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Vision of God's Throne.

Vision of God's Throne.

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Published by glennpease

AND BEHOLD, A THRONE WAS SET IN HEAVEN, AND ONE SAT ON the throne. — Revelation iv. 2.

AND BEHOLD, A THRONE WAS SET IN HEAVEN, AND ONE SAT ON the throne. — Revelation iv. 2.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 26, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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VISIO OF GOD'S THROE. BY WILLIAM B. 0. PEABODY, D. D. AD BEHOLD, A THROE WAS SET I HEAVE, AD OE SAT O the throne. — Revelation iv. 2. We can see, even through the medium of a mis- taken and unfortunate translation, that there is a wonderful richness and magnificence in the Apoca- lyptic vision, — particularly in its representation of the Most High. Every thing in it is either dazzling or shadowy; there is no clear outline, no exactly discernible form. In this place it is said that a throne was placed in heaven, and One, it is not said who, sat on the throne. It is not said who, be- cause there is no distinct image before the writer's eye ; and though he knows who it must be, his in- spiration faints and fears to tell. But the imagina- tion of the thoughtful reader is powerfully excited, and the effect is, in one who reflects, to turn away his contemplation from the visible glories before him to those moral perfections, which, in the view of the angel, are infinitely more lovely and commanding that can be represented by any forms, colors, or ra- diance such as delight the eye. And this undoubt- VISIO" OF GOD ? S THROE. 191 edly was meant to be the effect of every thing grand and beautiful in the visible works of God. Our ad-
miration of them does not answer its purpose, unless it aids us to ascend to a purer sense and clearer un- derstanding of those divine glories of wisdom, pow- er, 'and love, in comparison with which all things seen with the eye are but dust and ashes. ow this is my purpose in asking your attention to this strange and splendid vision, — that we may learn how to as- cend through it, and above it, to a higher and nearer communion with Him whom no eye hath seen or can see, and who, after all the pains and the power with which he is thus presented, never becomes to us " our Father,*' till he is welcomed and has his dwelling in the heart. But let us turn to the vision, for I wish that all may observe this peculiarity which I have men- tioned, — the manner in which it eludes the eye, and at the same time fills it with glory. As in the dream of Eliphaz, it stands still, but we cannot discern the form of it ; while at the same time an image is be- fore our eyes. The One who sat upon the throne — that is, the glory that surrounds him — resembles the  jasper and sardine or carnelian ; the former of which is of various and dazzling colors, while the latter in all its changes retains a resemblance to flesh-color, which doubtless has its meaning here, by which it is intended that there was something which gave the impression of a person and a form in all this surpass- ing glory. But it is not here as in the words of the modern lyrist : — 192 VISIO OF GOD'S THROE.
" He passed the bounds of flaming space, The living throne, the sapphire blaze, Where angels tremble as they gaze. He saw, and, blasted with excess of light, Closed his eyes in endless night." For the seer of the Revelation, more in the spirit of his religion, represents the fierce brightness as softened down into the rainbow, — the sweet sign of mercy, — " very beautiful in the brightness thereof, compassing the heaven with a glorious circle where the hands of the Most High have bended it : and, with yet kinder regard for human weakness, shaded with the emerald, — the tender green, the color on which every eye can dwell undazzled, and with ever new delight. Before him spreads out the pavement, resembling a crystal sea ; by which is meant the upper surface of the firmament, of which the lower, with its delicious blue, is over our heads. And God is represented as looking down from his throne through this transparent ceiling of the universe, hav- ing all the sons of men, and all that passes in the earth beneath him, at once in full and perfect view. eed I say that in this brilliant presentment of the heavenly glory we have before us the Christian's God ? for while the intense brightness, the uncertain form, the lightnings and thunders, and the changing rays of fiery light, ail give the impression that it is a fearful thing to fall into his hand, the gentle rainbow of peace, and the emerald softness in which this radiance melts away, show us how Christianity has changed this contemplation of the Highest : VISIO OF GOD'S THROE.

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