1'1 aint &iver Saskathe*an 1'1:1'1' 0dmonton 1'19:1'63 Steersman B//er &ed &iver 1'63 &etired
 Sri/ a%%idavit %or Setter Mar"aret+ born5 July 1'13+ husband5 eor"e Setter+ %ather5 -ndre* Setter (Sot)+mother5 Mar"aret S/ene (MDtis)+ laim no5 312+ sri/ no5 637' to 63'2+ date o% issue5 May 1 1'7+ amount5 E1, 1
e"uis ..
and the
iloloF ilulo .. ?ld Joe Monkman@ established the %irst salt:makin" /lant on #ake inni/e"osis and in onGuntion *ith his sons o% *hom there *asa lar"e %amily suess%ully o/erated it %or many years. B/on his retirement %rom the business it *as taken u/ and ontinued by t*o o% his sons John and Jose/h *ho arriedon the enter/rise until han"ed onditions made it un/ro%itable. $t *as Jose/h Monkman*ho ated as "uide to r. Gohn ShultI *hen he esa/ed %rom &iel4s souts on his no*%amous sno*shoe Gourney made in the dead o% *inter aross ountry %rom <ort arry tontario.Sri/ a%%idavit %or Monkman Jose/h+ born5 1'1,+ %ather5 James Monkman (0n"lish)+ mother5 Mary (S*am/y Cree)+ laim no5 6,6+ sri/ no5 1,9,6+ date o% issue5 t. 6 1'7+ amount5 E1,.Sri/ a%%idavit %or Monkman $sabella+ born51'17+ *i%e o% Jose/h Monkman+ %ather5 -ndre* Setter (Sot)+ mother5 Mar"aret S/ene (MDtis)+ laim no5 6,62+ sri/ no5 1,9,3+ date o% issue5 t. 6 1'7.Sri/ a%%idavit %or Monkman James+ born5 16 -/ril 1'7+ %ather5 Jose/h Monkman+ mother5 $sabella Setter. Sri/ a%%idavit %or Monkman Jose/h+ onernin" the laims o% his hildren5 illiam Monkman+ born5 1 tober 1'1+ -leander Monkman born5  -u"ust 1'3+ $sabella Monkman born5 9 -u"ust 1'2+ avid Monkman born5 9 Se/tember 1'9.Sri/ a%%idavit %or Monkman Jose/h Jr.+ born5 12 tober 1'3+ %ather+ Jose/h Monkman (MDtis)+ mother5 $sabella Monkman (MDtis)+ laim no5 6,6+ sri/ no5 1,9,+ date o% issue5 t. 6 1'7+ amount5 E1,.Sri/ a%%idavit %or Monkman Thomas+ born5 67 -/ril 1'2+ %ather+ Jose/h Monkman (MDtis)+ mother5 $sabella Monkman (MDtis)+ laim no5 1'3+ sri/ no5 131 to 13'+ date o% issue5 May 1 1'7+ amount5 E1,.Sri/ a%%idavit %or Monkman hili/+ born5 11 -/ril 1''+ %ather5 Jose/h Monkman (MDtis)+ mother5 $sabella Monkman (MDtis)+ laim no5 6,69+ sri/ no5 1,9,7+ date o% issue5 t. 6 1'7+ amount5 E1,.Sri/ a%%idavit %or Monkman John+ born5 -u"ust 1',+ %ather5 Jose/h Monkman+ mother5 $sabella Monkman.Sri/ a%%idavit %or Monkman James+ born5 16 -/ril 1'7+ %ather5 Jose/h Monkman (MDtis)+ mother5 $sabella Monkman (MDtis)+ laim no5 6,6'+ sri/ no5 1,9,+ date o% issue5 t. 6 1'7+ amount5 E1,.
Sri/ a%%idavit %or Monkman -ndre*+ born5  June 1'21+ %ather5 Jose/h Monkman+ mother5 $sabella Monkman. James and Mary Monkman4s "randson -ndre* Monkman *as born June  1'26 at St. eter4s. He married any Chastelaine born 1'2 at <ort <ranes the dau"hter o%  arisse Chastelaine
 and any <inlayson.
