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Final Reflection

Final Reflection

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Published by brittanyjguy

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Published by: brittanyjguy on Dec 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Final Reflection on RE 5111Although I would have considered myself a technology native beforebeginning this course, I have learned a great deal over the last few months.I have used more ideas from this course in my classroom already than ideasfrom any other course in my Undergraduate or Masters program. Upon thecompletion of this course, I feel that I have a wealth of new tools to use ineducating the students in my own classroom.Prior to this course, I had rarely used communication tools other thane-mail. Now, my classroom has several methods of communicating. Initially,I was upset that my Twitter account had to be closed; however, it was ablessing in disguise. I am actually much more impressed with the uses of Edmodo in the classroom. We have a classroom Edmodo account, which isvery active. Students are always asking me to post links to content-relatedvideos and completing extra credit assignments via the Edmodo account.Also, I have a Skype account, which I use to communicate with otherteachers and with parents. In the future, I am planning to communicate withbook authors and students around the world using Skype. I think this is agreat opportunity to take a free “field trip.”When considering classroom tools, I had used Integrade in the pastalong with a basic classroom webpage. Now, I have the luxury of havingPowerTeacher, which is an excellent online tool. I have had no problemsmaking this transition and appreciate the extra flexibility of the program.
Also, I have updated my webpage to include a site with several subpages.Students and parents can access homework assignments, announcements,and basic information about the subjects I teach. I hope to continue to growand change my methods as technology improves in this area.Finally, I have acquired a great deal of new instructional tools. I hadbecome satisfied with the fact that I taught using PowerPoint, which wasmore than many teachers at my school. However, I was missing so manygreat tools. Since this semester began, I have used: Wordle, Glogster,Animoto, Slide, a wiki, podcasts, and mp3 players. Even in a list thatincludes this many extra instructional tools, I am certain that I have leftsomething off. My students have thoroughly enjoyed using all of these toolsand have been more engaged in our content than ever. Also, I can see agreat improvement in classroom management as I have incorporated moretechnology. Students seem to be so interested in class that I have very fewdiscipline issues. I plan to continue using all of these tools as well asincluding new ones this year. I am planning to use Gaggle, which my districtas purchased for me, with an upcoming project and to allow students to havean e-mail address. Also, I would like to use ThinkQuest to create interestingprojects in science with other schools in the country and possibly to enterone of their wonderful contests.Overall, I could not possible list every tool or skill that I have acquiredthroughout the semester. However, I know that list would be lengthy. I also

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