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Joshua%27s UWF

Joshua%27s UWF



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Published by Jose Damaso Ramon

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Published by: Jose Damaso Ramon on Mar 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“The Ultimate Wealth Formula” 
by Joshua Shafran
MMVIII by IP Management, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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Hi. This is Joshua Shafran.I want to welcome you. This is a very, very special and important training that’s like noother training you’ve ever gone through before we’ll go through together yet. In fact, Iwant to even go so far as to really make sure that understand the importance of thistraining that I’m gonna go out and tell you right now that if you skip this special training,you’ll actually choke to death on the dust of your own regret.Now why is that?How come I’m making such a bold bodaceous statement such as that? Well it is simplybecause of this: You see, everything that we provide for you inside the
“Secrets to Bridge the Millionaire Gap™ system” 
, all of the training, all of the audio training, all of the coaching sessions that we do, the turnkey marketing system, all of that stuff is sofantastic and--as a matter of fact, if you did nothing at all but master all the content that’sinside the special report now, and you just use that, you could make more money with theinformation that’s there than you could ever spend.Now, here’s the thing though.All of that content’s there. All that information is there, all the training, all the coaching.It’s there for you to consume right now.Now will everybody consume it? Will everybody then be able to, once they consume itand they master it and they actually internalize it, will they go out and make millions of dollars with it?Well, some we hope will, that we’re gonna empower you guys to do that. Butunfortunately some will not. And the difference between those that will and those thatwill not is what’s going to be held in this training series right here, right now.I’m going to reveal the difference between those that are gonna take it and run with it andthose that are going to have problems.Even though all the information is there, all the systems are in place, the working momwas there for you, that’s gonna make the difference. This training is gonna make thedifference between your success or your failure. And that--so we’re gonna kind of switchgears here if you will a little bit, and we’re not gonna be talking about all of the meat andtaters type stuff that we’ve been talking about in the hardcore business and the hardcoremarketing, things that we’ve been training inside of the other trainings that you’ve taken.So let’s get to it.You know, I love new beginnings, new starts, starting fresh, starting something, youknow, a brand new project, starting from scratch, that energy that comes through me
“The Ultimate Wealth Formula” 
by Joshua Shafran
MMVIII by IP Management, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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when I get going on something new. And chances are, you’re feeling the same way rightnow. Do you love new beginnings, because that’s where you are right now, right?We’ve got--you know, you’ve just started. You’ve embarked on a brand new businessproject and want success so bad you can taste it, right? It should be very exciting. Andyet, maybe, you know, if you’re smart, you probably got little butterflies in your stomach,and maybe you’re wondering is this really gonna work.You know, is this time--maybe you’ve been through the wringer a thousand times beforeand you’re concerned that it’s not gonna work for you because, you know, of all the othertimes that things have let you down in the past, or maybe you’re brand new at this andyou’ve never attempted any business for yourself and you’re concerned, you know, “canI actually do this too?” you know, is this really the answer that I’ve been searching for?Or maybe you’re a little, you know, excited and you’ve had a little success or you’ve hada little experience in the business world for yourself before but not the breakthroughsuccess that you’re working for or looking for.At any rate, you know, you’re sitting on the cusp.I kind of envy you in a sense because, you know, I know the road that’s in front of youshould you choose to stay that course and follow it down to the end. I know what awaitsyou, because I’m already on the other side of that, and I love the journey. It’s like, youknow, the excitement or the churn, the energy that happens with that when that startscoming--pulsing through you for the first time. And so, you know, let’s not forget thatthat’s where you are right now.And I wanted to share a little bit about myself here, because maybe you can relate to it,you know, positive expectations of what’s next...I’m addicted to that feeling, that new start feeling.There was a long time in my life where I started everything. And I was great at startingthings, but I was really lousy at executing and following through to completion andactually putting it into action. I had all these dreams and goals, but I was scared to takeaction, or I took a little bit of action, but never saw it through to the end. Luckily for meand luckily for my lifestyle that in the last 10 years or so I’ve become enough addictedand gotten over my lazy procrastination side of myself enough to follow through tocompletion with enough so that it’s blessed me with much wealth, much prosperity, andmuch, much, much success.And yet I still have doubts of that challenge within there.So I guess what I want to say to you is that, you know, I’m a human being just like youare a human being. And don’t expect that this the, you know, a major process likeflipping a switch and all of a sudden you’re never going to, you know, have bouts of 
“The Ultimate Wealth Formula” 
by Joshua Shafran
MMVIII by IP Management, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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doubt inside your belly or wondering if you’re going to follow through or if this is gonnawork or whatever.That’s
.The difference between success and failure are those that push through that and do itanyway when they don’t know what’s coming.And the good news that we talked about earlier, the apprehension, the curiosity, the littlebutterflies in your stomach is also the positive side of this equation that works verypowerfully in your favor if you let it push you instead of run over you. And so that’swhat we’re gonna talk about in essence here is how you can harness that power and haveit push you and propel you to success and not get run over by it.As I mentioned, there were long periods of my life when I was a newness addict, youknow. The definition of a newness addict,
 someone who’s driven by fresh desires, but I  got bored really easily once that newness wore off on me.
And I was kind of scared tofollow through and actually put my ideas into action because, you know, after all, I meanit was easier for me to, you know, have all these great ideas and not risk trying, becausethen I could say I didn’t fail if it didn’t work, or I had that confidence then of being ableto say, “Yeah, I could do that if I wanted to instead of being in the game.And, like I said, I still have bouts of that with myself internally mentally, but the trick isthat I overcome it more times or enough times to get me the goals and the desires and thedreams and the visions that I have for my life more so than holding me back. And that’swhat I’m gonna give you, the secrets, the keys to right now is to how to do that foryourself in this training.You know, it’s funny. I’ve been married once before. I’ve got an ex-wife and, youknow, she unfortunately lived through the period of my life when I doubted myself, and Icried wolf so many times where I was saying,
“Oh, this is really exciting, you know, thisone’s gonna take me in and this is gonna be my magic answer. I’m gonna go to the topon this one.”
And she heard it so many times from me that she started doubting me. Andthen that doubt in me started making me doubt myself or not want to be around her. Andultimately, you know, it’s one of the core things that ended our marriage in essence.Anyway, don’t cry for me. That’s not the purpose of this. You know, this is not amarriage counseling subject. That’s a subject of a different training here, and one thatI’ve actually gotten pretty good at, because my second marriage is much, much healthierand empowering.Anyway, you know, I guess what I really want to point out here is that I never wouldhave the things I have now, drive the cars that I drive, live in the home of my dreams,enjoy the lifestyle and the freedom that I do today if I did not also become addicted toconsistently focusing on getting into action.

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