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Types of the Old Testament Explained.

Types of the Old Testament Explained.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 23, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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UntitledTYPES OF THE OLD TESTAMET EXPLAIED. BY BEJAMI KEACH ADAM A TYPE OF CHRIST. " Death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned, after the esmiU- tude of Adam's transgression, who is the figure of him that was to come" Eom. T. 14 PABALLEL8. I. Adam had no &tlier bat God ; so Christ likewise had no &ther but God. Thejr were both in an especial manner ccdled the sons of God ; the one by creation, the other by eternal generation. II. Adam was made heir of the world : Christ is heir of all things, not onlyof this world, but of that which is to come. ni. Adam was a common or pablic person, representing all his seed, or natural off- spring ; hence his sin is changed upon his whole posterity ; ** By Adam's sin were many made sinners,'' &c., Horn. v. 12, 14. Christ the second Adam, is a eMftVuon or public person, representing all his true seed, or spiritual of^ring : so that as Adam's sin was im- Page 1
Untitledputed to all his children, so is Christ's righteousness imputed to all his children, through fiuth, Rom. y. 19. The first Adam merited death for his seed ; the seoond Adam merited life for Us seed. OAH A TYPE OP CHRIST. PABALLELB. I. ItoAH was a saviour, nay, in a good sense, the saviour of the world ; forit was through him, and by his means and righteousness, there was a seed preserved from the Flood, &c. Christ is a Saviour, the great Saviour, the only Saviour of the world ; hence called Jesus. U. oah was a preacher of righteousness, and invited sinners to repentance : Christ was a Preacher of righteousness, and came on purpose to call sinners to repentance. oah's ministry was despised by the ungodly : so was the preaching and ministryof Jesus Christ, by the unbelieving Jews, and others : those that refused and rebelled against oah, and Page 2
Untitledhis ministry, were destroyed by wat^ ; and those that refuse and rebel against Christ, shall be destroyed by fire. III. oah built an ark ; so Christ builds his Church. oah built the ark according to the commandment of God ; so Christ in building his Church, did eveiy thing according to the commandment received from his Father. 3. oah took many trees to build the ark : so Christ takes many believers, called trees of righteousness, to build his Church. lY. Some clean, and some unclean beasts were received into oah's ark ; so some holy and sanctified persons, and some unsanctified ones, are received intoChrist's Church, though not Iqf Christ* a appointment. AOOIC IV.] OB, tYPES EXPtAIED. 97d y. All that were not received in the ark, perished. So all Who get not spiritually by faith into Jesus Christ, or are not true members of the visible or invisible Church, shall be damned and perish eternally. VI. oah's ark was tossed upon the rough waves, and yet Was preserved ;so the Church of Christ is tossed upon the rough waves of a tempestuous world, and yet preserved. Page 3

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