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Published by timesave
A story by my 9 year daughter
A story by my 9 year daughter

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Published by: timesave on Mar 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHAPTER ONESHINGLE AND SMOKEIt all begins in a town not far away from London called Suburbia and an eleven year old girl calledRebecca was sitting by a river with a rabbit sitting next to her and she was listening to the water splashingdown the mossy rocks and into the stream“Aah I wish I could just be like that water, just be free and swim gracefully into the ocean and swim overand over again, but I can not for now because I am just a kid.”The rabbit looked confused with her wild and almost impossible ambitions, but if the rabbit could talk Ithink it would say “yes yes I am just a rabbit and I want to be like you so think your self lucky.”BANG - Farmer Ted was in the next field and could smell rabbit so the rabbit ran off leaving poorRebecca all on her own, and she looked down into the water saw her gritty dirty appearance murmuredand washed her face once and ran home to her little old carriage at the bottom of the cold stream.So she followed the white rabbit to dark thick over growth and woods to a little village beyond the horizonwere there was a beach and sea. I was curious about this because it is rare to see unspoilt beach’s well abeach at all in Victorian Britain well… it is coming to an end after all it is 1899. Soon a man dressed in ablack posh outfit and he took a gold fob watch out of his pocket. So I hid behind a bush and I heard himsay “the magistrates and the important guests should be here soon.” Then I thought for a moment and Iwas thinking “what can such a man do to be so rich oh no his the mill runner!!!” and I saw the guestsarrive there was several old men, a young woman and a man in his middle age, but they were all posh andrich as a matter of fact, and they sternly walked towards the mill on the hill.I could not stop my self and I said “oh that just ruins the landscape” unfortunately the people heard meand the mill runner picked me up by the ear and said loudly “what are you doing” everyone looked at himin surprise and murmured to one another. The mill owner looked mad a looked at me and whispered “doyou know who these people are, they are inspecting the mill and I could lose everything.” one of the mencaught sight of him whispering to Rebecca and he said “may I ask WHAT is SHE doing here!!”Well the man gulped and said “she is erm …Erma growing a mint plantation “a mint plantation whatever is she doing that for.” another man asked “well … She is doing it to feed the workers erm.. But theyhave to pay 5 farfingss a bar. “A bar of what!!” the women replied“Kendall mint cake” he nervously replied“Mr Kendall what ever are you talking about” the old man said“Well it is mint cake what she grows and I sell and it is named after me after all” the mill runner clearedhis throat and the crowd of guests happily murmured about it to one another, and the mill runner said tome“you are coming with me to work and do extra shifts to grow the mint and make the mint cake because Iwill expect the gents and ladies here would like to try some and I will get a pass and more money” theman finished the conversation and walked slowly towards the mill with the girl leaving the inspectors towalk away happily.
CHAPTER TWOWORKING AT THE MILLSo on Monday I started my work at Ings Mill and to my surprise, it was a match mill were they madematches. Everyone greeted me when I came, but they were fined when they talked so it was bad and also Imet a girl called Vicky who was mean and nasty and got me into trouble. Here is what she did - I waspacking the matches into boxes and Vicky knocked the box over and I got fined a sixpence. Also, I heardof stuff called Phosphorus, nasty stuff that gave a girl called Mabel who used to work here, Phossy jawthat is when it gets in between your teeth and rots your jaw and your gums and your teeth fall out. Ithought “Ay ay they ought to ban the stuff… well what can you do we will just get sacked anyway.” ThenI knew I had made an enemy and a fear which I ought to stay away from. After an eight hour shiftstanding up all day Mr Kendall called for me and he took me near the beach, he said to me “here aretwenty packets of seeds of mint they are imported from Africa so it is coming out of your pay check. Yehear me girl.”