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APES 2009 RKV Chapter 9 Applying Population Ecology

APES 2009 RKV Chapter 9 Applying Population Ecology

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Published by: APES2000 on Dec 02, 2009
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APES 2009 RKV Chapter 9
 Applying Population Ecology; HumanPopulations
Review Questions
Living in the Environment: Principles, Connections, and Solutions, 15
1.Master the boldfaced terms in this chapter.2.Summarize one argument given by analysts who believe the world isoverpopulated and one argument given by those who believe it is not.3.What three major factors help explain the rapid exponential populationgrowth of the human species?4.What four factors affect the size of the human population in a particular area?What are the crude birth rate and the crude death rate?5.About how many people are added to the world's population each day andeach year? How is the annual rate of population change calculated? Whatthree countries have the world's largest populations?1
6.What is fertility? Distinguish between replacement-level fertility and totalfertility rate.7.Explain why the world's population would keep growing for at least anotherfifty years even if the replacement-level rate of 2.1 was somehow reachedglobally tomorrow.8.How have fertility rates and birth rates changed in the United States since1910? How rapidly is the U.S. population growing?9.List ten factors that affect birth rates and fertility rates.10.List five reasons why the world's death rate has declined over the past 100years.2
11.Distinguish between life expectancy and infant mortality rate. Why is infantmortality the best measure of a society's quality of life? List three factors thatkeep the U.S. infant mortality rate higher than the rate in other comparablecountries.12.How many people are immigrating into the United States? List the majorarguments for and against reducing U.S. immigration.13.Draw the general shape of an age structure diagram for a country undergoing(a) rapid population growth, (b) slow population growth, (c) zero populationgrowth, and (d) population decline.3

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