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Nm Lulac News July 2014

Nm Lulac News July 2014

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Published by: Editor on Jul 29, 2014
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and the elections chair would not allow a  proper count via a census count nor a division of the house to so determine whether or not there was a 2/3 vote to overturn the
legal advisor’s opinion.
The elections judge and legal advisor would determine this with the naked eye and even admitted to this in an Arizona Court lawsuit
 Soto v. LULAC, et al 
 that they did not take a division of the house or census count to determine if in fact there was not the 2/3 vote to
overturn. At this year’s National
Convention, based on past practices at the CA, AZ, TX and National Conventions, coupled with concerns reported by the National Treasurer and dissidents (whistle blowers that
Rivera elected new National President in NYC, Mutual
TRO’s served on National Officers that place the
League in limbo until Courts rule Silver City LULAC 8003 celebrates Diamond Anniversary Scholarship Banquet and Receives WNMU
President’s Award
By: Paul “Pablo” A. Martinez,
Past NM State Director
New York City, NY
- Over 1,600 delegates from across the country
turned out in the “Big Apple” to vote
for a new national president, as the League of United Latin American
Citizens (LULAC), this nation’s
oldest and largest Hispanic member-ship organization cele- brated its 85 years of legacy. The convention venue was excellent and outstanding for those wishing to visit New York City for the first time and make the annual conventions into a vaca-tion and family reunion. Over the last four years, with the exception of the 2010, 2013 and 2014 conventions (non-contested election years), there has been a decline in  participation from the legitimate long existing LULAC councils. There appears to have been a de-cline in the amount of ex-hibitors and even the Federal Training Institute. This granted, may be due to the  budget austerities and the economy. Many of us, that truly believe in democracy, integrity and fairness have seen tactics over the last four years that have been unprecedented and  both arbitrary and capricious. That is, with respect to abus-
ing the Rule’s Committee with
rules not specifically following the National LULAC Constitu-tion and By-laws and abusing the authority of the Legal Advisor requiring the 2/3 vote rule to overturn his or her authority. In the past years in question, many of us that were delegates to these conventions wit-nessed this abuse. The legal advisor
“Kiki” Vigil, Dep-
uty State Director, Jessica Inez Marti-nez and District III Director, Manuel Martinez. Ms. Jessica Inez Martinez gave the keynote address.
Silver City, NM
 Council 8003 held their 30th Annual Scholar-ship Banquet at Western New Mexico University, Saturday, July 26, 2014. Council 8003 awarded over $9,000 in scholar-ships to over 16 deserving stu-dents from Grant County, NM. Council President, Lynn Baca received the distinguished
WNMU President’s Award on
 behalf of Silver City Council 8003. WNMU President Joseph Shepard presented this award to LULAC for its many years of dedicated service in the area of  promoting higher edu-cation and excellence. Also in attendance were NM State Director, Enrique
Inside this issue:
 Border Network and NMSU  Admissions Protest 2 Santa Fe LULAC Press Con- ference and Rally 2  El Paso Electric Partnership  Las Cruces 120 Awarded 2 Cd. Juarez Bar President 3 State Board Meeting Notice and Annual Barbecue 3 Silver City 8003 Scholarship 3  National LULAC Convention 4
Special points of interest:
 Rivera elected new National President-Mutual TROs filed- League in Limbo until Courts rule
Silver City 8003 celebrates 30th Anniversary Scholarship  Awards
 –Receives WNMU President’s Award 
 Immigrant Leadership in Las Cruces interested in forming Council
Santa Fe Council 33 to hold Press Conference and Rally on  poor treatment of Hispanic Owner and Trainers by the State
 El Paso Electric awards Council 120
 El Paso LULAC Sponsor Juarez Bar Association to address  group
 NM LULAC State Board and Barbecue-August 16, 2014
 Letter from State Director to Brent Wilkes, National LULAC  Executive Director
 Message from NM LULAC State Director
New Mexico League of United Latin American Citizens
 National LULAC President  Maggie Rivera
July 2014 Volume 1, Issue 2
Jessica Inez Martinez Deputy State Director
 Kiki Vigil and Maury Castro in NYC
 Letter to Brent Wilkes NM 5  Message from State Director 8
Las Cruces LULAC 120 Receives Award and Recognition for partnership from El Paso Electric
dent of color with respect to admissions into  NMSU. Immediate Past State Director, Ralph Arellanes also concurred that this will trigger UNM to take similar action and  NM LULAC believes along with the majority Hispanic fac-ulty that this will adversely im- pact our community. Former  NMSU Professor, Dr. Cristobal
Rodriguez’s study provides the
demographics and how this will harm Dona Ana county Latino students.
