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Durge of Alurista

Durge of Alurista

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Published by AmericanSappho
FLor Y Canto
FLor Y Canto

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Published by: AmericanSappho on Jul 26, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Durge of Alurista C/S  A friend, a poet calls me Aquaria. Much of what he says has a truth to it Speaking his words eat my ear with their tongue. "You love Humanity but hate humans." I examined myself for this penchant, I tried to prove it wasn't true I tried Yet I failed at altruism worse What I attempted was pointless as well. It made no difference at all either. It is pointless to seek my redemption.  Alu--I agree with you completely I only differ in the difference. I hate humanity and humans both. Neither one of them are worthy of Love. I decided I would not perish for War. If I want peace in the world start with me. I soon saw the vengeance of the Crisis. Its Big and Mucky Ocean of Violence. I grew suddenly grateful I am Lonely. I only need cross through my Dreams Alive. Cover the Underworld rapid as Verse Carry across wind in the Hickory Sing with Sweet Joys the Passing Albatross, The song of the Owl no longer Allures. Peace would succumb no matter what it Lost. That it was Betrayed, Humililated Its Seeking of Justice is a Malice. For Pain is a Treasure of Knowledge Gained. HOT VERSE WITH RAIN Commies Fear Cappies and Yappies Fear Commas. They have practically nothing of Virile Youth! THey grew Older than Time even Stood, Droughts, I misunderstand I'm confused by Love. It speaks with an Answer without Reply. 
 Anxiously it Huddles a Mad Secret Duplicitous Humanitarians Out for a Ride off the End of Slut Shames. If I am a Whore then let it be Shouted. Unknown hilarious to a Forest The Clouds are grimacing with Pulchritude. Their Beauty Immensely Foreholds the Rain. While younger in the Gutters o Violence. The Crooked Tame without Peaceful Friendships. I commit Hit Jobs in Favor of Love. unlike government provocateur Sin. I commit crimes of Pride ' s Virtues Of Peace and Love's Mayhem i am balanced. I have seen that Vanity Seeks Failure Prayed at the Touches of Milliseconds Rise without incident grow in remorse To seek Peace of Any Soul or Heart. I carry Flowers of pleasing Ideals Observe the Passage of Misted Mountains.  And Each Bloom u Selected perfumed It brought from its Origin foresence. follow the spirit of the Law of the Letters No man has ever conquered what I have If it hasn't conquered itself first Sound is a participle Hour. What it needs is Everything Condensed The passing of Times bitterly Sweet.  And of Beauty Censored and Bound by Blame greater times with Marti I have Reeped. I have seen without Seeing an Ocean  A watershed hangs from a Sterling Cloud. Imprisoned in an Hour Glass it floats. Hardened with Softening Resolve. Without Itself Civilization Steers  As Ultimate Destruction Veers and Thrives 

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