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Warner Cemetery: an important piece of Canada's heritage worth preserving.

Warner Cemetery: an important piece of Canada's heritage worth preserving.

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Published by swankyyears2184

An Essential Piece regarding Canada's Heritage worth Preserving

* Web Site associated

An Essential Piece regarding Canada's Heritage worth Preserving

* Web Site associated

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Published by: swankyyears2184 on Jul 29, 2014
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 Warner Cemetery: an important piece of Canada's heritage worth preserving.
 An Essential Piece regarding Canada's Heritage worth Preserving* Web Site associated with Tombstone of McGregory Van every UE,* Oldest Tombstone inside Niagara Peninsula Still in a CemeteryThe Warner Cemetery, which may be nevertheless inside active use today, can be observed on theeast aspect of the Queen Elizabeth Highway about halfway between Mountain Highway as well asHighway 405 inside Niagara. The idea continues for you to be designated below the actual OntarioHeritage Act as being historically significant and there is actually a provincial plaque positioned atits entrance. The really first Methodist Episcopal Meeting Home (church) west with the Bayinvolving Quinte had been founded by Christian Warner UE inside 1801 using a straightforwardframe construction built on the cemetery property. Christian Warner was accompanied by simplyWilliam Van Each UE as lay leaders in the revival which in turn changed rough soldiers, disbandedfollowing your American Revolution, directly into devout churchmen.The existing four-lane QEW offers had a significant impact around the Warner Cemetery in regardsto noise, dust as well as loss regarding property. Cemetery territory has been expropriated by theOntario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) over yesteryear fifty years, with out compensation, towithin the metre of mid-1800s plots and in addition the site of the 1801 church is actually partiallyfound about these expropriated lands. Now the QEW will be undergoing widening through Torontoto become able to Niagara. The Actual MTO can be currently studying the section adjacent to thecemetery as well as planning with regard to a brand new railway overpass which may accommodate your widening in the highway to an eventual seven as well as eight lanes. Their Particular first studyfeatures placed the particular overpass such that the edge with the pavement would move aroundeight to ten metres further upon expropriated cemetery land. The seven or eight-lane QEW foundthus near to the remaining cemetery would destroy what small tranquillity can be left for anyonegoing to his or her ancestors and also loved ones. Nevertheless worse, as currently planned, longterm expansions cannot become accommodated without having further expropriations. A public details session, hosted by the MTO, ended up being held in November 23, 1999 in NiagaraFalls for you to talk about what to complete with almost all the widening project of the QEW."`Widening your QEW in Sand Plant Hill requires a balancing act simply because of theenvironmentally-sensitive area around the west and the historic, cemetery on the east,' stated yourproject manager Clem Shim. `About 200 folks are buried there as well as room exists pertaining toanother one hundred plots,' mentioned John Warner, Chairman of the Board of Directors ,for WarnerCemetery."(1) John D. Warner is a direct descendant involving Christian Warner UE, pertaining towhom your cemetery is termed along with who is buried there. The Particular Ministry involvingTransportation can be contemplating three choices for widening the highway. (A) These Peoplecould simply widen the actual west side with the highway, (B) widen each sides, or even (C) realignany four-kilometre stretch in order to go around the west side in the 6 Mile Creek, thus avoidingboth the particular environmentally and culturally sensitive areas. Unfortunately, the initial a pair of options presently below thought leave no space for future expansions and would need moving bothrecent as well as historical grave websites to allow for the actual inevitable subsequent widening.
"The ultimate configuration we're considering now's seven lanes -- 4 likely Niagara-bound, 3 headingToronto-bound." mentioned the representative of the Ministry regarding Transportation at the publicinfo session.(2) Unfortunately, Alternative "C" seems to become your least-favoured from the MTOdespite the real fact that it's usually your best from a highway style perspective.When the particular QEW had been built-in 1939, your MTO relocated part of the actual six MileCreek for the west with the highway plus it now boundaries their own expansion to the west, away inthe cemetery. Precisely what will be needed is truly a long-term view in which shifts the QEW for thewest of the 6 Mile Creek to allow for most current along with formerly expropriated cemeteryproperty.Mrs. Stanley C. Tolan, in the paper read in the September 1941 Niagara Falls Ontario HistoricalSociety meeting and also revealed as Christian Warner -- a Methodist Pioneer, wrote, "The march of progress across our land often hides from view as well as entirely destroys the particular couple of remaining memorials in our pioneer ancestors....The Warner Burying Ground is actually situated fairly near for the Queen Elizabeth Highway abouthalfway involving the Thorold Stone Street in Stamford Township along with No. eight Highwaywhere it crosses the particular Queen Elizabeth Highway just east associated with Homer. Originallythe actual cemetery has been surrounded by a four-foot stone wall, surmounted by simply halt-circular segments involving stone, which in turn rested around the