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Budget FREE REPORT-6701000

Budget FREE REPORT-6701000



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Published by Dennis Volz
How to make a budget and stick to it.
How to make a budget and stick to it.

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Published by: Dennis Volz on Mar 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FREE REPORT from Dennis Volz  
Ever felt like this guy here? I have. I think we’ve all had… well,let’s call them “Budget Issues” like this from time to time--Some of us more than others. Money can be the best thing and the worst thingall at the same time.I know well the woes of “budget issues.” I’ve had my share and thensome! I know how they can peck away at your peace of mind nightand day. I know how they can steal your sleep.
I also know that they are
You can begin to fix your budget TODAY.
Yes, I mean that. Without exception and withoutreservation I tell you that you can begin the process of gaining control of your money this very day. I don’t care if you’ve been out of sync for a month or a lifetime.It’s simple, it’s something you can learn and youcan learn it TODAY.Even if you think you’re only a little out of syncwith your money, this FREE REPORT can giveyou ideas that could increase the balance of yoursavings account ten years from now by thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars.
 Yes, that’s right! I said, “By thousands!”
Fixing your budget is simply about making a few changes to yourspending and saving habits.
Before we get to that process, let me tell just a short story.It was over 30 years ago that I learned a very importantlesson.
I wonder if I can paymy MasterCard billwith my Visa Card
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I learned the importance of working from a
budget and I learned it while I was in theMarine Corps. In 1974 I got my Second Lieutenant bars; I got married, and wasshipped back to the east coast for seven months of intense training. One ofthe requirements of my new position was thatof having to purchase a complete set ofofficer uniforms (Dress Blues,Dress Whites, Winter Greens,utilities, socks, boots, and even regulationunderwear!) Our cost: Just over $2000. None of ushad that kind of money so they very kindly extendedus credit to complete the purchase during our training. Wewere given just a few months to pay off the balance or we wouldhave to face some steely-faced general who would chop us into littlepieces and feed us to his dogs. (Or so we were told…)Well, I completed the training and was transferred back to California and rented an apartmentnear Camp Pendleton. I had to pay first and last months rent, buy groceries, gasoline,insurance, and blah, blah, blah… you know the drill. My deadline for my uniforms was just a fewpaychecks away and I was behind.I was convinced that I was making enough money to pay off the loan on time. I thought that ifI could just get organized and write down who and what to pay with each paycheck that I couldavoid being doggy lunch.That’s exactly what I did. I probably spent the better part of anentire weekend bent over a grungy little desk in our apartment with apencil, paper and a calculator. After hours and hours I had a plan.Well, it worked. We paid the rent, ate, and paid off the uniforms ontime. We didn’t do much of anything else, but we survived and retired the debt!I liked the little system so well, I thought I’d write out a couple more months of income andexpenses. After that I was hooked. It took all the stress out of payday. I had a simple,methodical plan to decide how to spend our money and I stuck with it.Over the years I tweaked and refined the system. I’ve also learned some other little tricksfrom people I’ve met along the way. The system has included budgeting for car payments, rent,baby diapers, clothes, electricity, soccer uniforms, allowances, the saving-to-buy-a-house fund,house payments, groceries, dentist bills, piano lessons and college tuition.
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It’s worked when we were short on money. It’s worked when we had extra money. It’s kept usfrom blowing money on stupid things and it’s allowed us, occasionally, to blow money on stupidthings.It’s simple. It works at any income level and any kind of pay periods (weekly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, whatever…)
Just a couple quick thoughts and we’ll get right to it!
As you embark on this process of fixing your “budget issues,” let the process work for you.You’ll experience some frustrations. It all won’t work perfectly the first month. You’ll wonderhow one earth you could have possibly thought you could get a handle on all this.
If you have been frustrated in the past or you’re frustrated now,
Accept the learning curve.Yes, you’re on a learning curve.
You may have been doing these things that got you into trouble for years. Don’t expect tochange those habits overnight, or even in a month or two. Think in terms of a year – a yearwhere every month will be better than the last one. Every month will find you closer to gainingcontrol of your finances than you were the month before.
I’m ready… Are you??? 

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