 $n 1'''
-ndre*4s *i%e any died. The 1'91
reorded illiam as a 29 year old *ido*er *ith si survivin" hildren at home5 illiam
(a"e 16) Thomas (9) t*ins
Jane (both a"e 7) 0liIabeth
(2) and Mar"aret
(a"e 3). -ndre* then moved to #oon Straits. n January 31 1'97 -ndre* married
Catherine 0liIabeth hitesand %rom !loodvein. They then hadten hildren. -ndre* bou"ht John Thomas4s /lae on the island aross %rom #oon Straits and moved his *i%e and %our hildren %rom #oon Straits and took u/ /ermanent resideneon the island. Thus it beame kno*n
as Monkman4s $sland as it remains on ma/s o% #ake inni/e" to this day. Their last si hildren *ere born on this island.Sri/ a%%idavit %or Monkman any (nee Chatelaine)+ *i%e o% -ndre* Monkman+ born5 -u"ust 1'2+ %ather5 arisse Chatelain+ mother5 any <inlayson Sri/ a%%idavit %or Chatelain Jr. arisse+ born5 tober 1''+ %ather5 arisseChatelain (MDtis)+ mother5 any <inlayson (MDtis)+ laim no.5 691'+ sri/ no.51669+ date o% issue5 Marh 66 1'79+ amount5 E1,.,, Their son Thomas -leander Monkman born -u"ust ' 1''6 married Mar"aret Jane?Ma""ie@ Sott born Se/tember 1 1'91 at !lak !ear $sland. Thomas and Mar"aret4sson liver James Monkman Sr. *as born in 19, at &abbit oint on #ake inni/e" andraised on Matheson $sland. hen his /arents died he moved to #oon Straits. liver *orked on the #ake inni/e" steamshi/ olverine and at the od4s #ake mine be%oremarryin" ilhelmenia Jenny M#eod the dau"hter o% orman (b. 1''7)
 and oraM#eod o% or*ay House. He then *orked *ith $ndian -%%airs and Medial Servies!ranh as a stationary en"ineer until 1927.
  arisse Chastellaine
Sr. and arisse Jr. both beame members o% the St eter4s $ndian!and
 be%ore the si"nin" o% Treaty ne in 1'71. arisse *as born in eember o% 1'61
at #a la luie(<ort <ranes) the eldest son o% anette Chartier and iholas ?ld ik@ Chatelain (1792:1'96) *ho *asa veteran o% the ar o% 1'16. $n 1'71 iholas Chatelain (a Metis H!C trader mana"er and inter/reter)*as hired by the %ederal "overnment as an inter/reter and *as /resent at the treaty ne"otiations *ith theGib*ay and Metis at #ake o% the oods (Treaty o. 3). $t *as Chatelain *ho reKuested that the Metis beinluded in Treaty o. 3 Morris re%used this reKuest but indiated that those Metis that so *ished ouldsi"n an adhesion to the treaty. n Se/tember 16 1'72 Chatelain atin" on behal% o% the Metis o% &ainy#ake and &ainy &iver si"ned a memorandum a"reement *ith Thomas ennis. This a"reement kno*n asthe ?Hal%:!reed -dhesion to Treaty o. 3@ set aside t*o reserves %or the Metis and entitled them toannuity /ayments attle and %arm im/lements. Bn%ortunately the e/artment o% $ndian -%%airs did notrati%y this a"reement and over the %ollo*in" ten years the Metis sou"ht to reeive the /romised bene%its.
 any <inlayson o% 
<ort <ranes *as the dau"hter o% iol <inlayson and his Gi:Cree *i%e. iol <inlayson (179:1'77) %rom &oss:Shire Sotland *as the H!C Chie% Trader at <ort <ranes.
 orman *as the son o% onald M#eod (b. 1'2) and his *i%e Sarah.3

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