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Computer Lesson Plan

Computer Lesson Plan

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Published by echogolfgm

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Published by: echogolfgm on Dec 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Goal 1 The learner will understand important issues of a technology-based society andwill exhibit ethical behavior in the use of computer and other technologies
Objective 1.06
Identify and discuss appropriate technology tools (virus software) to protectcomputers, networks, and information from vandalism and intrusion. Strand -Societal/Ethical Issues
Learning outcomes/objectives:
Learner will list (1) anti virus software, how it is installed, and how it is updated.Learner will install software with guidance from instructor.Learner will do this with 90% accuracy.Resources:Computer labIndividual workstationsLegal copy of antivirus software with packagingHandoutPaper Pencils
(Pre activities) Focus and review:
Stimulate recall of prior learning 
Today we will install an anti virus software on are workstations.Review with students what system requirements are for software. Where do we find theserequirements?Review how we discover what programs are installed. (i.e. Start, Programs, list.)Review what the computers we are using have installed to this point. Is there anyantivirus already installed?Review the system requirements of the anti-virus software installed.
 Inform learners of the objectives
, “Today we will install antivirus software.”
Students will receive a copy of anti-virus software at the workstation they areassigned.
If there is more than (1) student per computer, this is fine.
Have student list anti-virus software on hand-out.
Students will review system requirements on the box. Teacher will ask studentsrandomly to list specific requirements. Students will list requirements on handout.
During the installation process, students are to be engaged as to what is occurringand why it is important to follow specific guidelines for the install.
Students are to keep pace with other students; if not, it is the Teacher’sresponsibility to keep everyone on track.
(Activities) Teacher input:
Review with students the above prerequisites from last class.
Students will proceed to load software.
Make sure students do not go past specific points in the install!
Teacher will inform students when to proceed with each step.
During the different steps of installation, teacher will ask students to describe intheir own words what processes are taking place.
At the end of install, students will run update option of the software.
Students will finish handout by answering questions individually.
Students will now uninstall software for next class section.
 Provide” learning guidance” at each phase.
Guided practice:
Make sure students make a connection between system requirements and antivirussoftware. System requirements have been covered in a previous class, covering itnow helps students to connect with what we want to install and will it work.
Students will load the software themselves and follow instructions at each step.Be sure students do not get ahead of the install!
Make sure students are discussing what process is taking place. Do they see thesoftware installing? Do they see the percentage of the completed installment.Ideally, each student can answer one question during the install.
 Provide feedback reinforcement and assessment 
Independent practice:
Students will install the software themselves with guidance from the teacher.
Using handouts, students will list the processes of installing software, any problems, and was the install complete.
Students will also be asked to describe in their own words why antivirus softwareis important, as this will lead to the next class/objective.
 Enhance retention and transfer 
Closure/Summarizing the Lesson:
The focus of the lesson was to show learners how to install a legal copy of anti virusSoftware, do our computers in the lab meet requirements, and are there problems duringthe install. The NCSCS goal /objective is, “identify and discuss anti virus software to

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