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No Other Gods

No Other Gods

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July, 1838

Exodus, xx» S.

"Thou shalt have no other GODS before me."

July, 1838

Exodus, xx» S.

"Thou shalt have no other GODS before me."

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 01, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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O OTHER GODSBY REV. HERY WOODWARD, B.A., July, 1838Exodus, xx» S. "Thou shalt have no other GODS before me.'^ o man hath seen God at any time. It is not, therefore, with our bodily eyes, or bodily senses, that we can hold intercourse with our Maker. Though God became flesh, yet we cannot now see him ill the flesh, oi* hold any communion with him, in a palpable and external manner. In the Sacraments, and in the solemnities of public worship, we do, no doubt, perform some visible and bodily ad:s. But these are only outward emblems or significations, of inward homage, and spiritual devotion. The truth is, God can be approached only by the affections of the heart. He is a Spirit ; and, consequently, must be spiritually known. God is love; and can reign, as God, in those souls alone, which dwell in love, and which are moulded into a frame, congenial to the divine nature. When the Almighty proclaimed to Israel, " I am the Lord thy God : thou shalt have no other Gods before me :" those solemn words involved a principle, profound and spiritual, as God's own Digiti
zed by Google SERMO X|. 15$ nature. This fundamental law, compreheusire of all the rest, is fulfilled by love. ^' Hear, O Israel : the Lord our God is one Lprd; and thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might" *' This," says our Saviour, " is the first and great commandment." This is life eternal ; solid, and substantial happiness ; heaven opened in the soul. This, in a word, is the sum and essence of divine worship: and, consequently, whatever object we cleave to, with this deep devo- tion of the soul, is our God. In such a view, our situation here is awful in the extreme. We are placed in the midst of dangers, and amongst Gods many, and Lords many^ who would claim dominion over us. To one or two of these, I would now, in the way of warning, direct your notice % and if in these you clearly discern the character, of false Gods, you can, for yourselves, apply the principle, to any other rivals of the true God, which may solicit the chief affections of your heart. One idol which men set up, is worldly interest. A diligent attention to our temporal concerns, is» no doubt, a duty, which we owe. to society, to our-^ selves, and to our families. or does the strictest puqctuality, in such matters, forbid that the higher claims of eternal things, should be habitually re^ Digiti
zed by Google 156 SERMO XI. cogniBed and feltir But how utterly, alas ! are these latter disregarded, by the tfaorough-paoifl man of the world. Such an one, I grant, is ^ften fUendly in his conduct, peaceaUe in his lifci honest in his dealings. Where, then, does be err ? He errs, I say, in the great point. He has re*  jeoted the Lord from being his God. His worldly interest is his idol. This, in heart and mind, he falls down before, and worships. On this he sacrilegtoasly bestows that inward homage, and that deep devotion of the soul, which are due t^ God. How, it will be said, does this appear? It appears in ererything. Tell him, on the one faandi that his soul is in danger ; tell him, on thb other hand, that his property is in danger : and to which of these will be most attend? Tell him that God is angry with him ; or that his patron, from whom he expects advancement, is angry with him : and which will he fear the most? Talk to him about the news of the day ; talk to him about heaven : and which will engage his liveli^t in^ terest? Show him one man, who has risen; by his own talents imd perseverance, to wealth and station; and show him another man, remarkable for piety, and for deadness to the world: and which of the two will he pronounce the wiser f Or, whatever his lips may coldly say, whichiviil he seoredy admire and really respect ? .

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