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Some jewels of divine knoweldge

Some jewels of divine knoweldge

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Published by: api-26393778 on Dec 02, 2009
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A few Jewels of divine knowledge for all*
\ue000How to overcome worry

Try to enjoy the worry
When worry is inevitable, enjoy it and be wise
Even continued happiness leads to mental worry
Thus happiness and worry must be alternative
If you are worried by the continued happiness

You are worried at the cost of the result of your good

Instead of this it is better to get worry at the cost of your

Let the sin give some trouble and then you worry out of
In this way the result of the sin is spent and the not the
result of good effort
The loss in your present worry may be compensated in
the future
But the time lost in your past worry cannot be
Because the life span of any human being is fixed
Your loss may be compensated by million times in the
But even one second of your lost time can never be
Therefore, understand this and think about the value of
the time
This knowledge of the value of time is called as \u2018Kala
Which means the knowledge of the future that you
should know,
Which provides the possibility of the compensation of
all the loss
Except the loss of time, therefore, time is the most
You may waste anything that can be again procured in
the future,
But never waste the time, which you can never
There are two ways to escape the mental worry in this

The first way is by obtaining the peace, which is zero
The second way is by achieving the bliss, which is plus
Worry is minus, peace is zero and bliss is plus
To escape minus, either you should be in zero or in plus
Bliss can be obtained only from the Lord in this world

Since Veda says that the Lord alone is bliss \u201cAnando
Veda also says that the Lord alone can give you the
\u201cEsha Hyeva Anandayati\u201d this is quite logical in fact
The water is alone cool and so it alone can give
Whatever is said in the Vedas, it is always logical
\ue000I am very much anxious to get a child and good

You are getting everything according to your present deeds and also the past deeds. The Lord has arranged the cycles of your births. In each cycle happiness and

misery are alternatively arranged leaving the sequence of good and bad deeds. Even if you have done two sins subsequently the fruits of the two sins are not given to you subsequently. The result of a good deed is penetrated in between these two sins. Like this the Lord has arranged all your life cycles at present and in the future. If you are pestering Him, He will bring the result of good deed from the future cycle to the present cycle as a pre-matured fixed deposit with reduced value. By such interference your future life cycles will be filled with misery. Then you will scold the Lord crying \u201cOh! Lord you have given me misery from birth to death\u201d. You don\u2019t remember your foolish interference in the past birth. The other way is that the Lord in human form should transfer your sin on Him and should suffer for your sake. This path is possible only when you don\u2019t aspire for this path and worship the Lord in human form by sacrificing all your bonds of the world. This is possible only for a true devotee who never wishes that the Lord should suffer for his or her sake. Such true devotee will be worshipping the Lord without aspiring anything in return. One has to understand the theory of Karma and the devotion towards Lord. The Lord suffers for the sins of His true devotees only who are really serving the Lord in practice by doing Karma Sanyasa (Sacrifice of work) and Karma Phala Tyaga (Sacrifice of the fruit of work) in His mission without aspiring anything in return. In such service even an Iota of desire should not be present even in any biological cell of the human being. This is called \u2018NISHKAMA KARMA YOGA\u2019 AS EMPHASIZED IN GITA.

The difficulties in your life are your best friends

The difficulties in your life are your best friends which keep you always active and alert about everything related to you. They will lead you to the direction of God and increase your devotion to God tremendously. The help received from God in the climax of difficulties is very much relished by you like cool water in the hot summer. The divine experience will be deep.

\ue000Why are people indulged in killing each other in
the name of God?

The original founders of the religions were the human incarnations of the same God like Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha etc. Every religion says that their God only created this entire earth or this entire humanity. Unfortunately, there is only one earth and this proves that there is only one God mentioned by all the religions. Since God is one and the same, there cannot be contradicting concepts between the religions. But we find some contradictions and people are divided based on these contradictions. This division is leading to quarrels and finally killing each other. These contradictions cannot be from God because there is only one God as said above. These contradictions were introduced into the religions by some misinterpretations




b o r

A few Jewels of divine knowledge for all*

of the followers only in the name of God. Hence the killing is also done in the name of God only. Q`ran says that you should protect even the follower of other religion and convey the message of Allah to him. It is left to him to follow or not. Hiranyakashipu worshipped Lord Shiva and his son Prahlada ( a great devotee) worshipped Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu killed Hiranyakashipu not because he is worshipping Lord Shiva but because he tortured Prahlada to change his religion of worshipping Vishnu. In fact Shiva is Vishnu (Shivashcha Naarayanah\u2026Veda). The conclusion of this is that God will punish you if you torture the devotee of any religion obstructing the freedom of his religion. Prahlada did not force his father to worship Vishnu. The same God exists in different forms in different religions. Hinduism is a mini model of unity in diversity that should exist in the universe as universal spirituality.

