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Ungay Malobago Mines, Inc. v. IA, GR No. 69997, September 30, 1987

Ungay Malobago Mines, Inc. v. IA, GR No. 69997, September 30, 1987

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Published by Isaiah Nepomuceno

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Published by: Isaiah Nepomuceno on Jul 28, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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HIRD DIVISION[G.R. No. 69997. September 30, 1987]UNGAY A!O"AGO IN#S, IN$.,
.D # $ I S I O NGU%I#RR#-, (R.,
"e/ore  2 * pet2t2o+ 4254 ee to et *2e t4e e522o+ o/ t4e t4e+ I+terme2*te Appe*te $ort *//2rm2+ t4e 2m2* o/ t4e pet2t2o+er *5t2o+ /or *++me+t *+ 5*+5e*t2o+ o/ /ree p*te+t r*+te to t4e pr2:*te repo+e+t o+ t4e ro+ t4*t t4e  pet2t2o+er 4* +o pero+*2t; to /2e *+ *5t2o+ /or re:er2o+, t4e *+ 2+:o:e be2+  pb25 2+ 54*r*5ter.O+ (; <0, 196<, t4e &re2e+t o/ t4e &422pp2+e r*+te t4e /oo2+ m2+2+ p*te+t o+ m2+er* 5*2m o5*te *t U+*; *ob*o, R*p=R*p, Ab*;>1. oe p*te+t No. V=?< to (o4+ $*+o+, (r., o+ m2+er* 5*2m +o+ * $*t*+*+e@ <. oe p*te+t No. V=8 to pet2t2o+er, o+ m2+er* 5*2m +o+ * (+2or@ 3. oe p*te+t No. V=?3 to (o4+ $*+o+, (r., o+ m2+er* 5*2m +o+ * O*@ . oe p*te+t No. V=6 to pet2t2o+er o+ m2+er* 5*2m +o+ * #ter@ ?. oe p*te+t No. V=?1 to $*ro St22*+opo o+ m2+er* 5*2m +o+ * (o:e*r@ 6. oe p*te+t No. V=9 to pet2t2o+er, 2+ m2+er* 5*2m +o+ * *+2*@ 7. oe p*te+t No. V=?0 to $*ro St22*+opo o+ m2+er* 5*2m +o+ * &o*+2@ *+ 8. oe p*te+t No. V=7 to pet2t2o+er o+ m2+er* 5*2m +o+ * !2*o@ Bpp. ?=7, De522o+ A++eC 1, &et2t2o+E*; b*5 o+ O5tober 30, 19?9, (o4+ $*+o+, (r. *+ $*ro St22*+opo *2+e t4e2r r24t to t4e2r m2+2+ 5*2m 2+ /*:or o/ t4e pet2t2o+er. %4e *2+me+t o/ r24t * re5ore 2+ t4e O//25e o/ t4e 2+2+ Re5orer o/ Ab*; o+ De5ember <, 19?9.%4e */oret*te m2+2+ p*te+t, */ter t4e2r 2*+5e o+ (; <0, 196<, ere * re5ore 2+t4e O//25e o/ t4e 2+2+ Re5orer o/ Ab*; o+ At <8, 196< *+ tr*+5r2be o+
