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Term Insurance FREE REPORT-6701000

Term Insurance FREE REPORT-6701000

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Published by Dennis Volz
Full version of the ticking time bomb wrapped up in your TERM life insurance.
Full version of the ticking time bomb wrapped up in your TERM life insurance.

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Published by: Dennis Volz on Mar 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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While TERM LIFE INSURANCE is inexpensive in your younger years, it becomes TERRIBLY EXPENSIVE when you are older.
FREE REPORT from Dennis Volz 
If you’ve read any of our other reports, you’ll know that even thoughinsurance has been part of our culture for over 100 years, to mostpeople – It’s still a just a mystery. And because they don’t understandit, a lot of people think they’re being “ripped off” by the InsuranceIndustry; aka
“The Club”
I want to end that for you.
I'm an industry "insider": A licensedmember of
“The Club”
I’ve been inside the insurance businessfor over 25 years and I know it likethe back of my hand: From policy toclaims and back again.I've sold insurance. I've studied it. I've discovered what makes "goodinsurance" -- and what makes "bad insurance".
I know that not all insurance is "created equal". Lifeinsurance is certainly no exception. Placing all your coverage in TERM LIFEINSURANCE can be one of the costliest mistakes you could make.
To help us get started, please answer this question for yourself: WHEN DO I WANT MY LIFE INSURANCE TO BE IN FORCE? 
(IN FORCE means that it’s paid, current and ready to pay a death benefit if you should die.
Well, the obvious answer is: WHEN I DIE!! Of course…OK, when do you plan to die???? The next obvious answer (at least MY answer is) When I’m old.VERY OLD.
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Let’s face it. You purchase life insurance really hoping that you’re NOT going to use it any time soon. And you know what? Odds are that you probably won’t. Most likely you’re going to die when you’re older – Much older. But just in case you don’t, you purchase life insurance to  protect the financial future of those you love.So let’s look at the facts of term life insurance. Nothing emotional or prejudged– Kind of like an FBI agent just examining the evidence to see where it leads.Here’s what Term Life Insurance life rates look like. This is just a typical example for a $100,000 5 year Term Policy, Male, non-tobacco rates. You can get different rates from a hundred different companies. What will be the SAME from ALL THE COMPANIES is the UPWARD TREND of  the rates.----------------------------------------- 
FACT #1 –Term life insurance is not very expensivewhen you are young. Notice how the rate doesn’teven change for the first 3 years.FACT #2 –Term life insurance premiums increase asyou get older. Take a look at the chart. Except for thefirst few years, the rate increases EVERY YEAR.FACT #3 –Term life insurance gets VERY EXPENSIVEwhen you’re older. Notice how it increases VERYSLOWLY until about age 50 when it really starts totake off.FACT #4 –The premiums you pay for term life insurance never come back to you. You seeterm insurance is kind of like renting an apartment. Certainly cheaper every month thanbuying a house, but when you leave you leave all your hard earned money with your landlord.FACT #5 –At some point in time, you’ll look at your monthly premium for your term lifeinsurance and say, “I just can’t afford this any longer.” It usually happens just about the timeyou retire and your income is going down a little and the cost of your life insurance isrocketing through the roof! Check the premium at AGE 71… WOW!
Could be a problem, don’t you think? 
At age 71 you may not need the insurance any longer. But let’s just say that you do. Maybethe house isn’t quite paid for, there’s some money you’d like to leave to family, grandkids,spouse, your church… could be a hundred different reasons. The problem is that if you wantto keep your insurance, you probably can’t because it’s just become too expensive for you.
Wouldn’t you like to have the option to keep it or not?
Page 3
So here’s a couple of help questionsfor you:1.Do I want some lifeinsurance in force when Idie? (probably yes)2.What’s my best guess of when that will be? (let’s sayyou guess 78)3.How much do I want in placeat that time?Whatever your answer is forquestion 3, THAT’S how muchpermanent insurance you shouldhave. Consider term insurance tofill the rest of your needs.
Let me show you how you can have that choice then by making a simple decision today.
Get a small permanent life insurance policy today thatwill give you options when you are older.
Here’s what permanent insurance can do for you.1.Provides you with insurance you can keep for the rest of your life.2.NEVER increases in premium.3.Usually allows you to stop paying the premiums just aboutthe time you retire and REMAIN INSURED FOR THEREST OF YOUR LIFE.4.Sometimes you can even have the policy PAY YOU amonthly income.(I’ll include a few more for you at the end of this section…. Look or thislittle guy again.
Remember -- Odds are you’re going to live and your term insurance isn’t going to pay a death benefit for you.But it fills a need when you’re young. Generally in your younger years 30-55, you’re financial responsibilitiesare high. You have kids, house payments,extra cars, college to pay for, on and on andon…Usually, when you hit 55-60 or so, thoseobligations are MUCH LESS! You don’tneed the amount of life insurance you neededwhen you were younger. The kids are out of the house, you have fewer cars to “support”,college is done, the house is paid for (ornearly so…).BUT…. There will still be expenses tohandle when you die – Funeral, maybe some small debts to payoff, or possibly you need to provide an income for your spouseat the loss of you retirement income.The cheapest way to pay those expenses is ALWAYS WITHSOME LIFE INSURANCE. Much cheaper than drawingmoney out of the savings account.
But here’s the problem with that…
If you need $500,000 of insurance coverage today because yourobligations are still in the fast lane, you probably can’t reallyafford to buy all of your life insurance as PERMANENTinsurance.
If you haven’t already determinedhow much insurance you need…
Get your copy of 
7 Things You Need To KnowBEFOREYou Buy Life Insurance
 justgive me a call or drop me an email
i  i  V  V  l  l  
Dennis@DennisVolz.comor go towww.6701000.comand to theRESOURCES Page.

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