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Arthur LaPier: Metis Fiddler

Arthur LaPier: Metis Fiddler

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Montana Metis fiddler Arthur LaPier is profiled.
Montana Metis fiddler Arthur LaPier is profiled.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Jul 25, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Arthur Baptiste LaPier.
(b. 1905)Arthur was the son of Francois Xavier Lapierre (b. 1850) and Marie ose !wain" the dau#hter of $a%es !wain and Marie Arcand. &is parents were %arried on March '5" 189 at !t. eters" Montana.Arthur *aptiste Laier" the #reat+#randson of Antoine Laierre was born at Ford,ree- in 1905 and raised in the earborn ,an/on. &is first an#ua#es where French and,ree. &e earned the od Mtis %usic and son#s fro% his #rand%other Mar/ ose(!wain) Laier and be#an pa/in# the fidde when he was tweve. 2hen Art turned 15 in19'0" Fran- (for%er/ Francois) Laier #ave his #randson the fidde he had brou#ht withhi% to Montana. 3t was a fidde that Francois pa/ed at dances at !t. eter4s Missiondurin# the 180s and ater at Ford ,ree- and the earborn.
Fa%i/ scrip6Laierre" Francois Xavier6 heir to his deceased chidren6 7enevieve" born ' $une"188 at ,/press &is6 died 1890 on the rairie6 os/" born 1 !ept." 1885 near ,/press &is6 died 1890 on the rairie6 address,hateau" Montana6 fatherFrancois Xavier Laierre (Mtis and deponent)6 %otherMarie ose !wan(Mtis)6 scrip cert. for% " nos. 1:10 and 1:1'6 cai% no. 1:.!wain" Marie + ,oncernin# her cai% as a chid + Address" uc- La-e + *orn" Februar/" 18;' at !t. Fran<ois Xavier + Father" $a%es !wain" (Mtis) + Mother"Marie Arcand" (Mtis) + Married" 188 at !un iver to Fran<ois Xavier Lapierre +,hidren ivin#" three + !crip for =':0 + ,ai% 108.Lapierre" $ohn6 address Au#usta" Montana6 cai% no. 150'6 born 15 Au#." 1881 between ,/press and 2ood Mountain6 father Francois Lapierre (Mtis)6 %otherMar/ ose !wan (Mtis)6 scrip cert. for% ," no. 90. Landr/" >herese6 address Au#usta" Montana6 cai% no. 1:1;6 born ec." 188 at,/press &is6 fatherFrancois Lapierre (Mtis)6 %other Marie ose !wan(Mtis)6 scrip cert. for% ," no. 918.
 osa/n . Laier. Metis ife Aon# Montana4s Front an#e.

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