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Published by veronapress
7/31/14 Verona Press
7/31/14 Verona Press

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Published by: veronapress on Jul 30, 2014
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Thursday, July 31, 2014 Vol. 48, No. 10 Verona, WI Hometown USA ConnectVerona.com $1
 Verona Press
Hours: Mon-Sat 9-7; Sun 9-6Fitchburg (608) 271-3230 | Verona (608) 833-5244
10% OFF
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 F ra me
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 i no r mo us 
 F ra me
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S u pe r  G i no r
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Thurs, Aug 7, 11 am - 7 pm
Refreshments & Other In-Store SpecialsManufacturers will be bringing in a super ginormous selection of frames just for this show!
 Verona Vision • 320 S Main Street • Verona, WI • (608) 848-5168
Bring your prescription or get an eye exam with one of our doctors
S󰁴󰁩󰁬󰁬 C󰁬󰁩󰁭󰁢󰁩󰁮󰁧 󰁴󰁨󰁥 M󰁯󰁵󰁮󰁴󰁡󰁩󰁮
$10M fire station mostly approved
Quick doors, fire pole included
Verona Press editor 
With bids for the new Verona fire and EMS station coming in higher than anticipated, alders looked hard for ways to cut costs Monday night.They came to consensus on only a handful of them, and they’ll be hard-pressed to come close to last month’s estimate of $10.4 million. A few strategies were suggested by Tri-North Builders, the city’s construction manager for the project. With the city following new procedures, it has the ability accept bids from individual sub-contractors, rather than just take one general contractor’s price. That means some additional cost and quality control, but it also makes for some complicated dis-cussions to get there.Much of the 75-minute dis-cussion involved going through noncontroversial bid items that nevertheless needed careful con-sideration because of the delicate logic puzzle presented by decid-ing on bids for 19 individual proj-ects and nine alternate options. In following recommendations giv-en by construction managers and the fire chief, the city rejected six bids, awarded 13 and agreed on six optional additions or subtrac-tions.The most notable of those were easy pickings for pernicious types
Verona Area School District
No referendum in November
Need to ensure land is ‘purchasable,’ finalize second deal
Unified Newspaper Group 
Despite hopes from officials earlier in the year and a preliminary land purchase agree-ment, Verona Area School District voters will not vote on a land purchase referendum in November.VASD superintendent Dean Gorrell told the Verona Press on Friday morning there was simply too much left in the process to ask the school board to pass a resolution in August to get a referendum on the ballot, which would be required.That includes a desired second land purchase in addition to the agreement reached earlier in the year to purchase 40 acres in the West End property owned by Vanta Properties, formerly T. Wall Properties. That purchase, which is big
City of Verona
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Verona’s Govek in 20th year of MS fundraising ride
Unified Newspaper Group 
For years, when it came to helping out those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Rick Govek was there to grab his gear, climb on his bike and ride to raise some money. After two brothers were afflicted with the debilitating disease, it only served to increase his efforts. This year, with one brother doing fine while another is facing many life chal-lenges from MS, the Verona resident is participating in his 20th straight fund-raiser, the MS150 Best Dam Bike Ride, and he hopes to continue to spread the word about the disease. In that time, he’s been able to raise more than $55,000 for MS research. When Govek, 50, started the ride, he had no idea how much MS would affect his family. He already had a couple “good family friends” who were fight-ing the disease, and as a bicycle enthu-siast, he saw a way he could help. A few years later, though, his older brother Drew, now 51, was diagnosed with MS, and 18 months later, his younger brother Ed, now 48, got the news that he also had the disease, which he said “redou-bled” his fundraising efforts. Govek said much remains unknown about the disease, as researchers are still trying to figure out if there are environ-mental or genetic – or both – that facili-tate its spread.“They’re still learning about what causes it, they’re not really for sure,” he said. “They do know that people in this part of the country tend to get MS at a much higher rate than the Deep South. There are about one in every 500 peo-ple with MS in Wisconsin, and one in 10,000 in Texas.
