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English Grammer

English Grammer

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Published by api-19832454

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Published by: api-19832454 on Dec 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Grammar is an art and science of language. Grammars enable us to speak, write, and read any language accurately in simple words grammar is base and beauty of language.

Grammar is the backbone of language and vocabulary
its body if backbone is defected than body is crippled.

A collection of words or sentences, which we convey our thought to an other person and what an other person convey us that is called language.

There are 26 symbols in English alphabets, each of
them we called letter.
A group of letters which make a complete sense that
is called word.
A group of words which make a complete sense that,
is called sentence.
A group of words, which do not make a complete
sense that, is called phrase.
Example: Under the tree, in the box, on the table,
behind the chair, between the tables.

A group of words, which do not make a complete sense but it, has a subject and verb that is called clause.

Example: They jump, we sleep, and we eat.
A verb is a word, which shows an action that is called
A verb tells us the position of noun and pronoun or
subject that is called verb.
Example: I drink water, you read a book.
There are two kinds of Verb:
Transitive Verb
Intransitive Verb

A Transitive verb is a word or verb, which requires object after it to make a complete sense, is called transitive verb.

Example: He eats a food.
They climb the tree.

An Intransitive is a word or verb, which does not, requires object but it gives the meaning only from subject that is called intransitive verb.

Example: The dogs bark, Men walk

The doer of an action that is called subject.
Example: \u201cSaleem\u201d write a latter.

The sustained of an action is called object.
The part of sentence, which tells us about, subject
that is called predicate.
Example: I \u201cgo to Lahore\u201d, He \u201csings a song\u201d

A Noun is the name of person, place, thing and animal
is called Noun.
Example: Ali, Karachi, Pen, Cat.

There are seven kinds of Noun:
Common Noun
Proper Noun
Countable Noun
Un countable
Abstract Noun
Collective Noun
Material Noun

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