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Published by api-19972088

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Published by: api-19972088 on Dec 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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On September 11, 2001, the Earth was rocked by a meticulously planned
strike at the financial and military heart of the world\u2019s last superpower, as
ordinary passenger airliners turned into weapons of mass destruction,
reducing the twin towers of the World Trade Center to a pile of rubble and
exploding one wing of the Pentagon. Prior to this event it was quite common
for the general public to proclaim that everything was \u201cnormal\u201d and ignore
many obvious signposts that humanity, the Earth and solar system at large
were all undergoing tremendous, unprecedented change, which includes the
following ever-increasing trends:
\u2022 A 410-percent increase in the overall number of natural catastrophes on

Earth between 1963 and 1993 (Dmitriev 1997)
\u2022 A 400-percent increase in the number of quakes on Earth (over 2.5 on the
Richter scale) since 1973 (Mandeville 1998)
\u2022 A 500-percent increase in Earth\u2019s volcanic activity between 1875 and 1993
(Mandeville 2000)
\u2022 9 out of the 21 most severe earthquakes from 856-1999 AD occurred in the
20th century (Russian National Earthquake Information Center, 1999)
\u2022 A 230-percent increase in the strength of the Sun\u2019s magnetic field since
1901 (Lockwood, 1998)
\u2022 A 300-percent increase in the amount of \u201csevere\u201d solar activity than what
was formally predicted for the year 1997 alone (NASA 1998)

\u2022 400-percent or higher increases in the speed that solar particle emissions are capable of traveling through the energy of interplanetary space (NASA 1997-2001)

\u2022 Recent magnetic pole shifts of Uranus and Neptune, as Voyager 2 observed
their magnetic axes being significantly offset from their rotational axes
(Dmitriev 1997)
\u2022 Visible brightness increases now being detected on Saturn (Dmitriev 1997)
\u2022 200-percent increase in the intensity of Jupiter\u2019s magnetic field from 1992
-97 (Dmitriev 1997)
\u2022 200-percent increase in the known density of Mars\u2019 atmosphere encountered
by the Mars Surveyor satellite in 1997 (NASA 1997)
\u2022 Significant melting of Martian polar icecaps in just one year, clearly seen in
satellite photography (NASA 2001)
\u2022 Significant physical, chemical and optical changes on Venus, including a
sharp decrease in sulfur-containing gases in its atmosphere and increasing
brightness (Dmitriev 1997)
If we remember that the Sun contains fully 99.86% of the mass in the Solar

System, then we can easily see that it wields the strongest thermal,
gravitational and electromagnetic influence. In this book we will identify a
clear physical mechanism that is causing our Sun to experience remarkable
changes. These significant energetic changes in the Sun are then radiated
outwardly via the \u201cSolar Wind,\u201d dramatically increasing the charge and
permeability of interplanetary space, causing charged particles to travel more
quickly much as a droplet of water dashes around on a sizzling hot pan. The
electromagnetic fields of the planets then absorb this increased energy flux,

producing anomalous changes including internal heating, increases in
earthquakes, volcanism and other natural catastrophes, increases in

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