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Published by outdash2

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Published by: outdash2 on Jul 24, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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AcceptingAseresHaDibros-What’s a Dibra?
Tikkun Lail Shavuos 5771 oung !srael o" Woo#$ere
%abbi An#re& Sicklick' DDS
(olu$e 7)*11
Accepting Aseres HaDibros- What’s a Dibra
Learning together English sources
Israel M”B; gemara
R’ME = I Brought You Unto Me, Rabbi Moshe M. Eisemann, !!"
 # Letter $or the #ges, %. &'()ur%ose o$ a gathering $or learning
*+o, hen ne-t +hauos comes aroun/, I suggest that besi/es celebrating the /a0 b0 learning as much as e can – an/ ma0be a little more – e also ta1e the time to re2oice in ho e are an/ in the 1in/ o$ relationshi% that the Ribono shel 3lam $orge/ ith us. Let us recall that the Ribono shel 3lam /i/ not sa0 that 4e brought us to +inai so that 4e oul/ be able to gie us #seres 4a5ibros there. 6hat 4e /i/ sa0 as
 789: < 7: >8?@A
 <@C <:CD F D>G G@G8 <H? <><@F @G ><G >G
<G D>G GG8
*6hat e are celebrating on +hauos is a Jhasunah, a e//ing consecrate/ beteen the Ribono shel 3lam an/ ourseles
 A8?F 8D KA ><CF> >D9? < A8?>
8> >? N O 8>C>P 8<
+hauos is a /a0 o$ unboun/e/ elation an/ ha%%iness $or both Jhasan an/ Qallah, a $orming o$ a ne entit0, a $usion an/ a oneness establishe/ beteen the Ribono shel 3lam an/ ourselesIn this marriage
 Aseres HaDibros
, once the0 ere engrae/ u%on the
, became the e//ing ring. She0 constitute/ the $ormal han/ing oer o$ an earnest to eerlasting commitment.” TR’ME, %. ,VW
*#lthough the Xeish %eo%le /i/ enter into the Lan/ o$ Israel subseuent to the E-o/us $rom Eg0%t, this as not the %rimar0 goal o$
Yezi’at Mizrayim.
She Lan/ o$ Israel as their /estination but not their /estin0. She /irect goal o$ the E-o/us as the reelation at +inai, the trans$ormation o$ a sub2ugate/ %eo%le into *a nation o$ %riests an/ a hol0 nation.” It as not 2ust to grant them %olitical an/ economic $ree/om, but also to create asacre/ %eo%le.” T#n E-alte/ Eening, %. ZW
< 7: >8?@ T8 P7W G>8N G>7<9:
<A >@F 7 GG8 A[8< 9P G8@ <: ,<C<9  <C: .<G D>G GG8
Sorah names them(
A 7: >8?@
>P F >D<8 >@ G <?8 DG G P < <FG8 8< <FG 787< F @ <<8 TPD<A >@F >< <A >G
5aas Mi1raA 7: <A
<CG >8P <C@ F >D<8 <A >@F >8@F D>G 8H @G 8>< >G D A\<8 T\<
< 7: <A
@G ]8>?  D<G 787< A @G <A >@F >G 8@G >D?D >P F >D<8 TA<G 787< C><8 7 8<
6hat are the0^ T e-%licit %lacesW

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