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Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

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Published by breeiyan
definition of creative thinking
definition of creative thinking

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Published by: breeiyan on Dec 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(5213500317) Bryan Michael G. BadanaNovember 29, 2009Creative thinking is an important parcel in the educational process in each of thedifferent fields of education, as mentioned in the different journals and articles that focuseson creative thinking. But how do we define creative thinking? How do we utilize this typeof thinking into the learning process of our students?Creative thinking is a form of cognitive thinking skill that is centered in the creationof ideas. With that simple definition, creative thinking is also applicable not only to thestudent’s cognitive development but to the teachers as well, as they need to develop thisparticular skill in order to be productive in teaching (Patton & Kritsonis, 2007). Both theteacher and the student must be aware of our own thinking skill. Are we able to createideas or create innovative lessons for our students? Are we able to exercise our owncreative thoughts to produce lessons that are to challenge the critical and analytical mindsof our students? These are questions often arises to teachers who has that awareness of that need. It is important for both teachers and students learn how to sharpen thesecognitive skills. The teachers role is to plan creative lessons that develops the students tothink and create creative outputs from and for their learnings, in result developing their creative thinking.In the development of education, there is a need to cultivate the creative thinking of the students (Liu et al., 2007). There was progressive shift of teacher-centered teachingto student-centered teaching in the different fields of education. Even in the traditionaleducation of sciences like nursing, medicine, and allied sciences, there is a need to ahealthy infusion of creative thinking in the traditional knowledge impartation of theprofessors and clinical instructors. Creative thinking cultivates active thinking in thestudents, brings with them a deeper understanding of the knowledge and concreteapplication of that knowledge learned.A paper about “Teaching design of cultivating nursing students’ creative thinking”clearly states that creative thinking is considered as critical thinking. I agree on their ideasthat the teaching design must use the full capabilities of the students. It is equallyimportant choose the content of the lesson, where the students must totally grasp thefundamentals of the knowledge given and the same time, put equal emphasis on thepractical aspect of each lesson to real life situations. With a target content in hand, this iswhen the teaching methods come in place. In planning the methods to be used, bothcritical thinking and creative thinking are used for the teacher to formulate innovative waysto teach the lesson (through simulations or role playing). The teacher must of course mustbe able to create activities that encourage the students to develop and practice criticaland creative thinking, not only as to fulfill the needs of the lesson but also to become aninherent skill that may come to use in the future.
(5213500317) Bryan Michael G. BadanaNovember 29, 2009Even in the field of mathematics, creative thinking is as important as analyticalthinking. Creative thinking is a high level cognitive skill that aims to develop the students(Erdogan et al., 2009). In the education of maths, creative thinking is essential to astudent’s problem solving ability, when it is measured on how they are able to find newer solutions to old mathematical problems. But the biggest challenge does go back to theteacher, as these high-thinking skills needs to be well guided by critical and creativethinking educators. When mathematical models aims to provide an understanding on theflow on finding a solution to problem, the student must be able to think independently andthink creatively on how they can find a solution by hitting the problem in different angles,doing trial and errors, and be decisive action.It is quite evident that creative thinking and critical thinking does go side by side.One author even whimsically said: “When reasoning fails, Imagination saves you...” (Baker et al., 2001). When a teacher understands the full capacity of critical and creative thinking,and acknowledges its symbiosis, will be the time when the teacher will also see thiscapacity with his students. The teacher then strives to enhance and make full use of thesethinking skills to their students. However, teaching these skills need more preparationtime, is difficult to implement, and often times restricts the intended content to be taught.There are still many obstacles that stand against in the development of these thinkingskills. It is remains to be a challenge for both teacher and student to overcome thesechallenges, and will take further examination of the curriculum, training of teachers, andknowing the needs of the students, to be able and fully achieve creative thinking andcritical thinking in the classrooms.
Baker, M., Rudd, R. & Pomeroy, C. (2001). Relationship between Critical and CreativeThinking.
Journal of Southern Agricultural Education Research
, 51(1), 173-188.Retrieved from http://pubs.aged.tamu.edu/conferences/SRAERC2001/pdf/e2.pdf.Erdogan, T., Akkaya, R. & Celebi Akkaya, S. (2009). The Effect of the Van Hiele ModelBased Instruction on the Creative Thinking Levels of 6th Grade Primary SchoolsStudents.
Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice
, 9(1), 181-194. Retrieved fromERIC database. (EJ837779)

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