Las Cruces, NM
 Council 120 President, Pablo Martinez and NM LULAC State Direc-tor Enrique Vigil met with members of the area Border Network Group. NM LULAC
discussed the League’s position on compre-
hensive immigration reform and the dilemma of the multitudes of children requiring hu-manitarian aid. These members enjoyed at-tending Las Cruces 120 meeting and desired the same structure for their own group. They expressed interest in forming a LULAC Chap-ter and were encouraged to do so. Any Coun-cil can form and are allowed to conduct meet-ings in Spanish. Puerto Rico is a primary ex-ample of this and materials are available in the Spanish language. Council 120 will assist them in this endeavor. LULAC will meet with mem- bers of the community to ad-dress assisting the center in Artesia, NM. NMSU will be doing a collaborative. Council 120 President did ap- pear on ABC 7 and Telemundo  protesting NMSU Regents ad-mission standards hike. This will harm Hispanic and all stu-other companies are suffering budget cuts, they will continue to help out and especially committed to help those partners that do col-laborate with each other in common goals and objectives. Las Cruces LULAC will explore working and helping Cancer Aid Resource and Education (CARE). This program helps cancer  patients and survivors locally with financial resource to help defray costs.
Las Cruces, NM
 On Wednesday, July 23, 2014, Las Cruces LULAC was presented an award by El Paso Electric Company among several other non-profit organizations throughout Las Cruces and Dona Ana County. El Paso Electric was a  proud sponsor of our 2014 State Convention. They are developing community  partnerships and attempting to network all of the partners to work together in their future endeavors and projects. It is a consolidated effort in order to collabo-rate efforts that are in com-mon or impacting the same  projects and community. Mr. Rico Gonzales, Direc-tor of External Affairs for El Paso Electric announced that although they like
Members of Area Border Network Collaborate with Council 120 and desire to form Spanish Language Speaking Council- Council 120 Protests NMSU Regents Admissions Standard Increase
Santa Fe LULAC to hold rally and Press Conference in Protest of Governor
Martinez’s Administration Treatment of Hispanic Horse Owners and Racers
 preaching economic development, and they
are practicing it”.
 Santa Fe-NM
 Members of the NM Gaming Alliance re-chartered Santa Fe LULAC Coun-cil 33. They will be holding a rally and press conference on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at the east entrance of the New Mexico State Capitol Building in Santa Fe, NM. The Press Release alludes: LULAC is extremely disappointed that Gover-nor Susana Martinez has ignored several com-munications and requests to meet with her to discuss the unlawful discrimination practices displayed by the Track Management and the  New Mexico Racing Commission (NMRC). Complaints from Hispanic owners and trainers reveal that they are targeted and treated differ-ently than the non-Hispanic horse owners,
 jockeys and trainers. “LULAC is serious con-
cerned that these Track Owners and NMCR target and discriminate against Hispanic Own-
ers, Jockeys and Trainers,” stated Dennis W.
