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SCOPH Vision Mission Goals 02-2009

SCOPH Vision Mission Goals 02-2009

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Published by: api-26041148 on Dec 03, 2009
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Introduction to SCOPH

The Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) brings together medical students from all over the world to learn, build on skills, cooperate, explore and share ideas when it comes to addressing all issues related to public health, including global health issues, health policies, health promotion and education activities.


Back in 1952, medical students of the International Federation of Medical Students\u2019 Associations (IFMSA) formed the Standing Committee on Students\u2019 Health (SCOSH), driven by a strong will to take an active part in preventing and making policies concerning health problems. During the following years, the wide variety of activities led to the change of the name to the Standing Committee on Health (SCOH) in 1963. Afterwards in 1983 the name of the committee changed once more to the name we use to this day, the Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH).

Since these six decades have past, SCOPH members are implementing, maintaining and improving a wide variety of community- based projects on a local, national, regional and international level. Through these activities we reach our united vision for a healthier society and further development our own potential to become competent and talented health professionals.

Medical students, the future health professionals

As SCOPH members we have a chance to develop skills and knowledge though personal evolvement such as organization skills, teamwork, leadership, communication, time and self-management \u2013 skills not often taught in medical schools but essential for any future health professional. Medical students involved in SCOPH projects gain a much better understanding of public health matters in their community as well as current situations in other countries of the world. This provides them with a global overview of the health issues and methods that are needed to solve these cross-cutting issues.

Moreover, SCOPH creates a sense within medical students about their role within public health as future health professionals and due to our experience and knowledge we are able to empower our environment directly and advocate for worldwide good health. We help to spread the message of wellbeing and help to create awareness about potential risk factors.

The goals we want to achieve today and tomorrow

SCOPH\u2019s vision is to work towards a healthier society that is empowered by knowledge, skills and opportunities to live a full life of complete physical, mental and social well- being. In order to achieve this vision, medical students from 102 National Member Organizations work together as a team at a local level as well as both nationally and internationally.

Internationally we exchange ideas and knowledge to improve and evaluate our work and

personal skills. In addition, our Standing Committee acts as a platform that represents medical students around the globe through Advocacy and Policy Making - thus being a worldwide voice for medical students.

Locally there are a large number of projects carried out, each orientated on the needs of

the population in a specific region. Chronic Diseases, including Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes mellitus and Cancer, Tobacco smoking, Alcohol and Substance abuse, Malaria, TB, Tropical Diseases, Mental Health, Child\u2019s and Adolescents Health, Ageing, Road Safety, Natural Disasters, Nutrition, Poverty, Violence and Social Inequalities, Rural and Remote Health and Regional Health Problems are some of the main topics that SCOPH focuses on.

SCOPH Vision, Mission & Goals

The Standing Committee on Public Health works towards ensuring a healthy global society that is empowered through its knowledge, skills and opportunities to live a life of complete physical, mental and social well-being.


In order to work towards our vision, we promote community based outreach activities at a
local level, which are inspired by the best practice within our federation and through the
development of our own skills and potentials, as medical students and future health
professionals, we voice our actions together through the powers of advocacy. Below
represents the core purpose and values of SCOPH.

Disease prevention within our society
Health promotion and education within our society
Raising awareness about Global Public Health issues within medical students and
our society
Advocating for health policies as the voice of worldwide medical students
Developing skills and knowledge of medical students as the future health
Working as an international team and collaborating with external public health
organisations to use the potential of over one million worldwide medical students

The focus of our efforts is to try and tackle the key public health issues according to local
needs. The coordination and performance of these activities are based on the fundamental
WHO World Health Days thus combining our efforts and energies with health professionals
around the world.
In order to achieve our goals SCOPH needs an organised and sustainable way to support its
members with information and know-how. The backbones of this ongoing process are the
national and international SCOPH meetings as well our platforms for communication and
information keeping. Our goals include:

SCOPH World Days (external goals)
SCOPH Main Focus (external goals)
SCOPH Projects & Activities (external goals)
SCOPH Meetings (internal goals)
SCOPH Management (internal goals)
SCOPH Evidence-based guidelines
SCOPH World Days:

In order to combine our efforts with worldwide health professionals we focus the
coordination and performance of our specific activities according to the main WHO World
Health Days.
These Days are promoted through our communication media (e.g. Yahoo-Group) to give
guidance to our National Member Organisation\u2019s (NMO\u2019s). This supports the flow of
information and exchange of experience but is only meant to act as guidance and is not
enforced. The World Health Days SCOPH supports are:

October 10th:
World Mental Health Day
November 14th:
World Diabetes Day
November 20th:
Universal Children\u2019s Day
February 4th:
World Cancer Day
March 24th:
World Tuberculosis Day
April 7th:
World Health Day
April 25th:
World Malaria Day
May 31st:
World No-Tobacco Day
June 14th:
World Blood Donor Day
SCOPH Main Focus:

Below, represents a list of topics that are seen as current priorities within SCOPH in that
we focus on and combine our efforts. Nevertheless the possible activities within our
Standing Committee are numerous and flexible. Current SCOPH health issue priorities

Obesity & Diabetes
Child\u2019s and Adolescents Health
Mental Health
Alcohol and Substance abuse

As well as: Cancer, Eyes health, Blood donation, Organ donation, Ageing and health,
Road safety, Rural and remote health, Environmental health, SCOPH Exchange and
many, many more

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