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Life Insurance FREE REPORT-6701000

Life Insurance FREE REPORT-6701000

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Published by Dennis Volz

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Published by: Dennis Volz on Mar 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1
The delivery of TAX-FREE LIFE INSURANCE proceeds is one of the most powerful social and economic forces in our country. What a shame that so many people don’t understand or appreciate its value.
FREE REPORT from Dennis Volz 
E  E  F  F  E  E  
By far and withoutexception, a life insuranceclaim is the most soberingand rewarding aspect of myprofession as an insuranceagent.Sobering in that it remindsme of the brevity of thislife and the certainty that itwill end for all of us…
.Rewarding because it’s anopportunity for me to deliver: A stay-at-home mother tochildren and the promise of a quality education for them,a paid-for house and a debt-free existenceto the family,or a comfortable retirement for a weary widow.It’s
with the incredible power of LIFEINSURANCE that these are possible.When it comes time for you to consider this valuablecornerstone to your financial plan, you’ll want to make some very informed and calculated decisions.Let me walk you thru some of them to help you make the ones that are best for you.
If you’ve read any of our other reports, you’ll know that even though insurance has been part of our culture forover 100 years, to most people – It’s still a just a mystery. And because they don’t understand it, a lot of peoplethink they’re being “ripped off” by the Insurance Industry; aka
“The Club”
I want to end that for you.
I'm an industry "insider": A licensed member of
“The Club”
I’ve been inside the insurance business for over 25 years and I know it like the back of my hand: Frompolicy to claims and back again.I've sold insurance.I've studied it.I've discovered what makes "good insurance" -- and what makes "bad insurance".
I know that not all insurance is "created equal".
Page 2
“How is that possible?” you ask.Life insurance dollars come to your beneficiariescosting just pennies on the dollar.Dollars you earn and have put into savings, on theother hand, cost MORE THAN A DOLLAR for everydollar you receive. You work; you get taxes taken outof your pay. Every dollar you spend really costs youabout $1.27 to get after you’ve paid the tax man.
Life insurance, on the other hand, is ALWAYSdelivered for just a fraction of a dollar!
Let’s take a quick trip with your imagination.No, I’m not some wacko who thinks the aliens are on their way, just go with me for a minute…
Picture yourself gone. Yes, I mean GONE, gone! Kind of morbid, I know. So if it makes iteasier, go ahead and picture your exit as some grand, heroic or adventurous one. Maybe youwent out skydiving or chasing wild horses in Wyoming. Or possibly you saved some kids fromdrowning when a school bus plunged into the lake. Either way… you’re gone.
Now--Just ask yourself a fewof simple questions.
1.Are there some bills left to pay? Funeral? Credit cards? Maybe a car? Or possibly agambling tab out at Viejas Casino?2.Is someone going to suffer without your income?3.Is there anything to which you’d like to leave a legacy? Possibly you’d like to start ascholarship fund for some special group or just kids who need it. Maybe you’d like to havea small part of funding Meals-on-Wheels or grant some wishes come true through
Make AWish Foundation 
. Or maybe you’d like to leave something for your church. Thepossibilities are really endless.If you answered yes or will be answering yes to any of those in your future, then LIFEINSURANCE is something youshould seriously consider.
Unless you really enjoyfiguring all this out foryourself, a good,experienced agent isyour ticket to some solid,professional advice.
I’ve got the experience and I’ll offerthat to you for FREE. (More on melater)
I think I know what you’rethinking about this point.You’re thinking of all the hassleit is to decide what kind andhow much and then completethe application and then to get the physical (often you DON’T need one) and then on andon and on…I know how you can quickly get past all that…
Page 3
In reality, it only takes about an hour. You can justskim this report to get an overviewof what you need to be thinking about and then if you’d like…JUST CALL ME.I’ll likely take about 10 minutes of your time on the phone to see where you’re at andthen, if you’re ready, we’ll set a time to get together. It’s really pretty simple and I’LLDO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU.
After all… It’s what I do.
So lets just hop right into it.
E  E  F  F  E  E  
Life Insurance Need-to-Know #1
Don’t buy it unless you need it 
The truth is that nearly everybody could probably use a little Life Insurance. Remember the questions we askedabove? If you answered yes to any of those or you’d just like to make your exit a little easier on those who areleft to sort out the pieces and arrange your funeral and wake, you’re probably a good candidate for at least alittle policy.If you buy the right kind of policy, you’ll build up cash values within the policy and in many cases you’ll buildmore than the premiums you’ve paid. So if you’re thinking you might need some life insurance, go ahead andget a small policy that builds cash for you and you’ll be on your way.Sometimes, people just don’t need or want any life insurance. You might be single with no debt and sufficientmoney in the bank to take care of ALL of your final expenses such as funeral cost, paying off all your debt,enough money to pay for the disposal of allyour personal property, etc, etc. If you are,and you just don’t want any life insuranceand think that you’ll never need it, thendon’t buy it.If you think you might need it in the futureyou might want to get a small, cash valuepolicy with a GUARANTEEDINSURABILITY OPTION.See the yellow box to the right
Protect your insurability
A life insurance policy option that may be purchasedat inception that allows the insured to purchaseadditional amounts of life insurance without taking aphysical examination or having to provide evidenceof insurability. Generally, the provision requires theinsured to increase the amount of insurance at astated time (i.e., specified policy anniversary dates,upon marriage, or the birth of a child).

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