base at an angle of fifteen orperhaps twenty degrees. It has been estimated that will there have got been about one hundredgraves, but many of the old stones have grow for you to be illegible or even possess crumbled awayentirely.Outstanding in the Warner Cemetery is the restored Van every plot. This particular continues to beenclosed by a two-foot wall regarding rough, red sandstone, capped together with dressed graystone. The Actual old, previous headstones happen to be built in to the interior confront of this wall,in order that they are preserved via damage as long because the wall shall stand. at the actualcentre of the wall across the easterly aspect rises a new block associated with cut stone bearing your inscription, `Van Every, U.E.L.', commemorating among the oldest names in the Niagaradistrict.The oldest headstone preserved inside the wall can be for the memory of McGrigery Van Everyborn April ye 27th 1723Departed this fifeSept ye 15th 1786Mary Wilcox his WifeBorn April ye 29th 1736"(3)This 214 year-old tombstone is actually one of the actual oldest nonetheless inside existence insideOntario. Paul Hutchinson writes: "I've visited 184 cemeteries in the Niagara peninsula, have gotphotographed and also transcribed 1500-2000 monuments, get study extensively concerningmonuments along with cemeteries, and have asked many questions of numerous people. Along With
confidence, I could state that zero monument in virtually any cemetery within the outdated Lincolnalong with Welland counties posseses an earlier date involving death about it. Certainly Not merelythat, I believe that the monument must happen to become able to be made in or even shortlyfollowing 1786. I would also say with confidence which no other monument by the maker in the VanEach monument exists within the Niagara region. It most likely also is the monument using therichest reddish colour although at least any handful of dozen additional monuments of a similar kindand colour regarding stone can end up being found in the Niagara peninsula."(4)Unfortunately, this tombstone presently faces the particular four-lane QEW highway several metresaway. For You To hold the QEW further broaden its lanes in the particular direction of thistombstone, alongside with the other people throughout Warner Cemetery, is actually tantamount for you to sacrilege involving not just these buried therein, nevertheless to the history of our province asrepresented by these grave sites.In August regarding 1999, Robert Collins McBride, B.Sc., M.Ed., M.M., UE, great-great-great-gr-at-grandson of McGregory Van Every, UE, employed Stan Hutchinson, President associated withHamilton Memorials Ltd., 65 Tom Street, Hamilton, Ontario, K8R 1X2, to repair the particularroughcast stone wall with the Van Each plot as well as execute a complete restoration of theMcGregory Van Each Along With Every UE tombstone.McGregory Van Each Along With Every UE has been your founder with the Van Each loved onesthroughout Canada. Analysis directly into this early United Empire Loyalist family members by MaryBlackadar Piersol, printed in her e-book The Actual Records associated with the Van Each Family:United Empire Loyalists, (T.H. Very Best Printing Co., Toronto, 1947), indicates that McGregory VanEvery's great-great grandfather, Frederick, lived throughout Everinghe Castle, community of Everinghe, Province of Zeeland, Holland. Much More latest genealogical studies have raisedquestions concerning the nation associated with origin of the Van Each Along With Every family.Nevertheless, it actually is even now thought that Frederick had been your father of 2 sons, Myndert(ca. 1636 - 1706) and Carsten (ca. 1638 - 1688) Fredericksen which sailed to end up being able to America regarding 1653. Professor Jonathan Pearson states, "Two brothers, Myndert as well asCarsten Frederickse, smiths, had been among the early settlers of Beverwyck. They Will originatedin Iveren."(5) David M. Riker, Chair in the Genealogical Committee with the Holland Society, wasconsulted about the origins with the Van Iveren family members and your man agreed that the titleended up being derived from Jever throughout Oldenburg, Germany, indicating the name in itspurest form can be van Jeveren, meaning "from Jerver". Kathleen M. Van Every, a new well-versedgenealogical researcher in the family, writes: "Jevern can be a little town within Oldenburg,Germany, which employed to become a entirely independent Duchy. Though you will findimmigration records citing that will Myndert and also Carsten came from Jevern (thus van Jevern,"from Jevern") I know these people spoke Dutch, for each the records from the early Dutchthroughout New Amsterdam. I am inclined to trust these folks were within fact Dutch and it will beprobable the Reformation took these to Oldenburg, or even these people might have got just metthere like a point regarding embarkation. They Will had been in the Previous Augsburg Faith, thesedays referred for you to as Lutherans. Reformation has been a large issue from time and theNetherlands had been lengthy ruled by Spain, still extremely loyal to Rome and Catholicism. Gettingany heretic ended up being life-threatening inside those times also it will be likely they movedcoming from Zeeland for the Duchy associated with Oldenburg to escape persecution. I am hoping tosolve this throughout the summer when I visit internet websites throughout Europe."(6) Your olderbrother, Myndert, has been barely twenty and the younger, Carsten, had been approachingseventeen. Right After a number of weeks crossing the actual ocean that they found its approach toNew Amsterdam, now new York City. Through there they produced their method to Beverwyck, (now Albany, Ny State), which usually as well moment was obviously a bustling Dutch enterprise. "From

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