September , 196< 2+ t4e Re2tr*t2o+ "oo o/ t4e Re2tr; o/ Dee o/ Ab*;. $o+eFe+t;, t4e Re2ter o/ Dee o/ Ab*; 2e t4e repe5t2:e or22+* 5ert2/25*te o/ t2te pr*+t to Se5t2o+ 1<< o/ A5t No. 96 2+ t4e +*me o/ (o4+ $*+o+, (r., $*ro St22*+opo, *+ t4e pet2t2o+er.SbeFe+t;, or /rom 1968 to 197, t4e /oo2+ /ree p*te+t ere r*+te b; t4e repo+e+t D2re5tor o/ !*+ *+ t4e 5orrepo+2+ or22+* 5ert2/25*te o/ t2te ere 2e b; t4e Re2ter o/ Dee o/ Ab*;>1. 'ree &*te+t No. ?813 *te O5tober 3, 1968 *+ 5orrepo+2+ $ert2/25*te o/ %2te No. VH=1<19? to *ppeee 'e2C Dete52o@<. 'ree &*te+t No. <78< *te No:ember <1, 1968 *+ 5orrepo+2+ $ert2/25*te o/ %2te No. VH=1<<?6 to *ppee e*+2o A+52o+@3. 'ree &*te+t No. 33318 *te (*+*r; 10, 1969 *+ 5orrepo+2+ $ert2/25*te o/ %2te No. VH=1<198 to *ppeee (e A+52o+@. 'ree &*te+t No. <<87 *te No:ember 11, 1968 *+ No. <197*te O5tober <8, 1969 *+ 5orrepo+2+ $ert2/25*te o/ %2te  No. VH=1<18? *+ 1<186, repe5t2:e;, to *ppeee *r2* "er+*@?. 'ree &*te+t No. 08?68 *te (; 8, 1968 *+ 5orrepo+2+ $ert2/25*te o/ %2te No. VH=11?91 to *ppeee Greor2o "o*+o@ *+6. 'ree &*te+t No. 0663 *te *r54 <?, 197 *+ t4e 5orrepo+2+ $ert2/25*te o/ %2te No. VH=19333 to *ppeee "2e+:e+2o A+52o+.BRoo, pp. <00=<01A o/ t4e *bo:e p*te+t 5o:ere port2o+ o/ t4e ot 5o:ere b; t4e p*te+t beo+2+ to t4e pet2t2o+er.%4e pet2t2o+er /2e * 5omp*2+t /or *++me+t *+ 5*+5e*t2o+ o/ p*te+t **2+t t4e  pr2:*te repo+e+t *+ pr*;e t4*t * t4e /ree p*te+t t2te 2e 2+ t4e2r /*:or /or  propert2e o:er 4254 or22+* 5ert2/25*te o/ t2te 4* *re*; bee+ 2e 2+ 2t /*:or be e5*re + *+ :o2. %4e D2re5tor o/ !*+, 4o * 2mpe*e * * /orm* e/e+*+t, /2e 42 *+er *e2+, *mo+ ot4er, t4*t t4e pet2t2o+er 4* +o pero+*2t; to 2+t2tte t4e 5*+5e*t2o+  pro5ee2+ 2+*m54 * t4e o:er+me+t 2 t4e r*+tor *+ +ot t4e pet2t2o+er, *+ 2t 4o be t4e r*+tor 4o 4o 2+t2tte t4e 5*+5e*t2o+ pro5ee2+.
O+ (*+*r; <?, 1980, t4e tr2* 5ort re+ere * e522o+ 2m22+ t4e 5omp*2+t. It re t4*t 2+5e t4e 2pte propert2e /orm p*rt o/ 2po*be *+ o/ t4e pb25 om*2+,t4e *5t2o+ /or re:er2o+ 4o be 2+t2tte b; t4e So252tor Ge+er* 2+ t4e +*me o/ t4e Repb25 o/ t4e &422pp2+e *+ t4*t, t4ere/ore, t4e pet2t2o+er *5 pero+*2t; to 2+t2ttet4e *++me+t pro5ee2+.%4e pet2t2o+er *ppe*e to t4e t4e+ I+terme2*te Appe*te $ort.O+ Apr2 ?, 198, t4e *ppe*te 5ort *//2rme t4e e522o+ o/ t4e tr2* 5ort. It re t4*t t4e t2te 2e to t4e pet2t2o+er 5o:er m2+er* *+ 4254 beo+ to t4e pb25 om*2+ *+ t4*t t4ee 5*++ot be t4e be5t o/ pr2:*te o+er42p. A55or2+ to t4e $ort, +er Se5t2o+ 101 o/ t4e &b25 !