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Book Review by Bishop Danilo O. Bantilan.,ThD

Book Review by Bishop Danilo O. Bantilan.,ThD

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Published by Danny
Book Review

Title: Preaching with Conviction: Connecting with Postmodern Listeners
Author: By Kenton C. Anderson
Reviewed by Bishop Danilo O. Bantilan., ThD
Date: July 17, 2014
Book Review

Title: Preaching with Conviction: Connecting with Postmodern Listeners
Author: By Kenton C. Anderson
Reviewed by Bishop Danilo O. Bantilan., ThD
Date: July 17, 2014

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Danny on Jul 30, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Book ReviewTitle:
 Preaching with Conviction: Connecting with Postmodern Listeners
 By Kenton C. Anderson
by Bishop Danilo O. Bantilan., hD
 !"ly #$, %&#' he A"thor o( this boo) Dr. Kenton C. Anderson, had "sed the (orm li)e a novel or a tr"e li(e story o( a preacher whose main *ob is to preach the word o( +od, inspite o( many obstacles, str"ggles and disco"raging moment in his li(e that led him to thin) o( resigning o( his p"lpit ministry. owever, he was restored again "pon )nowing the principles o( preaching ministry (rom his mentor. Perhaps the good intention o( the writer was to enco"rage the post modern preachers o( the -ord to go bac) the main b"siness o( preaching the gospel with conviction thro"gh the "nction o( the pirit o( +od, co"ple with an idea on how to convince the listenersto hear (rom +od/s -ord thro"gh the instr"ments o( +od, the pastors. he a"thor emphasi0ed on his boo) that there/s no room (or retreat nor s"rrender in )ingdom b"siness no matter what happen. e "sed also, many 1"otations *"st to relay his intention o( writing (or the post modern prechers and listeners. 2athermore, the 1"otations o( sayings (rom di3erent a"thors these (or the p"rpose o( stim"lation and provocation (or the readers to be enco"raged to si(t and sort.  he a"thor o( this boo) was addressing the needs o( the post modern preachers on how to addressed also the need o( the post modern listeners. e emphasi0ed that the p"lpit is the o4ce o( the pastors or the preachers to demonstrate +od/ a"thority by the inspired -ord o( +od. he most common problem o( the preachers is on how to addressed the belie( o( the post modern listeners abo"t mystery,pl"rality and technology 5p.#67#89. he scientist always seaching (or sol"tion o( mystery, and pl"ralism. Pl"ralism according to this boo) is the people o( di3erent c"lt"res,and world views. hese )ind o( people has a basic three way di4c"lt 1"estions and all o( them are abo"t tr"th: Does tr"th eist; Can tr"th be )nown; Can tr"th be told; 5p.%#9. he A"thor made mention also that some people they don/t believe the tr"th.Post modern people has (all o( do"bt the eistence o( +od. -hy; Beca"se we are in the generation o( high technology s"ch as: email, (a, cellphones,(aceboo) etc. his )ind o( li(estyles wo"ld be the st"mbling bloc) that these people will not get interested in listening the logical word o( tr"th. he a"thor also empasi0ed that the post modern arg"e that there/s no privileged point o( view by which we can acc"rately chain to )now the tr"th (or everyone. e made mention that the Bible doesn/t *"st b"ild on h"man eperience. <t re7arranges o"r eperience 5p.%=9. e added that word/s have m"ltiple meanings and they are s"b*ect to a variety o( interpretation.here(ore, let/s eamine care("lly and eplain it vividly the lang"ages we "sed or else, there will be a lang"age barriers between the preachers and the listeners. <n this boo), he made mention also the theology o( preaching and emphasi0ed it. e said, the cleaverness o( o"r sermon eegesis is not eno"gh to addressed the h"man needs (or changing lives, it is by +od/ special revelation, e isstill revealing and spea)ing is will to is people. he a"thor says, that it doesn/t mean that we re*ect the process o( ma)ing a sermon epository be(ore we preach it on the p"lpit. >eanig the e3ort o( thro"gh eegesis, b"t both st"dying and listening +od/s revelation d"ring sermon preparation. he A"thor here revealing the doctrine o( revelaion, on how +od revealed imsel(: by initiation, incarnation, inspiration and ill"mination. e said, that theology o( preaching is helping people to hear (rom +od. And also is the point o(
integration (or all (o"r 5'9 aspects o( +od/s sel(7revelation 5p.''7'=9.
 he preachers is an archaeologist spends time digging aro"nd in the d"st emerging with ancient treas"res that have little contemporary, practical val
"e. he preacher wo"ld dig into the d"st o( the acient tet and ?nd some tr"th (rom long ago and (ar away that loo)ed (or all the world li)e bro)en pottery to their congregations. 5p.'67'89Dr. Kenton s"ggested here in this boo) in preaching a"thority. @nder a"thorityboth ob*ectively and s"b*ectively. e give an eample abo"t preaching topic on lovethat is ob*ective. <( the people "nderstand and hang on the idea, that is s"b*ective. Other thing is apprehension was not abo"t (ear the a"thor said, it was a little abo"t listeners to grab hold o( the tr"th and to ma)e it their own. Apprehension, need to to"ch the cognitive and int"itive. <( yo" eplain clearly the message and they "nderstand it, that is cognitive, then people will eperience things. hre(ore, preach clearly, and then the people will respond 5 p.=%7=9. he a"thor, in his boo) strongly s"ggested the process in ma)ing a sermon with conviction in post modern listeners. here are (o"r 5'9 stages mention on this boo).