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Blackmon police report

Blackmon police report

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Published by Deadspin
Blackmon police report
Blackmon police report

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Published by: Deadspin on Jul 24, 2014
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Edmond Police Edmond Police Incident Report - 201403331
1of Page:Date:07/24/2014 09:254
Incident Location
Approving EPD SERGEANT SCOTT FEES - EDMD - 200 - Original ReportUCR Validation EPD SERGEANT SCOTT FEES - EDMD - 200 - Original ReportAssisting EPD OFFICER AARON LONDON - EDMD - 448 - Original ReportReporting EPD OFFICER BRAD GRIFFIN - EDMD - 516 - Original ReportArresting EPD OFFICER BRAD GRIFFIN - EDMD - 516 - Original ReportAddress:
Incident PeopleIncident OffensesOfficers InvolvedIncident Businesses
 Hgt: 602, Wgt: 220, Large, Brown Eyes, Black Hair, Short Hair, Mustache&Goatee (Date of Info: 07/23/2014)
Sex:MRace:BDOB:01/09/1990Age:24Scar Groin area 3" HERNIAOriginal ReportDrugsWeapons:07/23/2014Arrest Date:Type:On-View Arrest
Address:Address:Address:101 E 1ST STR 101 E 1ST STR 23 E 1ST STR EDMOND, OK 73034EDMOND, OK 73034EDMOND, OK 73034Phone:Phone:Original Report(405) 348-8830 (Date of Info: 12/13/2009)(405) 348-8830 (Date of Info: 07/14/2009)
240002775NFL, - FOOTBALL (Emp. Date of Info: 07/23/2014)Employment:##1218223610DRUG-POSSESSION-MARIJUANATRAFFICOriginal ReportOriginal Report
POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA - 1 COUNT(S) EM $554 07/23/2014 <JAILABLE> CITATION 483577IMPROPER PASSING ON THE LEFT - 1 COUNT(S) EM $119 07/23/2014 <JAILABLE> CITATION 483578Summary:ADULT ARREST (MARIJUANA, TRAFFIC)RestraintsReport Type:201403331Report #:
EDMOND POLICE DEPT07/23/2014Report Date:19:0707/23/2014Start Date:18:2207/23/2014End Date:18:35201403331201403331 03 - Cleared by adult arrestCase Status:DCN: Distinguishing Features:Addl. Info:
Edmond Police Edmond Police Incident Report - 201403331
2of Page:Date:07/24/2014 09:254 License: YEAR: 07/2014 # : TYPE: PC STATE: OKStyle:Sedan, 4-door150088511Color:
Incident Vehicles
Original Report
MARIJUANA BLUNT(S)BLACKMON, JUSTIN - 01/09/1990 Arrestee - Original ReportOwner: 3.000MarijuanaGM
Incident Property $0
Total Value:
AutomobileType:DBL/DBLEvidence / Seized07/23/2014
Associated LEA Cases
LEA Case Number:No Officer Assigned
Assigned To:
201403331EDMD, Review Status: Review, Case Status: Cleared by adult arrest 07/24/2014LEA Case Summary: Used IN crimeQuantity: Type:Description: Description:Vehicle Status: VIN:
Edmond Police Edmond Police Incident Report - 201403331
3of Page:Date:07/24/2014 09:254
On the 23rd of July, 2014 at approximately 1822 hours, I was stopped facing eastbound for a red signal light at theintersection of W. Edmond Road and S. Kelly Avenue. I was positioned to turn northbound so I could see clearly to the east across the intersection. At that time, I observed a dark blue 2007 Chrysler 300 sedan bearing Oklahomalicense plate travelling westbound approaching the intersection. The vehicle then transitioned into the eastbound lanes of the roadway to navigate around stopped traffic to enter the southbound turn lane.Upon receiving a green signal light, I remained in place and allowed the Chrysler 300 to approach me from the east. As it proceeded through the intersection, I activated the emergency lights on my patrol car and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. As I followed the vehicle, it bypassed the initial entrance to the convenience store located on the southwest corner of the intersection. The vehicle then made the next right turn, and continued rolling back to the north in the parking lot of the convenience store. I tapped on my air horn to alert the driver of my presence and he pulled into a parking space in front of the business.Given the vehicle had rolled a significant distance; I quickly exited my patrol car and approached the vehicle. As the driver rolled the window down, I asked if he had a driver’s license on him. The driver replied he did not at which time I asked if he had any identification on him. Again, the driver replied they did not. During this time, I detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. As I was identifying this odor, the driver was searching the passenger compartment of the vehicle in response to my questioning if he had any identification. To prevent the driver from further concealing or destroying any narcotics which may be in the vehicle, I instructed him to exit the vehicle. As he did, I noticed that he was rather large in stature and appeared to be athletically fit. In an attempt to prevent him from fleeing or a fight from ensuing, I quickly placed the driver in handcuffs and detained him.While speaking with the driver, he openly admitted to there being marijuana within the vehicle. The driver explained that he had been smoking a “blunt” of marijuana while he was driving and a full “blunt” was contained within a box of Swisher Sweets. I then escorted the driver to my patrol car where he was secured within the prisoner compartment. Once seated, I asked for his identity at which time the driver identified himself as Mr. Justin C. Blackmon with a date of birth of January 9th, 1990.With Mr. Blackmon secured within my patrol car, I conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle with the assistance of Officer Aaron London. In the front seat of the vehicle, I located an open water bottle placed in a cup holder. Contained within the bottle were the remnants of the “blunt” Mr. Blackmon had admitted to smoking. In the rear map pocket of the front passenger seat, I located the box of “Swisher Sweets” which contained a freshly rolled “blunt”. Examining the “blunt,” I observed that it contained a green leafy substance which too had an odor of marijuana. I seized the bottle with the smoked “blunt” as well as the box of “Swisher Sweets” and secured them within the trunk of my car.I secured Mr. Blackmon’s vehicle and we departed the scene. Arriving at the Edmond City Jail, Mr. Blackmon was transferred to the custody of jail staff. Throughout this incident, Mr. Blackmon was extremely honest and cooperative. This continued in the jail, where Mr. Blackmon was booked into our facility without incident on municipal complaints of Possession of Marijuana (Citation 483577) and Improper Passing on the Left (Citation 483578).Once Mr. Blackmon was booked in, I proceeded to the report room where I tested a small sample of the green leafy substance contained within the freshly rolled “blunt.” Using a Nark II Test Kit from Lot 201309005, I observed a presumptive positive for the presence of Tetrahydrocannabinol. I then weighed the smoked “blunt” and the fresh “blunt” with a collective weight of approximately 3g. Once tested and weighed, I logged the
Incident Narrative107/23/201419:08Reporting EPD OFFICER BRAD GRIFFIN - EDMD, ID # 516

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