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Ways to Use Your Time to Have Successful Relationship 4

Ways to Use Your Time to Have Successful Relationship 4



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Published by olufemi fasanya
I feel before a single should consider anyone for relationship, he/she should spend time to really seek the mind of his/her Maker on the issue, it’s terrible to make decisions in life out of emotions or logical deduction alone.
I feel before a single should consider anyone for relationship, he/she should spend time to really seek the mind of his/her Maker on the issue, it’s terrible to make decisions in life out of emotions or logical deduction alone.

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Published by: olufemi fasanya on Dec 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ways to use your time to have successful relationship 4
I had a lady raise an issue with me recently on who to blame for people who experiencedelays in getting married; she wanted to find out what could really have been wrong for such occurrence to happen in the life of a person. She raised up a situation where a ladyright from her birth to the time she became an adult, never had any man showing anyform of interested in her for relationship. I responded my bringing to light my book onmarital delay, reasons, effect and the way out. I told her that some people may actually beunder attack from spiritual forces; that could be as a result of a curse or enchantments placed on the person. I also have heard stories of women who could only get marriedafter the hold of the evil ones on them got broken; these women were beautiful, yet noman ever asked them out. One interesting thing about these women (those under a curse)is that they seem to be blind to this problem until they are advanced in years.However, though one may blame the power of darkness for the delays people go through;I have come to discover that over 95% delays are caused by the individual involve. Thereality is, we have been given the responsibility to chart the course of our lives. In my book marital delay, reasons, effect and the way out; I wrote the following- ‘There arequestions that run through my mind as regards who is to blame for the wrong happeningsin the lives of people. One of the reasons for asking these questions stems from observingsingles that have reached marriageable age, but are not married.I have tried to know whether it is true that the reason many singles do not marry earlyenough is caused solely by external factors such as the devil and the activities of hiskingdom. But alas l have come to the conclusion that whatever happens to a man isdirectly or indirectly the product of his choices.The Lord placed in my heart these words while I was ruminating on the issue, “
Theworld is like the sea, our lives like a ship, God is only our INSTRUCTOR, Whereverthe ship berths is our choice, so be RESPONSIBLE
.” Until you know that you areresponsible for where you are, you will keep blaming others for where you are, and thisalways results in stagnation.Being single at a late age is majorly the contribution of the individual involved. Manholds God responsible for everything that happens to him; he calls it destiny/fate.However, his everyday choices chart the course of his future.’I heard the story of Lara months ago, she is presently over 40 years, single and stillsearching; story have it that at the early stage of her life, she was the babe in town. Shehad hit the club big time, partying and dating the ‘biggest boyz’ around. Some of the menshe dated really wanted to get married to her, but she just wasn’t the type to tie her lifedown at that period of time to any man. So she kept changing men: she kept banging menhard who she felt weren’t in her class. She was ‘the babe’- the most desired and wanted.However, another angel reigned years later that captivated the men that had interested inher with her youthfulness, beauty and innocence. Her (Lara) tenure as queen was fastrunning out because the younger ladies in the neighborhood too were growing up and
some of them were quite adorable. One after the other, the men who professed their undying love for her began to move on to the younger babes.Who is to blame for her delayed experience in getting married? I can hear everyone thatwill read this article say; Lara is to blame for her predicament. My question to youhowever, is- are you not making the mistake of Lara presently by the way you are usingup your time? I traveled some years back for a friend’s wedding out of Lagos; I took twoof my books (Marital delay and singles your spouse is not in church) along to give as agift to anyone that catches my attention. I met a young lady that I decided to give one to;I asked her to choose one of the books- she immediately picked singles your spouse is notin church. I asked her why she didn’t pick, marital delay, reasons, effect and the way out;her response was that she can’t go through a delay experience. That’s the mindset of single until the reality hits some of them.What you do with your time will tell a lot about the output and outcome of your life; I believe strongly that the prayer of desperation that people make on marriage issue willnot have been necessary if they had done what they should have done at the appropriatetime. I will like to continue on the topic-
ways to use your time to have a successfulrelationship
Spend time to pray-
There is a Nigerian adage that says, ‘
Whatever good you desire inlife, requires that you pray.
’ I tell singles to pray, so that they won’t have to pray later in life. What I meant is, it’s better to pray that you be delivered from temptation now,than to get into it and start praying for deliverance.I feel before a single should consider anyone for relationship, he/she should spend time toreally seek the mind of his/her Maker on the issue, it’s terrible to make decisions in lifeout of emotions or logical deduction alone. The difference between wisdom andsmartness is- wisdom comes from doing what you have been inspired to do by onesMaker. While been smart has to do with looking at the indices on ground to make vitaldecisions of life. Both are good, but one is better- wisdom.I will encourage every single to learn to pray; please pray about everything and anythingthat will enable your relationship succeed. Pray that the will of God be done in your lifeas it’s in heaven; pray about the suitors that come speaking sweet words you want tohear; pray about the kind of marriage you will want to have; pray for your future in-laws; pray, pray, pray.I heard a true life story years ago; a lady came crying to the pastor of her church with theword thank God, thank God. Her story was that when she was in the university, she hadtwo notable suitors; however, one was rich and the other poor. One was working andmaking lots of cash; the other was a student who was struggling to survive. When sheasked people for counsel, they kept telling her to go for the rich guy. Some of them eventold her that
the voice of people is the voice of God.
When she prayed about it, she feltthat God will have her give her consent to the poor guy; so she took the decision to do just that and most people thought she was crazy. Years later after graduating and been

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