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Homeowners FREE REPORT-6701000

Homeowners FREE REPORT-6701000

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Published by Dennis Volz
How much homeowners insurance do I really need? Make sure the right coverage is there when the claim happens
How much homeowners insurance do I really need? Make sure the right coverage is there when the claim happens

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Published by: Dennis Volz on Mar 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FREE REPORT from Dennis Volz 
HHoowwMMuucchhIInnssuurraanncceeDDoo Y oouuEE A  A LLLL Y  Y NNeeeeddOOnn Y oouurrHHoommee??
Your home is likely your single largest investment. Protecting it properly is critical to your financial security. If you’ve only been guessing until now, then guess no longer.
Even though insurance has been part of our culture for over 100 years, to most people – It’s still a just amystery. And because they don’t understand it, a lot of people think they’re being “ripped off” by the InsuranceIndustry; aka
“The Club”
I want to end that for you.
I'm an industry "insider": A licensed member of 
“The Club”
I’ve been inside the insurance business for over 25 years and I know it like the back of myhand: From policy to claims and back again.I've sold insurance.I've studied it.I've discovered what makes "good insurance" -- and what makes "bad insurance".
I know that not all insurance is "created equal".
I’ve been around the insurance business for a long time and I’ve seen it all.
I’ve seen people standing next to smoldering ashes that just hours before wastheir home and everything they own.
I’ve comforted those who have just received a 50-page lawsuit because theirsprinkler flooded their neighbor’s yard or their dog bit a friend’s child.
I’ve reassured clients that they have coverage after their toilet flooded theirhouse over an entire 3-day weekend.
Insurance for your home need not be a shot in thedark. There are simple ways to determineEXACTLY how much insurance ou should have.If you’re not properly insuring your home you could be either wastingneedless premium money on excess coverage or you could be setting yourself up for a severely UNDERINSURED loss that could cost you tens of THOUSANDS of dollars or even MORE!
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I’ve seen clean-up bills for just water damage in excess of
And I’ve been able to pay all these losses for these very frightened people because wemade sure that their insurance was right for them – That it would be there to “write thecheck” should these shattering losses happen to them!Homeowners insurance, when purchased properly, can give you the security ofcontinuing life as you know it in the event of a catastrophic casualty or liability loss.Homeowners insurance is POWERFUL and very comprehensive in the scope ofcoverage it offers.
Here’s a little overview….
It protects your home
It protects your stuff at home
It protects your stuff on vacation
It protects your stuff in the USA
It protects stuff you may have in a storage facility
It protects your stuff all over the world !
Yes, that’s right… you lose your stuff ANYWHERE on the planet…you’re covered just as youare in your own backyard.
It protects your CHECKS & CREDIT CARDS if they’re stolen
It gives you Liability protection....that’s when you get sued
It gives you protection for stuff you’d never imagine.
Here’s just a few examples
Money, Bank Notes, Coins (including collections)up to $200
Property used or intended to be used in businessOn premisesup to $1,000Off premisesup to $250
Watercraft and equipment up to $1,000
Securities, Checks, Travelers Checksup to $1,000
Trailers (not used with watercraft)up to $1,000
Stamps, trading cards, comic books (including collections)up to $2,500
Theft loss of:
Jewelry and Fursup to $1,000
Firearmsup to $2,500
Silverware and Goldwareup to $2,500
Rugs, tapestry, wall hangingsPer Itemup to $5,000Aggregateup to $10,000
Home Computersup to $5,000
WOW, you say!
That’s quite a list.
Yes it is…and theres MORE
Page 3
Yes, theres a LOT more
But before we get to that … the WHAT and HOW TO BUY Homeowners Insurance,let’s talk about the WHY!! 
Why would anyone need or wantHomeowners Insurance? 
 Well, in most cases you’re required to have it by your lender. Now you could get just about ay old insurancecompany to insure your home to satisfy your lender. But…Here’s a question for you…
WHY would you want to trust your biggest investment to
 just any old insurance company
And hopefully your answers is…
“I don’t,”
You’re sitting outside on a cool October night. You have a warm, wool blanket wrapped around you andaround you is the sound of people working, cleaning, the hum of a diesel engine. The blanket was given to youby a firefighter, the people working are firefighters , and the hum of the diesel engine is the fire truck that’s justdumped 30,000 gallons of water on your, now black and flattened residence.You’re just a little freaked out but you’re ok. So is everyone else who was in the house with you. All that is ok,but EVERYTHING YOU OWN is toasted to a crispy black residue that’s still smoldering from the heat of thefire. It’s all gone: your home, your garage, your favorite chair, your entire wardrobe, big-screen televisionAND THE REMOTE (now I’m starting to sweat), stereo system, all the dishes in your kitchen, furniture, bedlinins, towels, silverware, blender, your Xbox, your digital camera and last, but not least…. your treasured iPod.
You see, here’s the problem with all thoseASSETS….
You probably saved over a longperiof of time to purchase your house. You bought your stuff just a little at a time. You know, a CD here, ablender there, a couple of jackets somewhere else. Then, before you know it, it’s all there cluttering up yourdrawers, your closet and every other space in your place.Would you buy scuba or skydiving equipment from “
Jimmy’s Discount Dangerous Sport Second-Hand Equipment Store?” 
Of course you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t trust your life to used, junk equipment.You also wouldn’t buy it without thoroughly understanding how it works and making sure it would work to yourspecifications and your individual needs.
“WHAT?!?!” you say. “Lawsuit ! !”
Yep, lawsuit. Could it happen to you? The answer is…Of course it could ! ! But we’ll talk about that in a minute.
Properly structured Homeowners Insurance providesprotection for your house, your personal property,
Protection in case of a liability lawsuit.

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