\ue000Why God keeps silent to somebody even after
intensive cry?

A diabetic patient cries before a doctor to get a sweet for eating. The doctor has infinite number of sweets and he does not worry at all for giving a sweet to the patient. You are crying before God, who is the divine father (creator of all the souls) to give some wealth or to solve some problem. If He helps you, there is not even a trace of any personal loss to Him. Neither His wealth nor His power is finite and nor His love to souls is limited. The only factor that guides Him is to see the future position after the help. If your eyes are to climb the roof of your head after the help, God will keep silent. After the help you will fall down even from your present level and then you will cry again before the same God to lift you up. If the doctor gives you the sweet, the level of sugar may go up and the emergent treatment is also the responsibility of the same doctor. Hence the doctor will not give you the sweet. If the doctor is confident of your health, he may give the sweet. Sometimes the doctor gives the sweet and conducts the emergent treatment to show you the truth, if you are scolding the doctor to be unkind. The response of the doctor lies on his analysis of the situation and it is not the subject of the patient at all. You must have the faith in the doctor (God) that any response is for your good only and you must know that the patient is ignorant of his own real welfare.


Corruption is grabbing the wealth of others for the sake of comforts of one\u2019s own body and family. The body is like a seat in the train and you, the soul, are the passenger. The family members are like just bench- mates in the same train. For the comfort of yourself and your bench-mates, if you trouble other passengers in the train, it is corruption. Life is just a matter of a short one- hour train journey. Your bench-mates will get down at their respective destinations and will not remember you

thereafter. Even you will have to leave your seat and
move on.

After death, you have to leave your family members, who will not recognize you in their next birth. After getting down from the train of this life, you have to face the interview with God. There he will decide if you are to be granted permanent happiness or permanent misery. Therefore, you must concentrate on the preparation for this grand interview even during your journey through this life. Do not worry about the comforts of your own seat and that of your bench- mates. You will have to leave your own seats and all the bench-mates behind anyway. The bonds with your bench-mates (family members) are temporary and unreal. Sankara says that whatever is temporary must be unreal. The bond, which did not exist before and will not exist in future, does not exist even in the present time. Such spiritual realization is a must for getting a permanent control over corruption.

Correlating Astrology and Theory of Karma

Astrologers say that you are getting troubles due to the movement of the planets. This means that you are getting the trouble not due to your previous sins. Therefore you feel that you are unnecessarily getting troubles, even though you have not done any sin. Astrologers say that a police arrests you because you are going on a road and accidentally the police is also walking on the same road. You are very anxious to get rid of these troubles because these are unnecessary punishments for you. The astrologers exploit your anxiety by suggesting some remedies. The word Graha (planet) means that system which gives the exact result for your exact deed in exact time. The planets are just the computers. They are inert and are not independent. Only Swami can change the decisions. Therefore there is no use of worshipping the planets. One has to receive the fruits of the deeds whether good or bad (Naabhuktam Ksheeyate Karma). There is only one way to escape the fruits of the deeds. The Lord comes down in human form and undergoes the punishments for your sake and saves you. At the same time He will protect the prestige of God of Justice and the theory of Karma. This is the main reason for His human incarnation. He will never cancel the fruits of deeds. He will sacrifice Himself and protects you. When you cannot pay the fine, your father pays it. You must become eligible for such grace of the Lord. The eligibility is achieved by you when you do not aspire to get rid of the fruits of your deeds and prepare to undergo the punishments of all your sins. You should never think that the Lord should sacrifice for your sake.