Verona’s Rick Govek, right, and brother Drew hang out at one of the Sunday morning rest stops during the 2013 Best Dam Bike Ride, benefiting multiple scle-rosis research. Govek started participating in the race 20 years ago, before Drew and their other brother, Ed, were diag-nosed with the debilitating disease.
Photo submitted
How to help
To contribute with a credit card, visit bikewig.nationalmssociety.org1. Click on Donate on the upper left side of the page (or the blue Donate button on the right)2. Select “Search for a participant” and type in Rick Govek3. Click Donate Now or proceed to his page and donate there
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No Horsin’ Around!
We’ve got fair photos!
Pages 8 & 9
July 31, 2014
 The Verona PressConnectVerona.com
8 weeks of professional karate lessons taught by our staff of State Certified Instructors, your karate uniform, and  your White Belt for only $99!
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Mon. & Thurs. 9:30-8
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Sat. 9:30-4 • Sun. 12-4 • 2805 W. Beltline Hwy at Todd Dr.
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 or an
 of carpet.
 W E  E V E N  R E C Y C L E  O L D  C A  R P E T !
S󰁷󰁩󰁭󰁭󰁩󰁮󰁧 󰁷󰁩󰁴󰁨 󰁳󰁨󰁡󰁲󰁫󰁳
Marine biology field study takes Verona native to Bahamas
Press Correspondent 
Saoirse Keely-Zinkel  jumped into the turquoise blue water and was soon surrounded by several big Caribbean reef sharks. But unlike most people, she did not want to get out. “It was so cool watch-ing them swim around and observing what they did,” Keely-Zinkel, 18, wrote in an email to the Verona Press. “Sometimes they got really close and would swim under me.”The 2014 Verona Area High School graduate was one of twenty high school students chosen from the midwest by Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium for the High School Marine Biol-ogy (HSMB) program -- a hands-on marine biol-ogy research experience in Bimini, Bahamas, that ended on July 19.The 40-year-old program took the students behind the scenes at the Shedd Aquar-ium to grasp the fundamen-tals of marine biology and get introduced to the Baha-mas’ unique plants and ani-mals. Then the students set sail on the Shedd’s research vessel, the R/V Coral Reef II for a week-long field study. There, students snor-kelled around various eco-systems collecting data and practicing different scien-tific methods. “The main ecosystems we explored were sandy bottom, seagrass beds, coral reefs and tide pools,” Keely-Zinkel said. Within each ecosystem the students employed a wide variety of different scientific methods to learn more about the natural aquatic state of Bimini and the different species that inhabit it.“We did fish counts to see what species and how many species were in a spe-cific area,” Keely-Zinkel explained.The group also used a transect sampling method, which involves counting the number of occurrences of an object of study in a section of a natural feature, to compare the amount of seagrass near a beach to further out into the water, said Keely-Zinkel.The highlight of the trip for Keely-Zinkel, however, was swimming with sharks and visiting Shark Lab, a biological field station in Bimini. This was the perfect opportunity for Keely-Zinkel given her particular interest in sharks.“I’ve found sharks fas-cinating since I was a little kid,” Keely-Zinkel said. “And I’ve done everything I can since then to learn as much as I can about sharks.”Planning to “work hard through college and get a PhD in marine biology or shark biology,” Keely-Zinkel hopes to become a marine biologist with a focus on shark conserva-tion. Although the HSMB pro-gram was a tiring experi-ence, complete with early mornings and late nights, Keely-Zinkel believes it was all worth it because it nurtured her passions and helped prepare her for the future.Not only did Keely-Zin-kel gain practical marine biology experience but, “one of the most important things I learned was how to work with a team of people on a boat,” she said. “I was with the same peo-ple all day, every day for a week,” Keely-Zinkel added. “This has helped me see my own strengths in a group environment and how the others and I can use these skills to our advantage.”This upcoming fall Keely-Zinkel will continue her journey toward becom-ing a marine biologist as a freshman at UW- Steven’s Point.
Photo submitted
Saoirse Keely-Zinkel snorkels at one of the snorkelling sites.