*+ !*, o+; t4e So252tor Ge+er* or t4e o//25er *5t2+ 2+ 42te* 4* t4e *t4or2t; to 2+2tte *+ *5t2o+ o+ be4*/ o/ t4e Repb25 /or t4e 5*+5e*t2o+ o/ t4e repo+e+t t2te *+ *+ /or re:er2o+ o/ t4e2r 4omete* to t4e Go:er+me+t.I+ t42 2+t*+t pet2t2o+, t4e pet2t2o+er r*2e to 2e * E4et4er or +ot t4e *ppe*te 5ort 5omm2tte *+ error o/ * 4e+ 2t re t4*t t4e *+ 2+ Fet2o+ beo+ to t4e  pb25 om*2+@ *+ b 4et4er or +ot t4e *ppe*te 5ort erre 2+ 2m22+ t4e 5omp*2+t o+ t4e ro+ t4*t t4e pet2t2o+er 4* +o pero+*2t; to 2+t2tte t4e *me.E2t4 re*r to t4e /2rt 2e, t4e pet2t2o+er m*2+t*2+ t4*t 2+5e 2t m2+2+ 5*2m ere  per/e5te pr2or to No:ember 1?, 193?, t4e *te 4e+ t4e 193? $o+t2tt2o+ too e//e5t, t4e *pp25*be * 2 t4e &422pp2+e "2 o/ 190< *+ t4*t +er t42 A5t, * :*2 o5*t2o+ o/ * m2+2+ 5*2m ere*te t4e *re* /rom t4e pb25 om*2+. BGo $ree 2+2+ $orpor*t2o+ :. Ror2e, 66 &42. <?9.%4e So252tor=Ge+er*, o+ t4e ot4er 4*+, *re t4*t t4e pet2t2o+er m2+2+ p*te+t 5o:ere b; %orre+ %2te ere r*+te o+; 2+ 196< b; t4e &re2e+t o/ t4e &422pp2+e,  b; *t4or2t; o/ t4e $o+t2tt2o+ o/ t4e &422pp2+e. U+er t4e t4e+ $o+t2tt2o+, eC5ept /or pb25 *r25tr* *+, +*tr* reor5e 4254 2+5e * m2+er* *+, 4* +ot  be *2e+*te. BArt. )III, Se5t2o+ 1, 193? $o+t2tt2o+ %4ere/ore, 4*t t4e m2+2+ p*te+t2e 2+ 196< 5o+:e;e to pet2t2o+er * o+; t4e o+er42p o/, *+ t4e r24t to eCtr*5t *+ t22e, t4e m2+er* 2t42+ t4e *re* 5o:ere b; t4e pet2t2o+er %orre+ %2te bt +ot t4e o+er42p o/ t4e *+ 4ere t4e m2+er* *re /o+.Ee re /or t4e pr2:*te repo+e+t.%4e pet2t2o+er 4* bee+ be22+, e t4*+ 5*+2, *+ 2+eCp25*b; 2e+t * to m*ter2* *te 2+ t4e pree+t*t2o+ o/ 2t 5*e. No4ere 2+ t4e re5or o/ t42 pet2t2o+ 2 t4ere *+; me+t2o+ o/ * *te be/ore No:ember 1?, 193? * to 4e+ ee+t2* *5t re*r2+ 2t m2+2+ 5*2m ere eCe5te. It 2 2e+t * to 4e+ t4e *+ * e+tere, me*re, *+  potte@ 4e+ t4e e* pet *+ +ot25e ere pt p@ 4e+ t4e 5*2m * re2tere 2t4t4e m2+2+ re5orer@ 4et4er or +ot t4e *++* *mo+t o/ *bor or e:eopme+t@ *+ ot4er reF2reme+t +er t4e &422pp2+e "2 o/ 190< ere /ooe. %4ee m*; 4*:e  bee+ 5omp2e 2t4 bt +ot +e5e*r2; be/ore 193?.

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