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reunited update 1

reunited update 1



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Published by aly
not mine but really googd so want to upload for you to read
not mine but really googd so want to upload for you to read

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Published by: aly on Dec 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BPOV:Chapter 5 – Home sweet homeWe made our way back to the house but slowly, enjoying being a complete family asmy mother put it. Edward had his arm rapped around my waist and I his, Rose and Emwere holding hands and so were Alice and Jazz, whilst mum and dad had linked arms– everyone was so peaceful but I was wondering wither to risk telling them aboutmy powers I have kept hidden all these years.I decided that I had nothing to fear except it would be a little longer for Edwardto wait and I needed him just as much as he needed me, I waited so long for Edwardso...I can wait just a little bit longer and hopefully he can to.We had just leapt over the river that runs down past the back of the house and Iwas begging to wonder what changes mum had done to the house.“Mum, dad…?” I asked hesitantly, come on Bella suck it up you have to tell them sojust give them the warning now.“Yes, honey?” Esme asked; I swear that mother of ours has gotten so calm just likedad over the years it’s like they were meant to be together. Bella focus get thissaid and then you can day dream after.“…There was kind of one more thing that you guys need to know, but you might wantto wait till we’ve all sat down…especially you Emmett.” I said looking over at Emwith a smirk on his face.“Why, what’s wrong darling?” Oh great, dad couldn’t you just hold that curiosityof yours in for like two seconds. We just entered the house; GOD!!!!! I barleyrecognise this place it looks so different it’s actually shocking. Edward guidedme to the living room; Ha Ha mum so got her way with this place.“Dad, nothing is wrong just something I have to show you guys”. I said whilstsitting and Edward sat down on the love seat next me cuddling up to me.Now everyone was seated they were waiting for me to continue.“Well one of the days when I was with Maria I discovered that I actually have apower…” I said before Rose interrupted.“Bells we already knew that you can block powers…we already heard no pointrepeating” She said smiling.I smirked “Oh I know I told you that I’m talking about another…well more like 2others…” I said breaking off allowing that to sink in I heard the gasps and Icouldn’t help but laugh.“Bella…what…how…?” Dad…lost for words well you don’t see that everyday.“yep” popping the ‘P’ “I’m a little rusty after I refused to use them with Mariaand I kept them hidden from Aro…erm…maybe I should demonstrate…Em, Jazz care tohelp your little sister?” I asked hopefully, knowing full well that Em was goingto say yes…well just makes it all the more fun…for me anyway.“HELL YEAH!!!” Emmett shouted already bouncing in his seat.“Count me in too”. Jazz wanted in well that’s great.
“GREAT!.....Well my first power is Telekinesis let me show you….” I picked up Jazzby raising my left hand and flung him onto Emmett’s lap.Everyone started laughing.“ARGH!!!!!!! GET THE HELL OFF ME JAZZ THAT’S ONLY COOL IF WERE FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!”Emmett roared.“WHAT THE HELL EM, THIS IS NOT COOL!!!!” Jazz roared just as loud, while the restof us clutched our sides in laughter as Em and Jazz sprang off each other andstarted shouting at each other. Even Esme and Carlisle couldn’t help but release afew chuckles.“BELLAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Emmett and Jazz roared I just stoppedlaughing and cowered into him.“Sorry guys I did warn you about volunteering”. I laughed and a little chuckleslipped out of Edward.“Ok…Ok Bella I think they’ve had enough of the Telekinesis for now”. Edwardchuckled and nuzzled my neck and causes me to loose my concentration which Jazzand Em were glad for.When Edward pulled away my senses were fuzzy and I had to snap back intoconcentrating or the next one would go badly wrong.“….Err right…next I don’t actually know what it’s called…I guess you would sayit’s kind of like magic and it allows me to do a lot of different things…that’sthe best way I know how to put it”. I stated it really was the only way todescribe it.“SHOW US” all my siblings shouted at once, I nodded my head and closed my eyeswhilst raising my hands upwards creating a light blue coloured glow around myhands form while everyone gasped in shock. I opened my eyes and clicked myfingers; standing where Jazz used to be was Alice and Standing where Emmett usedto be was now Rosalie.Suddenly Rosalie spoke but it wasn’t her voice it was Emmett.“Hey, why am I looking at myself that used to be sitting where Rosalie is?” Emasked in wonder.“Yeah, ditto but with Alice?” Jazz asked me curiously.“Err…Em haven’t you noticed something odd bout your appearances?” asked Edwardtrying to hold back a chuckle.“No, why?” Asked Em“Take a good look at yourself Emmett and Jazz!” Shouted Rosalie and Alice.They took a look at themselves before growling at me for laughing.“CHANGE US BACK THIS SECOND ISABELLA-CEMAYA CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!” they both shouted meand Edward were clutching on to each other laughing including Carlisle and Esme itwas unbelievably funny; after 10 minutes of laughter I’d calmed down enough tochange them back and once they’d gotten over there anger they both admitted it was
pretty cool but they hated the heels, which brought a huge round of laughter fromthe rest of us.(1 hour later)Edward had given me a tour of the house showing me his….sorry OUR room and theothers. I love Jaspers Library it’s so cool and Esme is adding a dance studio forME!!!!!!!! With surround sound and their starting it tomorrow I can’t wait. Oh andI adore the pool there is so much I can do in their.Suddenly I felt Edward’s arms around my waist pulling me into him; he startedkissing my check, then to my neck and nibbling which released a moan from me. Hespun me around and pulled my lips to his thank god I’m fairly tall 5ft 7 isn’t badfor me considering Edward towers just over 6ft 1.The passion coming through the kiss was unbelievable I didn’t realise he missed methis much.Edward parted his lips and his tongue licked my bottom lip and I allowed himaccess into my mouth where our tongues battled for dominance and he sucked on mytongue again making me moan before nibbling on my bottom lip while my hands duginto his auburn- copper hair.We pulled apart, slightly out of breath and he leaned his head against mine whilerunning his hands under my shirt. I began pulling at his shirt then an idea hitme, I used my Telekinesis to undo the button on his shirt while Edward begantrailing kisses down my neck whilst undoing my shirt.His kisses trailed down my chest as he removed my shirt his hands began kneadingmy breasts; he ripped my bra off which caused me to gasp before pulling my rightnipple into his mouth. I couldn’t stop the moans coming from me then.“…Ohhh Ed-Edward” as his hand moved to the waistband of my trousers, beforetearing them from my body and his hand moving to my lower half.I gasped as he began playing with my folds with his finger I knew I was wet beforebut God I was more now.I was slammed against the wall just before his finger entered me….“God!....Edward..” he smirked against my neck before nibbling and pulling hisfingers back out before re-entering me.His fingers inside me caused me great pleasure…His lips against mine cause hidden fire in my body…His touch is electronic ….…I don’t know what will happen once I get my hands on him but I’ve waited so longfor Edward to make love to me and GOD! I know it’s so going to be worth the wait….Chapter 6 –New RulesBPOV:The pleasure Edward was giving me unbelievable but I knew I had to make him stop,

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