Photos by
Scott Girard
Toddler tunes
Children and their parents joined local music teacher Nicole Sayre for half an hour of early childhood music at the Verona Public Library Wednesday eve-ning. Participants got to sing, play some instruments and move around through different songs while also learning some musical techniques. Above, Ryan Verity holds his 9-month-old daughter Eleanora as the group sings a song about flying. Below, Magdalena Wijaya swings her 4-year-old daughter Astia Bahls as the group gets some exer-cise to go with the music.Above, Carolyn Sier, 3, of Verona, hides her face behind the drum as she follows the instructions for the upcoming song. Below, Carolyn’s younger sister Juliana, 1, looks on while holding her drum.
July 31, 2014
 The Verona PressConnectVerona.com
National Night Out brings entertainment Aug. 5
The Verona Police Department invites the community to its 31st annual National Night Out event from 5-9 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 5, at Home-town Festival Park, 111 Lincoln St.“America’s Night Out Against Crime” is a night to promote involvement in crime prevention activities, police, fire, EMS and com-munity partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie. The event will feature displays from the Verona police and fire depart-ments, Fitch-Rona EMS, UW Med Flight helicopter, Wisconsin State Patrol and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. There will also be self-defense demonstrations, a K-9 demonstration by the Fitch-burg Police Department and vision screenings by the Verona Lions Club.New this year, the State Patrol will bring a rollover seat belt convincer to show what would happen inside a vehicle if someone is in a rollover accident.The Kidcare Photo ID booth will once again be present at the event and is of no charge to parents. The purpose of Kidcare Photo ID is to provide parents with a current, standardized, high-quality photograph of their child. The ID kit includes the child’s vital statistics, a set of the child’s fingerprints and necessary information to assist those agencies responsible for locating a missing or abducted child.Entertainment will include music, face paint-ing, inflatable bounce houses and a dunk tank.Each child will have the opportunity to win a door prize, including bicycles and helmets.As always there will be free hot dogs, roasted pork sandwiches and sweet corn, beverages and ice cream for everyone in attendance.For more information contact the Verona Police Department at 845-7623 or Officer Ryan Adkins at 845-0952.
Founded in 1976
 ASSE International Student Exchange Program is a PublicBenefit, Non-Profit Organization.
For privacy reasons,photos above are not photos of actual students
 Amy at 1-800-736-1760
(Toll Free)
 or email info@asse.com
Make a lifelong friend from abroad.
Enrich your family with another culture. Now you
can host a high school
excange stuent(gr or
boy) from France, Germany,
Scandinavia, Spain,
 Australia, Japan, Brazil, Italy
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parents, as well as couples
 with or without children,
ay host. Contact us ASAP for more information or to
select your student.
Host an ExchangeStudent Today!
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Victoria from Australia, 17yrs.
Enjoys spending time with herfamily and younger siblings.  Victoria plays volleyball and isexcited to learn new sports while in America.
Giorgio from Italy, 16 yrs.
Loves to play baseball and spendtime with his dogs. Giorgio alsoplays the guitar, and his dreamis to join a drama club at his  American high school.
