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Published by: api-19972088 on Dec 03, 2009
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The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy
The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global
Political Economy
By Andrew G. Marshall
Global Research, May 26, 2009

From May 14-17, the global elite met in secret in Greece for the yearly Bilderberg conference, am id scat tered and limited global media at tent ion. Roughly 130 of the world\u2019s most powerful individuals came together to discuss the pressing issues of today, and to chart a course for the next year. The main topic of discussion at this years meet ing was the global financial

crisis, which is no surprise, considering the list of conference at tendees includes many of the
primary architect s of the crisis, as well as those poised to\u201csolve\u201d it.
The Agenda: The Restructuring of the Global Political Economy

Before the meet ing began, Bilderberg investigative journalist Daniel Estulin report ed on the
main item of the agenda, which was leaked to him by his sources inside. Though such report s
cannot be verified, his sources, along with those of veteran Bilderberg tracker, Jim Tucker,
have proven to be shockingly accurate in the past . Apparent ly, the main topic of discussion at

this year's meet ing was to address the econom ic crisis, in term s of undert aking,\u201cEither a
prolonged, agonizing depression that doom s the world to decades of st agnation, decline and
povert y ... or an int ense-but -short er depression that paves the way for a new sust ainable

econom ic world order, with less sovereignty but more efficiency.\u201d Ot her items on the agenda included a plan to\u201ccont inue to deceive millions of savers and investors who believe the hype about the supposed up-t urn in the econom y. They are about to be set up for massive losses and searing financial pain in the mont hs ahead,\u201d and\u201cThere will be a final push for the

enactm ent of Lisbon Treaty, pending on Irish voting YES on the treaty in Sept or October,\u201d[ 1]

which would give the European Union massive powers over its member nations, essent ially making it a supranat ional regional government , with each country relegat ed to more of a provincial st at us.

Shortly after the meet ings began, Bilderberg tracker Jim Tucker report ed that his inside
sources revealed that the group has on its agenda,\u201cthe plan for a global depart ment of
health, a global treasury and a shortened depression rather than a longer econom ic
downturn.\u201d Tucker report ed that Swedish Foreign Minist er and former Prime Minist er, Carl
Bildt ,\u201cMade a speech advocating turning the World Health Organization int o a world

depart ment of health, advocating turning the IMF int o a world depart ment of treasury, both of course under the auspices of the United Nations.\u201d Furt her, Tucker report ed that ,\u201cTreasury Secret ary Geithner and Carl Bildt tout ed a shorter recession not a 10-year recession ... part ly because a 10 year recession would damage Bilderberg industrialist s them selves, as much as they want to have a global depart ment of labor and a global depart ment of treasury, they st ill like making money and such a long recession would cost them big bucks industrially because nobody is buying their toys.. .. .the tilt is towards keeping it short.\u201d[ 2]

After the meet ings finished, Daniel Estulin report ed that ,\u201cOne of Bilderberg\u2019s primary
concerns according to Estulin is the danger that their zeal to reshape the world by
engineering chaos in order to implem ent their long term agenda could cause the situat ion to
spiral out of cont rol and eventually lead to a scenario where Bilderberg and the global elite in
general are overwhelmed by events and end up losing their cont rol over the planet .\u201d[ 3]

On May 21, the Macedonian Int ernational News Agency report ed that ,\u201cA new Krem lin report
on the shadowy Bilderberg Group, who this past week held their annual meet ing in Greece,
st at es that the West\u2019s financial, political and corporat e elite em erged from their conclave
after coming to an agreem ent that in order to cont inue their drive towards a New World
Order dominated by the West ern Powers, the US Dollar has to be\u2018totally\u2019 dest royed.\u201d
Furt her, this sameunconfirmed Krem lin report , st at ed that ,\u201cmost of the West\u2019s wealthiest

http://www.globalresearch.ca/PrintArticle.php?articleId=13738 (1 of 16) [6/7/2009 7:28:32 PM]
The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy

elite convened at an unprecedented secret meet ing in New York called for and led by\u201d David
Rockefeller,\u201cto plot the demise of the US Dollar.\u201d[ 4] This report , which was not
acknowledged by ot her media sources, requires verification.

The Secret Meeting of Billionaires
The meet ing being referred to was a secret meet ing where,\u201cA dozen of the richest people in
the world met for an unprecedented private gathering at the invitation of Bill Gates and

Warren Buffet t to talk about giving away money,\u201d held at Rockefeller University, and included
notable philanthropist s such as Gates, Buffet t, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, George
Soros, Eli Broad, Oprah Winfrey, David Rockefeller Sr. and Ted Turner. One at tendee st at ed

that ,\u201cIt wasn\u2019t secret ,\u201d but that ,\u201cIt was meant to be a gathering am ong friends and
colleagues. It was something folks have been discussing for a long time. Bill and Warren
hoped to do this occasionally. They sent out an invite and people came.\u201d Chronicle of

Philanthropy editor St acy Palmer said,\u201cGiven how serious these econom ic times are, I don't think it's surprising these philanthropist s came together,\u201d and that ,\u201cThey don't typically get together and ask each ot her for advice.\u201d The three host s of the meet ing were Buffet , Gates and David Rockefeller.[ 5] [ See: Appendix 2: Bilderberg Connections to the Billionaire\u2019s

Meet ing] .
Bilderberg founding member David Rockefeller, Honourary Chairm an of the Council on
Foreign Relations,
Honourary Chairm an and Founder of the Trilat eral Comm ission,
Chairm an of the Council of the Am ericas and the Am ericas Societ y,
form er Chairm an and CEO of Chase Manhat tan.

