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Love to the Brethren is Love to God.

Love to the Brethren is Love to God.

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1 St. John, iv. 7.
" Beloved, let us love one another : for love is of God"

1 St. John, iv. 7.
" Beloved, let us love one another : for love is of God"

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 24, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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LOVE TO THE BRETHRE IS LOVE TO GOD. EDITED BY REV. HERY EWLAD, 1 St. John, iv. 7. " Beloved, let us love one another : for love is of God" THE Catechism contains the summary of re ligion, and in this Catechism you will see that the Creed comes first, the Commandments afterward. This is no accidental arrangement, it occurs in the calendar also ; it is the Church s invariable rule of teaching, and is a lesson in itself. Faith does come first, Duty does come afterwards. It is so, and it must be so, in all religion, and if ever we try to reverse the order, to do good works first, with the idea of coming to be faithful at some future time, we are quite certain to let slip not only our faith, but our good works also. And in saying this, do not let me be sup posed to place Faith above Works, as some people have done. I no more say which of the two is of more importance to the Christian life, than I say whether a heart or a head is of LOVE TO THE BRETHRE IS LOVE TO GOD. 17 more importance to the physical life. Faith is the reason why we do good works ; good works are the fruit of a lively Faith. Be cause I say that one is the cause, and the other the effect, I do not say which is of the greatest importance, the cause or the effect. If any one were to ask me that question, I
would ask him in return which part of his clock he thought most necessary for telling the time, the works or the hands. His clock is made for a definite purpose, and that pur pose is to point out the time. It had all things given it which were necessary for that purpose, and nothing that was not necessary. If it happens to want any one of these neces sary things, everything else is perfectly use less. How can we say, then, that any one part is more necessary than any other ? The works may go correctly enough, but of what practical use are they if they had no hands to move? What were they put into the clock for, except to move those hands. And as for the hands, if they had not springs and wheels to move them, they might look well at a distance, and point the true time when the time came round to them, but they would be of no use as a measure of time ; that is to say, they would not do the only thing they were intended to do. 73 18 LOVE TO THE BRETHRE IS. LOVE TO GOD. But a man s works are manifest; we seldom see much of his faith except through them. This is why St. James says, " Show me thy faith without thy works, and I will show thee my faith by my works." True, we look at the hands of our clocks much oftener than we look at the works, and perhaps the better the clock goes, the less the the works are looked to or thought of. o
doubt the hands are intended to be outside where people can see them, and the works in side where people cannot see them, but this does not make that which is looked at of more consequence than that which is not seen. o doubt if the hands were concealed they would be useless, and if the works were exposed to everybody s sight, and to the wear and tear of ordinary life, they would become injured and clogged with dust and dirt, and would first go wrong, and soon not at all. Everything must be in its place, and when the hands keep true time, we know that the works go well, and when the works go well, the hands will keep true time; neither is of more consequence than the other, but for all that, it is quite true that the works move the hands, and not the hands the works. ow this is the reason why the Christian Year is arranged as our calendar has arranged LOVE TO THE BRETHRE IS LOVE TO GOD. 19 it. The calendar has placed the doctrinal half first. It has gone through all the history and the dogmas of religion, all that concerns our faith ; and then, and not till then, it points out our duty. This does not mean that what we have learnt in the first half of the year is of more consequence because it is placed first; it means this, that the first is the cause, and the second is, or ought to be, the effect. It first says very distinctly, " See what Christ has done for you," and then significantly adds, "Do not you think you ought to do something for Christ?" "We love Him," says St. John, " because He first loved us." The Church,

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