“Yes sir” I gulped and he gave me a watering can and a spade and I begun to make the mint cake.I didn’t have the faintest idea what to do so I dug a hole and planted them then watered them and Ienjoyed the shade and waited for him to come back. But when he came back he was not impressed andasked me “why arent you doing anything and may I ask where is the mint”“Well sir I planted the seeds and I waited for you to come back and you’re as thick as a post because ittakes time to grow and…”“WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT ME!!!” the Mr Kendall angrily replied“Well…” he interuptered me as I thought and he replied back by saying“You will be fined for that and I ought to keep an eye on you lady”He walked away and to my surprise he took me back in the mill. Also all the other girls were jealousespecially Vicky who was planning something I knew it. I was on duty making the match heads with thephosphorus with this kind lady that was in her middle age called Elaine. It was hard work and the fumeswere awful soon after eight hours something bad happened. Elaine and I were working as normal at themill and I looked at the white phosphorus bubbling in the pot and with a glimse and with Elaine inhalingit she fell to the floor with a bang and before you could say pepper mint Mr Kendall came quickly aroundthe corner and said “what are you doing on the floor girl get up”“Oh carnt you see she has fainted, oh is it phossy jaw Elaine is it” said Rebecca“Oh Rebecca I can not help but think about poor old Mabel, oh Vicky, Rebecca I think it is”“Oh shush there there you will be fine, well at least I hope so.” Vicky said kindly and looked at medesperately and I looked back.Mr Kendall make a kind but unfair offer and said “well she may have got phossy jaw but I want this tableworking in two minutes.” as he walked around the corner I think he heard me say to the whole mill “if Mabel died and Elaine might do ohh there there we are all really sorry BUT” I stood up and marcheddeternemently down the mill back and forth holding my dres to stop it catching dirt from the ground andmake my speech “shouldn’t this nasty stuff be band” I stood pointing at the bubbling purple phosphorusand they all replied “YES” and banged on the table soon Mr Kendall came marching around the cornerand said “what is this noise what stop this nonsense” as soon as he looked at me and saw me not at mytable he gave me the sack and I had to leave. But when I did the banging got louder and louder and then Iknew I had started something.
CHAPTRER THREETHE BILLS FROM KENDALLOf course he did not dare to fire me but me and my mates at the table I worked at, had to work at the mintplantation to help me and do an hour or two at the factory so I knew one of his senses came alive andacted on the tragic situation of Mabel and Elaine dying. But after that nasty surprise I did not know therewas another nasty surprise around the corner. Me and all of the workers on table six (the table I work at)were at the mint plantation near the beach at the bottom of the hill when Mr Kendall asked “I want to seeyou at three o’ clock sharp at my office.”“Ooh you’re really gonna get it this time, Rebecca” said Violet (another one of the workers on table six.)“Oh don’t start Violet” said Vicky and smiled at me. I didn’t know if I trusted her yet but I smiled back cheerfully.At lunch break one of the workers Elizabeth said to me “I wonder what he wants you for, I hope you havenot got the sack.. Well on a different topic thanks for letting us girls helps you at the mint plantation itsure is clean air out here!!”“Ye ye it is a good life out here AND ITS JUST FOR US!!” happily replied Rebecca and with that theysung a song and the time had came for Rebecca to face Mr Kendall in his office.I nervously looked into his office window and he was doing paper work. He had his hand on his head andhe looked really stressed and concerned he caught sight of me and called me in and I sat nervously infront of him on a chair and he said “now then dear Rebecca, we need to talk about a matter on the mintplantation for we have situation on the making of cakes. We need to make them and the wrappers but thisis almost impossible by hand so we will have to run another factory to make them that will cost more thanI get to build and make it. So I have signed a contract on the matter and I need your signature the contractsaid “if Rebecca is not an adult she can not borrow money from the bank so you shall have to pay for ityourself for the C.O.L. (the Council of London) do not wish for mill businesses to pay for it so the creatorof the idea will have to pay for it.Signed:
George Kendall  
“Now all we need my dear is your signature so” Mr Kendall askedSo I looked into his eyes and I knew if I failed to sign it he would go mental so I doubtfully picked up mypencil and signed it and he replied “you may go now” and as I left he said. “ I regret myself signing thecontract but it is what is best for the mill and you may leave the mill until you have got the money and Imean you have to got to London but I will keep you posted and may I ask can you write back so I think itis farewell for now. With that I left the room and told everyone the bad news and went to London to seek My fortune and pay off this massive debt I owe to the mill of terror and the unfair trade mint plantation.

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