#.Discovery%.Constr"ction.Assimilation'.DeliveryDiscovery is the ?rst stage process on ma)ing a sermon preparation. +etting the message is very important, yo" need to get a message ?rst (rom +od base on the tet that we have st"died. <n other words the main idea o( the tet. Preaching is helping people to hear (rom +od and strongly s"ggested here that the message m"st addressed both the heads and the hearts o( the post modern people. wo terms needed to be distig"ished. Preachers needs to determine what the message act"ally is be(ore setting down to b"ild a sermon wo"ld comm"nicate that message.O"ght to discover the message be(ore he tried to constr"ct the sermon. o what is the message (rom this tet; -hat is +od is saying thro"gh this tet to these people at this time; he idea o( the a"thor here is helping the preachers to discover the message be(oreconstr"cting a sermon. 5p.7$9 he a"thor emphasi0ed that tet aren/t created simply to be "nderstood. etare made to be eperienced. et are abo"t people who live in real time. 5 p.$#9 here/s a story behind every tet and he led "s to the (o"r 5'9 discovery 1"estions:#.-hat/s the story;%.-hat/s the points;.-hat/s the problem;'.-hat/s the di3erence; he preacher live peaceable i( he has a message o( the tet then move to the second is to constr"ct a sermon, applying the eegetical proced"re 5 p. $69. he second stage in processing a sermon is constr"ction. ermon preparation is bridging the gap between tha acient tet and contemporary sit"ation. A"thor said, that preaching does not stop with "nderstand ancient lang"ages, history, c"lt"re, and c"stoms. @nless the cent"ries can be bridged with contemporary relevance in the message, then the preaching eperience di3ers little (rom a classroom enco"nter. Preachers, m"st process the tet (or original meaning and then
principali0e the tet (or c"rrent applicability. he a"thor said when one/s st"dy (all short the goal o( this step is omitted and slighted. 5p.6892arthermore, the tas) o( the preacher is to connect the listeners with the tet and engage them with the sermon, it might be better to thin) in terms o( the peoplerather than the principles. e also emphasi0e that the people want to )now  what/swhat ; -hat/s the point; -hat/s the story; o what; he e3ective comminicator hasto in"ence the cognitive 5head9 and the a3ective 5heart9 in order to get at the behavioral 5hands9. hen he led the readers to the third stage o( sermon preparation is assimilation in 5p.#&=9. ere, he said that a(ter yo" discover the message and constr"cted its time to assimilate the sermon constr"ction. <n assimilation the pirit o( +od is there, the word and the li(e o( the sermon. By the way in my eperienced (or almost %% years in the p"lpit ministry its my ?rst time to enco"nter the word assimilationE in sermon preparation, glory +od (or this boo). he a"thor said, piritwor) re1"ires the pirit/s power, has to do with prayer and power and read the message o( +od many times "ntil it sat"rated in yo"r spirit. <t is not by o"r own words b"t by the pirit o( the living +od dwells in "s. Preaching is the pirit/s -or) and that witho"t the "nction o( the pirit he wo"ld never have anything li(e7 changing to o3er. he a"thor said, that the word "nction means being ?lled with themessage by the pirit o( +od 5 ###9.-hy do we wor) hard on o"r preachingF it is the DivineG"manE we do o"r best, and +od does is. Additionally said, in order that the people will response o"r preaching, we need to be empowered by the oly pirit and it is done thro"gh spending with +od/s presence on prayer, atleast eight 569 ho"rs a day. 5p. ##%9.  here/s not m"ch point in preaching i( yo"/re not prepare to pray. he a"thor led "s on stage ' in sermon preparationhe said, that the e3ective way to comm"nicate the sermon is the mastery o( the man"script he prepared (or a wee). he ow o( tho"ght and lang"age he "sed, so that yo" can preach with eye to eye contact with yo"r listeners. e has a message (rom +od then, constr"cted it with assimilation o( +od/s pirit word and li(e and then the last is the great event the delivery or eposition o( the sermon. 5 p.##'9  he a"thor said, live the sermon be(ore yo" preach. <( he co"ldn/t live it, he wo"ldn/tpreach it. his boo) give a hint or tips (or the preachers in delivery the sermon, he m"st pa"se (or a moment be(ore arranging the notes on the p"lpit, with assimilationthe sermon well, and read the passage with conviction. he sermon with conversational that is inviting and arresting. -hy beca"se, yo"r sermon is pirit led,word and li(e. 2ear o( the Lord, not (ear o( people d"ring o"r preaching, it is sense o( (ear that sho"ld be care("l in handling the -ord o( +od. he a"thor 1"oted the wordo( Charles p"rgeon that says, li(e, death, hell and world/s "n)nown hang on the preaching and the hearing o( a sermon 5p.#9 Li(e changes or li(e is birth a(ter yo" release the -ord o( +od on the p"lpit every s"nday.Being a preacher is a hard tas), b"t challenging. A(ter reading this boo) my p"lpit ministry was energi0ed and empowered by the oly pirit o( +od.han)s (or this boo). <n many years o( my p"lpit ministry, honestly, </ve been "sing the proced"re in ma)ing sermon o"tline,hermene"tically and homiletically, b"t its more di3erent a(ter reading this boo). <t has been concreti0ed, and < had learned more steps in preparing epository sermon.Beca"se preaching is helping people to hear (rom +od, as the a"thor said.  here(ore, it is a serio"s *ob among preachers not be ta)en lightly b"t prayer("lly, serio"sly, and empowered by +od by the "nction o( the oly pirit. A(ter )nowing the message o( this boo), < (elt the b"rden to share this boo) to my (ellow pastors

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