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Renters FREE REPORT-6701000

Renters FREE REPORT-6701000

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Published by Dennis Volz
A user-friendly discussion of the miracle of renters insurance. So much wrapped up in a small policy.
A user-friendly discussion of the miracle of renters insurance. So much wrapped up in a small policy.

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Published by: Dennis Volz on Mar 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1
FREE REPORT fromDennis Volz 
TThheeMMII A ACCLLEEooeenntteerrssIInnssuurraannccee 
OK ! I know you’re thinking ‘What could possibly be so MIRACULOUS about Renters Insurance?’ Well…. Here’s the inside scoop ! 
Here’s a little overview….
(All policies are slightly different. These are examples of what a typical policy might have.)
It protects your stuff at home
It protects your stuff on vacation
It protects your stuff in the USA
It protects stuff you may have in a storage facility
It protects your stuff all over the world !
Yes, that’s right… you lose your stuff ANYWHERE on the planet…you’re covered just as youare in your own backyard.
It protects your CHECKS & CREDIT CARDS if they’re stolen
It gives you Liability protection....that’s when you get sued
It gives you protection for stuff you’d never imagine. Here’s just a few examples
For example:
Money, Bank Notes, Coins (including collections) up to $200
Property used or intended to be used in businessOn premises up to $1,000Off premises up to $250
Watercraft and equipment - up to $1,000
Securities, Checks, Traveler’s Checks - up to $1,000
Trailers (not used with watercraft) - up to $1,000
Stamps, trading cards, comic books (including collections) up to $2,500
Theft loss of:
Jewelry and Furs - up to $1,000
Firearms - up to $2,500
Silverware and Goldware - up to $2,500
Rugs, tapestry, wall hangingsPer Item - up to $5,000Aggregate - up to $10,000
Home Computers - up to $5,000
WOW, you say!
That’s quite a list.
Yes it is…and there’s MORE…
No insurance product offers you more BANGFOR YOUR BUCK than simple, but oh sopowerful RENTERS INSURANCE….
Page 2
Yes, there’s a LOT more… 
But before we get to that … the WHAT and HOW TO BUY Renters Insurance,let’s talk about the WHY!! 
Why would anyone need renters insurance….
The answer is simply this…
 Because you’ve got LOTS OF STUFF
“No I don’t,” you say…
Well, imagine, JUST FOR SECOND, if you would please…..You’re sitting outside on a cool October night. You have a warm wool blanket wrapped around you and aroundyou is the sound of people working, cleaning, the hum of a diesel engine. The blanket was given to you by afirefighter, the people working are firefighters , and the hum of the diesel engine is the fire truck that’s justdumped 30,000 gallons of water on your, now black and flattened residence.You’re just a little freaked out but you’re ok. So is everyone else who was in the house with you. All that is ok, but EVERYTHING YOU OWN is toasted to a crispy black residue that’s still smoldering from the heat of thefire. It’s all gone: your entire wardrobe, TV and DVD player, stereo system, all the dishes in your kitchen,furniture, bed linins, towels, silverware, blender, your Xbox, your digital camera and last, but not least…. your treasured iPod.
You see, here’s the problem with all that STUFF….
You bought it just a little at a time. You know, a CD here, a blender there, a couple of jackets somewhere else. Then, before you know it, it’s all therecluttering up your drawers, your closet and every other space in your place.
I know…You’re probably thinking that RENTERSINSURANCE is really expensive. Well here are the facts….
“WHAT?!?!” you say. “Lawsuit ! !”
 Yep, lawsuit. Could it happen to you? The answer is…Of Course It Could ! !But we’ll talk about that in a minute.
Here’s a typical list of the average
single-person household. If there’s 2 or3 or more of you, it’s even higher
 Personal PropertyReplacementValue
Furniture $ 8,907TV, VCR, Stereo, Tapes, and CDs
1,777Home Computer 1,647Microwave 151Other Appliances 240Clothing 3,700Paintings, Prints, Photos 792Glassware, China, and Silverware 612Sports Equipment 600Cameras and Photographer’s Equipment 795Books 704Jewelry
1,023All Other Property
For just pocket change a day, RENTERSINSURANCE can provide affordable basicprotection for your personal property,
in case of a liability lawsuit.
Page 3
FFoorrj juussttaabboouutttthheeccoossttooaaDD V  V DDaammoonntthh , ,y yoouu ggeettpprrootteeccttiioonnoorr  A ALLLL Y OOUUSSTTUUFFFF.. 
PPrrootteeccttiioonnoorraalllly yoouurrssttuu  A ANN Y  Y WWHHEEEEIINNTTHHEENNOOWWNN UUNNII V  V EESSEE..DDooeessnn’ ’ ttmmaatttteerriiy yoouu’ ’ rree iinntthheeggooooddoollddUUSSooA A , ,MMee x xiiccoo , , CChhiinnaaoorrA Auussttrraalliiaa
Here’s all the kinds of things that your stuff could be covered for…
So you can see that there’s coverage for many differentcircumstances. Realistically, the most likely ones you’llneed in your lifetime are FIRE, THEFT, SMOKEDAMAGE and maybe VANDALISM.
So for the price of a DVD A month you get all that…
And just like the TV commercials tell you….
If your stuff is stolen from your car,IT’S COVERED!!!There might be damage to your car though.THAT’S covered under your auto insurance.I’m sure you have car insurance ! ! ! For the
 just give me a call or drop me an email
Dennis@DennisVolz.comor go towww.6701000.comand to theRESOURCES Page.
Fire or lightning
Weight of ice, snow or sleet
Aircraft & vehicles
Sudden and accidental tearing or bulging of heating or cooling systems
Windstorm or hail
Riot or civil commotion
Falling objects
Vandalism or malicious mischief 
Sudden and accidental water discharge from plumbing or appliances
Freezing of plumbing systems

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