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Sat., Aug. 99 a.m. to Noon
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5'x10' $27 Month10'x10' $38 Month10'x15' $48 Month10'x20' $58 Month10'x25' $65 Month
 At Cleary Building Corp.190 S. Paoli St., Verona WI(608) 845-9700
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Town of Verona
Complaints send stable back for permit
No citations issued for alleged violations
Unified Newspaper Group 
A local horse stable is once again facing a battle on zon-ing requirements.Liberty Stables, which had to be rezoned in 2009 after it was found that the land the business operated on was incorrectly zoned and nar-rowly prevailed at both the town and county levels, is now asking for a new condi-tional use permit after a series of complaints from a neigh-bor.That neighbor, Town of Verona Sup. Gregg Miller, has lived next door to Lib-erty Stables owner Mandy Thomas since she moved there around eight years ago, and said the problems he’s seen have been consistent throughout that time. Liberty Stables owner Mandy Thomas said the alle-gations were a case of neigh-bors “picking on” her. “I’ve been cleared of all of (the complaints),” Thom-as told the Press. “It’s been going on all summer long and I’m sick and tired of it.”She said the complaints involved her current con-ditional use permit (CUP), much of which is out of date and involves items that are no longer on her property and includes a limit of 18 horses on her property at any given time. Thomas said she’d like to increase that to an unlim-ited number during business hours and 25 overnight to allow flexibility for riders. “Obviously if I can’t have as many horses as I want out here there’s going to be a lot of kids that can’t ride their horses,” she said. “I can keep all the horses I currently have, but we’re constantly having to shuffle horses just so these kids can ride.” Miller, however, told the Press his main complaint involves dust from an area 60 yards away from his front door that gets kicked up into his house when the horses ride on it. “I’m looking out here right now and there’s kids out there using it and there’s dust in the air,” he said over the phone Monday afternoon. He also maintained that another Town Board mem-ber, Manfred Enburg, initi-ated contact with the county earlier this year when he drove down White Crossing Road and saw cars parked on both sides of the road because of a gathering at the stables.That prompted a letter to the county asking it to do something about her alleged CUP violations. Her across-the-street neighbor, Bill Krell, also got caught up in the process, as he keeps around 20 horses on his property but has a permit that limits him to 10, Thomas said. Miller said Krell would like to increase the limit to 25 horses, a number he said he could support for both Krell and Thomas’ prop-erty because they are large enough. He said he does not plan to recuse himself on the vote.“I would not be able to support a conditional use permit for unlimited animals on a parcel of land that’s 10 acres or less no matter where it is or who’s involved,” Mill-er said. The town Plan Commis-sion will discuss Krell and Thomas’ applications for new permits at its meeting Thursday, July 31, at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall.
 County building
Thursday’s meeting will also feature a discussion of a conditional use permit pro-posal from Dane County on the Badger Prairie Health Care Center property at 1100 E. Verona Ave.The new permit is related to the county’s blanket rezon-ing process, which has been going on the last few years to bring zoning in line with state laws. County real estate coor-dinator Jan Zimmerman said the new zoning will allow the Consolidated Foods and health center to continue their operations, while also offer-ing a chance for the county to lease out an administra-tive building that is currently mostly vacant.The new zoning, A3, would allow for a govern-mental, religious, institution-al or non-profit to lease such a space.
City of Verona
Taco Bell plans east-side store
Verona Press editor 
Probably the most common answer to “what does Verona need” is more restaurants. Whether that includes fast food or the “fourth meal” depends on whom you ask. Apparently, Taco Bell believes there’s sufficient demand, as the multinational chain of Mexican fast food restaurants is looking to build a 2,000-square-foot location off East Verona Avenue, just four miles from a Fitchburg store and five miles from one in Madison.Following in the footsteps of Dairy Queen and Little Caesar’s Pizza, it would fill the third or four outlots in front of Farm and Fleet, on Home-town Circle, continuing a chain of chain restaurants along Verona Ave-nue that includes McDonald’s and Culver’s.The proposal, submitted by Ohio-based GPD Group on behalf of Taco Bell of America, looks strikingly similar to the Dairy Queen setup in the adjacent lot, with a small, 40-seat restaurant, parking to the east and a rear-loaded drive-through queue snaking around a stormwater pond.“The hours of operation will be determined by the local manager, but can be assumed to be open from 7 a.m.-2 a.m. with extended weekend hours,” the proposal states.The proposal also states that 70 percent of business is drive-through.City planning director Adam Sayre said there could be some question about its placement in the middle of the lot, with nearly 40 feet of lawn bor-dering the eastern sidewalk that will curve around Hometown Circle when complete. The plan isn’t clear about signage, but the Plan Commission allowed Dairy Queen to violate the original rules for the 28-acre Home-town Circle development that afforded only common monument signs.The commission is expected to give an initial review of the project Monday at its regular meeting, which begins at 6:30 p.m. at Verona City Center and is televised on local cable on VHAT, Ch. 98. No action will be allowed, only feedback for the devel-oper.
Photo by
Jim Ferolie
Verona police and other first responders will serve as volunteers for the many activities at National Night Out. The event, one of thousands held across the country, aims to introduce people to local law enforcement officials and promote community-building.
If you go
 National Night Out
 5-9 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 5
 Festival Park
 Call 845-7623 or visit national site at natw.org

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