Montoya, NM LULAC State Executive Direc-
tor. Montoya further stated, “The Hispanic
Owners/Trainers through their race horse op-erations have contributed millions of dollars to
 New Mexico’s economy, yet they have been
treated with callous disregard. Santa Fe LU-LAC Council President, Gary Roybal com-
mented, “These Hispanic owners are not just
 LULAC is serious concerned that these Track Owners and  NMCR target and discriminate against Hispanic Owners,
 Jockeys and Trainers,”
 Page 2 NM LULAC News
 Border Network with  Las Cruces and NM LULAC
 Lt-Rt: Pablo Martinez, President of Council 120, Mr. Rico Gonzales of El Paso Electric and Mr. Maury Castro
Silver City 8003 Scholarship Banquet- Event Photos NM LULAC State Board Meeting and Council 120 Annual Barbeque to be held in Las Cruces, NM
ciation between Chihuahua, Texas and New Mexico. Lic. Mariscal dis-cussed the changes in the Mexican jurisprudence sys-tem particularly, with respect to the criminal law sections of procedures and process since 2007. There is an effort to bring UNM School of Law as a conduit to provide con-tinuing legal education and training for our Mexican counterparts. Chihuahua is the first state to test and implement to new federal  penal code.
El Paso, TX
 On July 26, 2014, the El Paso LULAC Council No. 4981, Albert Armendariz, Sr. Council hosted Lic. J. Eduardo Mariscal O., President of the Barra y Colegio de Abogados de Cd. Juarez, CHIH Juarez Bar Association. Past National V.P of the Southwest, Mr. Ray Mancera invited NM LULAC to participate in this event. This is a new LULAC Council of Attorneys and Judges. They named their council after our late and distinguished past National LULAC President Albert Armendariz, Sr. President Armendariz was National President from 1953-54. He was a former fed-eral immigration judge and on the Texas Court of Appeals. He was the first Hispanic to attend USC School of Law. El Paso authorities named the federal court house after him. He also has a high school in El Paso in his name and honor. Council President Rebecca Bustamante held a first series of informative cross section legal training meetings. There has been an effort in  New Mexico to develop a Tri-state Bar Asso-D. Deputy for Women E. Deputy for Youth F. Deputy for Young Adults G. District Directors VII. Communications and Finance A. Treasurers Report VIII. Unfinished Business IX. New Business X. Good and Welfare XI. Adjournment
Las Cruces, NM
 The NM LULAC State Board or Directors, the NM LULAC Institute and CHILE PAC will hold its first quarterly  board meetings on Saturday, August 16, 2014, at 10:00 am, at the FIC-DAC Offices, located at 225 E. Idaho Ave., Ste 35, Las Cruces,  NM, 88005. Las Cruces Council 120 will host this meeting and the Annual Barbeque after the meetings at 4:00 pm. This will be at the residence of the
honorable State Director Enrique “Kiki” Vigil
and the first lady of NM LULAC Ms. Melanie Altuna Vigil. AGENDA
 NM LULAC: I. Opening II. Prayer and Flag Salute III. Roll Call IV. Reading of Minutes -Previous Meeting V. Introduction of Guests VI. Reports of Officers and Committees: A. State Director B. Deputy State Director C. Deputy for Elderly
El Paso Albert Almendariz Council 4981 hosted Juarez Bar Association President-Plans to create Tri-State Bar Association
 Page 3 Volume 1, Issue 2
 Rt: Enrique “Kiki” Vigil, NM State Director; Dr. Joseph
Shepard,, WNMU President; Lynn Baca, President Silver City Council 8003; Jessica Martinez, Deputy State Director; Pablo  Martinez, Past State Director; Fred Baca, 8003 Co-chair Schol-arship Committee and State Sen. Howie Morales  Members Silver City Council 8003 with Dr. Joseph Shepard ,  President of WNMU and State Director, Kiki Vigil 2014 NM LULAC Council of the Year Council 8003 Silver City, New Mexico
 Lic . J. Eduardo Mariscal with Pablo Martinez, Past  NM State Director Council 4981 with Juarez Bar Officials

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