It is said that God takes the form as per your
desire. Does it not mean that He is formless?
God is neither formless nor has form. In the creation
both formless objects like air and form-full objects like
A few Jewels of divine knowledge for all*
earth exist. Because of this reason God is neither
formless nor form-full since both are imaginable.Veda
says that God is unimaginable. But God comes in

human form, which is useful to the humanity in all directions. The main aim of the human form is preaching Divine Knowledge. That is why God has taken a human form which is very much useful to the humanity in various angles. You have to worship such form taken by God. He is not your servant to come in the form you desire.

In Gita the Lord said that He will approach the devotee in the same path as the devotee approaches. This does not mean that He will take the form as you like. You can take any form you like which can be a representative of God (Pratika) but God does not exist in it.


This human life is very rare. Next human birth is still rare. The ignorance of real aim of the life leads to thoughts of suicide due to tensions created in this unreal drama. Will any body kill himself or herself really on the stage while acting a drama? Is he or she not a fool? Is he or she not mad? Suppose a student is defeated in cricket game and commits suicide. Is he or she not mad? Suppose a student is defeated in cricket game and commits suicide. Is he not a fool? The game itself is a side activity meant for a change. This worldly life is just a side activity and one should not get even tension in this worldly life, not to speak of suicide!

Analyzing God\u2019s attitude to wards souls

God created all the souls and has the attitude of father towards His children. The father sometimes may have partiality in showing the love equally to his children. But God is always having infinite love for all the souls in equal manner. Even the punishments in the hell are meant for transformation of the souls from lower level to the higher level. God always tries to help the soul even if a trace of possibility exists in the cycle of the deeds. One soul need not recommend about the other soul to God to show the grace. If somebody recommends to his father regarding the welfare of his brother, how foolish it looks!

No soul should recommend to the God about other soul for protection or for showing the grace. If any soul recommends like that it is only insulting the infinite love of God. It is only the climax of the ignorance and the emotional love on the other soul, which lacks even the basic analysis of spiritual knowledge.

People of which state can see God?

When the egoism and jealousy are removed, which are the layers covering your eyes, you can see God through Satguru (present human incarnation).

My son died in an accident why God is so cruel?

Your question shows that you are not the real devotee of the Lord. Your son must have been a real devotee as expressed by your own words. He was born to you by his previous action (Prarabdha). In your association he will be certainly spoiled. Therefore the Lord wanted to

change him as a son of another real devotee. He allowed some time to see whether you will change as a real devotee so that your son may continue with you. But you have not changed because you are scolding the Lord for cutting your bond with your son. Actually all the family bonds should be cut for the sake of the bond with the Lord. Just like you change your son from a school containing bad students to a school with good students, the Lord changed your son to the atmosphere of a real devotee. Thus the Lord protected your son. In His view, removing this external body is just like removing the shirt. In your view, such removal of shirt is cruelty. Therefore always be firm that the Lord is always the protector and He is kindest towards all His real devotees.

Why God is tolerating the dictatorship of some

In the creation every incident is the result of the three dimensional network of action, time, fruit etc., You do not know the incidents of the previous birth. The person who tortured somebody is now born as the sufferer. You see this birth only and pity that soul. In the creation of God no injustice will take place and nobody will escape. Hence, the omniscient God keeps silent. The soul with limited knowledge talks all sorts of things.

Why the present rulers are not following the rule
when they punish the innocent people?

Again you are committing the mistake to think that the punished person is innocent. The innocence cannot be judged by either you or present ruler. Not only in the previous birth even in this birth had he committed several sins which are not only known to you or even to himself. Therefore, the real judgment is given by God. The judge may give a wrong judgment. He gave like that because his enquiry is guided by God. You are criticizing the judge. The judgment given by him by mistake is correct because it is given by God.

\ue000What are the duties of the human being?

The only duty of human being is the service to Lord. But, for the service, the maintenance of the body and family is essential. Therefore, the duties related to such maintenance are also part and parcel of the main divine duty.

Does every soul reach God?

For humanity God is confined to the human form only. Even the recognition itself is very difficult. Even after recognition it is more difficult to stand on it because He exhibits the Maya of three qualities. One in millions and that too in one birth after millions of births can identify and please the God with full sacrifice and service. Like this Gita says (Kaschit mam\u2026.).

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