At the meet ing,\u201cpart icipant s st eadfastly refused to reveal the cont ent of the discussion.
Some cited an agreem ent to keep the meet ing confident ial. Spokesmen for Mr. Buffet t, Mr.
Bloomberg, Mr. Gates, Mr. Rockefeller, Mr. Soros and Ms. Winfrey and ot hers dutifully
declined comm ent, though some confirm ed at tendance.\u201d[ 6] Report s indicate that ,\u201cThey
discussed how to address the global slum p and expand their charitable activities in the

downturn.\u201d[ 7]

The UK newspaper The Times report ed that these\u201cleading billionaires have met secret ly to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world\u2019s populat ion,\u201d and that they\u201cdiscussed joining forces to overcome political and religious obst acles to change.\u201d Int erestingly,\u201cThe informal afternoon session was so discreet that some of the billionaires\u2019

http://www.globalresearch.ca/PrintArticle.php?articleId=13738 (2 of 16) [6/7/2009 7:28:32 PM]
The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy
aides were told they were at\u2018security briefings\u2019.\u201d Furt her,\u201cThe billionaires were each given
15 minutes to present their favourite cause. Over dinner they discussed how they might

sett le on an\u2018um brella cause\u2019 that could harness their int erests,\u201d and what was decided upon
was that ,\u201cthey agreed that overpopulat ion was a priority.\u201d Ultimately,\u201ca consensus em erged
that they would back a st rategy in which populat ion growth would be tackled as a potent ially
disast rous environm ental, social and industrial threat ,\u201d and that ,\u201cThey need to be
independent of government agencies, which are unable to head off the disast er we all see
looming.\u201d One guest at the meet ing said that ,\u201cThey want ed to speak rich to rich without
worrying anyt hing they said would end up in the newspapers, paint ing them as an alternat ive

world government.\u201d[8]
The Leaked Report

Bilderberg investigative report er Daniel Estulin report edly received from his inside sources a 73-page Bilderberg Group meet ing wrap-up for part icipant s, which revealed that there were some serious disagreement s am ong the part icipant s.\u201cThe hardliners are for dram at ic decline and a severe, short- term depression, but there are those who think that things have gone too far and that the fallout from the global econom ic cataclysm cannot be accurately

calculat ed if Henry Kissinger's model is chosen. Am ong them is Richard Holbrooke. What is unknown at this point : if Holbrooke's point of view is, in fact, Obam a's.\u201d The consensus view was that the recession would get worse, and that recovery would be\u201crelat ively slow and

prot ract ed,\u201d and to look for these term s in the press over the next weeks and mont hs.

Estulin report ed,\u201cthat some leading European bankers faced with the specter of their own financial mort ality are extrem ely concerned, calling this high wire act "unsustainable," and saying that US budget and trade deficits could result in the demise of the dollar.\u201d One

Bilderberger said that ,\u201cthe banks them selves don't know the answer to when (t he bott om
will be hit) .\u201d Everyone appeared to agree,\u201cthat the level of capital needed for the Am erican
banks may be considerably higher than the US government suggested through their recent
st ress test s.\u201d Furt her,\u201csomeone from the IMF point ed out that its own st udy on hist orical
recessions suggests that the US is only a third of the way through this current one; therefore
econom ies expect ing to recover with resurgence in demand from the US will have a long
wait.\u201d One at tendee st at ed that ,\u201cEquity losses in 2008 were worse than those of 1929,\u201d and
that ,\u201cThe next phase of the econom ic decline will also be worse than the '30s, most ly
because the US econom y carries about $20 trillion of excess debt . Until that debt is
eliminated, the idea of a healthy boom is a mirage.\u201d[ 9]

According to Jim Tucker, Bilderberg is working on sett ing up a summ it in Israel from June 8-
11, where\u201cthe world\u2019s leading regulat ory expert s\u201d can\u201caddress the current econom ic
situat ion in one forum .\u201d In regards to the proposals put forward by Carl Bildt to create a
world treasury depart ment and world depart ment of health under the United Nations, the IMF
is said to become the World Treasury, while the World Health Organization is to become the
world depart ment of health. Bildt also reaffirm ed using\u201cclimate change\u201d as a key challenge
to pursue Bilderberg goals, referring to the econom ic crisis as a\u201conce-in- a- generation crisis
while global warm ing is a once-in- a- millennium challenge.\u201d Bildt also advocated expanding
NAFTA through the West ern hemisphere to create an Am erican Union, using the EU as a

\u201cmodel of int egration.\u201d
The IMF report edly sent a report to Bilderberg advocating its rise to becoming the World
Treasury Department, and\u201cU.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner enthusiastically

endorsed the plan for a World Treasury Depart ment , although he received no assurance that
he would become its leader.\u201d Geithner further said,\u201cOur hope is that we can work with
Europe on a global framework, a global infrast ruct ure which has appropriat e global

ov er sight.\u201d[ 10]
Bilderberg\u2019s Plan in Action?
Reorganizing the Federal Reserve
Following the Bilderberg meet ing, there were several int eresting announcement s made by
http://www.globalresearch.ca/PrintArticle.php?articleId=13738 (3 of 16) [6/7/2009 7:28:32 PM]

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